Tuesday, May 15, 2007


It is as if all of the beliefs that you hold,
positive and negative,
affirming and limiting,
about yourself and everyone and everything,
were rolled up into one experience,
one moment.

That moment is now.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Driving Wrecklessly?

Your future lies out in front of you.

What is happening right now is to your left, outside your driver's side window.

And your hands are fixed firmly on the steering wheel.

You are indeed driving this vehicle that you call your life. Ah, but you have a delaying mechanism in place. You, in your infinite wisdom, knew quite well that you would be very forgetful during this life.

You knew that you would be far too anxious and hasty to be given full and immediate control over your vehicle. Your strong beliefs would cause you to crash into every obstacle, every distraction that appears outside your window.

And so you chose to slow the reaction of your steering wheel, to dampen the response of your vehicle to the energetic movement of your hands. You cannot immediately steer yourself off the road, though you have tried many times. Your vehicle won't let you. You would have to try consistently, over and over, before you finally succeeded in slamming into that tree or guardrail.

That delay has served you well. It has given you time to recover, to move your attention, to return your steering wheel to the forward position. That delay has served you well.

And now, what does this exciting new century have in store for our precious 'delayed steering system'?

What might it be like to gradually decrease that delay, to slowly remove the lag time between the movement of your hands on the steering wheel and the movement of your front tires?

Will you drive into a tree? Over a cliff? Will you manage to stay on the road?

Learning how to drive more carefully, more deliberately, should be your top priority.

Because you're driving, either way.

Always have been.

Always will be.