Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Love Is Not, Love Can Be Found

"In ways that are very hard to express in human concepts, fear is a blessing as well as a torture. In any case, the choice to allow fear in your reality was not made for you. You were the Gods, so to speak, who allowed fear to play a constitutive role in your reality. You did so not to torture yourselves but to create, to create a reality that has more substance, more “fullness” to it than a world solely based on love. I realize this may sound unbelievable, but perhaps you can intuitively grasp what I am trying to say here.

"Fear is a viable part of creation. Where fear is, love is not. Where love is not, love can be found in new and unpredictable ways. A whole range of emotions can be explored, even created by the absence of love. The absence of love can be felt in a variety of ways. The presence of love can only be felt against the background of fear. Otherwise it would be all pervading and you would not notice it as such.

"So by creating fear, by catapulting yourself outside of the ocean of love that surrounded you, you allowed yourself to experience love for the first time.

"Do you understand?

"You did not create love, but you created the experience of love. You needed an opposite, something other than love, to do this and you used fear as an instrument. We on the other side of the veil can clearly see the spiritual role that fear plays in your reality. Therefore we plead with you, again and again, to not judge. Please do not judge fear and the darkness it brings, either in yourselves or in any other being. You are all created from love and to love you shall return."

-Jeshua, through Pamela Kribbe. You can read more of this and other transcripts at Jeshua.Net.

What Is Christ Consciousness?

"Living from the reality of Christ consciousness means that there is no struggle with anything. There is a complete acceptance of reality. This absence of struggle or resistance is its main characteristic. Since Christ (or the Christ energy) recognizes the extremes of all thoughts, feelings and actions as the manifestation of the one divine energy, there can be no duality, no judgment in the way ‘he’ (the christed energy) experiences reality.

"Let’s give an example here. When the Christ in you watches an armed conflict between people, her heart weeps for the fate of the beaten one, but she does not judge. She feels the pain and humiliation with each blow, and her heart is filled with compassion, but she does not judge. She watches the offender, the one with the gun, who has power, who inflicts pain, and she feels……..the hatred and bitterness inside of him, and her heart grieves, but she does not judge. The heart of Christ embraces the whole spectacle with deeply felt compassion, but without judgment, for she recognizes all aspects as experiences she has gone through herself. She herself has lived out all of these roles, of offender and victim, of master and slave, and she has come to the understanding that she is neither of them, but that which underlies both.

"The Christ energy has passed through all the energies of duality. It identified itself now with the dark, then with the light, but through it all, something remained the same. And when she realized this “sameness” underlying all her experiences, her consciousness obtained a new kind of unity: it was “christed”."

-Jeshua, through Pamela Kribbe. You can read more of this and other transcripts at Jeshua.Net.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Toss That Canvas, Leonardo!

"The creation/dis-creation cycle is similar to watching a talented artist create a beautiful canvas. Then, right before the finishing strokes, the artist dissolves into self-criticism and decides the work is inadequate, destroying the canvas and tossing it into the trash. The artist begins another canvas, impulsed to paint another picture based on an overwhelming, sometimes incomprehensible, desire to create...the same creation energy that drives you to your manifestations. Again, at the last moment, the painting is rejected. The artist's work never comes to completion because the artist dissolves into self-judgment. At the very least, if the artist would roll up the canvas and place it in storage for later assessment, it would hold the energy of the creation and its potential for future possibilities. Instead, the artist begins anew, impulsed toward another creation that, once again, he or she destroys moments before its completion in a fit of self-judgment. Fortunately, the artist's urge to create never abates since it is a fundamental force that defines existence. Unfortunately, the artist lives in a frustrated state of unfulfilled expectation because no creation is ever brought to fruition. Some artists continuously repeat this cycle and live in a perpetual state of yearning, some develop addictions to numb their frustration, and some are able to move beyond their negative feelings and create masterpieces. Where are you?

"When you enter a mode of dis-creation based on unfulfilled manifestations, you must immediately stop your negative mind babble, re-directing your thoughts to what you do rather than what you do not desire. You must recognize that your manifestations are in the mode of creation in the non-physical realm even if you have no immediate evidence in the physical realm. You must honor the timing cycle you have entered because it is always in your highest good. You came here to create, not to dis-create. However, the time frame you desire is not necessarily most beneficial to your situation. You may be manifesting a situation that is premature, causing you either difficulty or disappointment if it were to come to fruition based on your agenda. Although it is frustrating to generate manifestation energy without immediate results, it would be imprudent to create a situation in advance of its ideal timing cycle. Your higher self knows this and your guides know this. Trust that you are operating in perfection at all times."

-Geremyia, through Ann Brewer. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Ascension Network.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doing The Dance Of Non-Resistance

"The hardest thing for all of you to understand is that you are creating ALL of your experiences. Your words, energy, actions, and expectations of negative outcomes are mostly the culprit to your frustration. When you become truly aware of this, you can look back upon your recent past, and ask yourself, "what did I say or do last week, that brought this problem about?" You may not remember, but if you do, you often create more negative emotion by getting angry with yourself for creating the undesirable situation.

"Let this anger be the last stage to your dance of resistance. Realize that by resisting the flow of events in your life, you are only complicating, and prolonging your discomfort. However, the act of non-resistance is not passivity. Recognizing the situation with acceptance, and taking responsibility for creating it takes much courage and strength. It is often easier for you to blame others, or to ask for sympathy. These are the other extremes to the act of non-resistance. You blame the other that is causing your discomfort. You push against them, resisting the other Being that is simply reacting to your own fears, words, and actions. They do not go away. The act of asking for sympathy prolongs your difficulty as well, because you are still refusing to take responsibility for creating your undesired circumstance. Words of sympathy temporarily comfort your wounded spirit, but you do not heal. Your pain increases until you are able to stop the dance of resistance. Once you stop this dance, and begin to disengage your negative emotions from the situation, the problem begins to softly drift away.

"This is the way all of the problems of the world cease. Those who realize that they create their own problems can begin to distract themselves with something else, or discontinue resisting, and the problem will naturally go away. The following week or month, you often forget the problems of the recent past all together. If you are not understanding this process, you may find yourself in another dance of resistance, continuing one dance after another. But let your heart and mind join in this understanding, that all that you resist and push away will only come with stronger force. That those things which you want to eliminate will go away by the act of non-resistance. These are our suggestions:

"Recognition - Recognize that the negative emotion that you are experiencing is yours alone, and yours alone to deal with completely.

"Realization - Realize that you had the negative energy within yourself that caused the mirroring within your experience.

"Responsibility - Take responsibility for the words, feelings, actions that brought the undesired situation into your life (even if you can not remember what you have done).

"Release - Release others from the confines of responsibility for what you are experiencing. Release all blame and compulsion to extract sympathy from others.

"Understanding - Understand that you are experiencing the natural occurrences for your highest soul’s growth, that everything is in divine order.

"Acceptance - Accept the events that are occurring in your life as temporary, that everything changes, moves and retreats.

"Accelerate - Move ahead swiftly from your present situation. Do not stay frozen behind the red light of your own fear. Let go and move on to your next experience.

"Create - Visualize the situations that you are wanting in your life. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, feel positive emotion moving back into your life, and expect your desires to come forth naturally into your experience.

"This is the dance of non-resistance. Beautifully take notice of all of the events in your life as natural, flowing experiences that shape your Being. Begin to notice the wonderful things in your environment, the loving souls in your life, the positive experiences that you are having. Realize that your life is what you make it. It can be quite wondrous, if you only stop resisting the natural process of life."

-Ashia, through Janice Mason. You can read more of this transcript and others at the Ascension Network.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Behind Me, Ego!

"An effective understanding of ego's value is evidenced in the New Testament story of Jesus being confronted by Satan in the wilderness. Satan symbolizes the limiting factor of personality which is accustomed to taking control through manipulation. Jesus, standing for our Christ Self which is ready to be birthed in our everyday awareness, commands, "Get behind me, Satan!" (Mark 8:33) In other words, take your rightful place in the scheme of things, support what I'm about, get behind all that I'm about. Take your lead, your direction from the Christ Power expressing through me. There's no judgment, no criticism, no condemning to eternal hellfire and damnation. Instead, ego is welcomed. Join in. Get involved in this good thing.

"We soon find that as ego is included and loved it absorbs the refined energies. It is better able to fulfill its role of housing Infinite Awareness in our physical body. It is the role, established by the Creator, when the adventure into the illusion of separate awareness was first conceived."

-From Alec J. Evason's book One Heart Pleasures All Into Manifestation. He can be contacted at

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You Are Always The Source Of Your Experience

"Your feeling states and your "vibrational frequency" determine your level of abundance - not others and not circumstances in the world. Those who believe the economy is responsible for challenges they are experiencing with prosperity are perceiving "in reverse," so to speak. Every experience can be transformed when we shine the bright light of our higher knowing on it. The ability to transform a challenge into an opportunity directly corresponds to one’s willingness to accept complete responsibility for every aspect of their reality.

"You are always the source and cause of your experience of reality. What you manifest directly correlates with the essence of your energy. Your feeling states are barometers for your thoughts, beliefs and spiritual understandings. If you hold negative feelings toward anyone or anything, this pulls down your feeling state and your energetic resonance.

"When we manifest from low-vibrational energies, we experience roadblocks, disappointments, illness, accidents, and overall feelings of being out of sync with the universe. These experiences are not a "punishment", but wakeup calls to examine the beliefs, intentions, motivations, visions, and identities we currently hold."

-DL Zeta, from the Celestial Vision website.

Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Subject Of Money...

"Most people make no effort in coming into personal alignment with the subject of money. Instead, they spend years, even lifetimes, pointing out perceived injustices, attempting to define the rightness or wrongness of the subject, and even trying to put laws in place to orchestrate the flow of money in the civilization, when a rather small effort - in comparison with the impossible attempt at controlling these outside circumstances - would yield them an enormous return.

"Nothing is more important than that you feel good, for when you feel good, you are in harmony with your greater intent. Many believe that hard work and struggle are not only requirements to achieve success, but that working hard and struggling long is a more honorable way of living. Those hard times of struggle certainly do help you in the defining of what you desire, but until you release the feeling of struggle, what you desire cannot come into your experience.

"Often people feel as if they need to prove their worthiness, and that once that is accomplished, than and only then will rewards be given - but we want you to know that you are already worthy, and that proving yourselves worthy is not only not possible, but unnecessary. What is necessary for you to receive the rewards or benefits that you seek is alignment with the essence of those benefits. You have to first bring yourself into vibrational alignment with the experiences you wish to have."

Abraham, though Esther Hicks, from the book Money, and the Law of Attraction, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, pages 70-71.

You can read more of Abraham's thoughts on Esther and Jerry's website -