Monday, June 29, 2009

Closing The Gap

"The spiritual journey is one in which you seek to lessen the differences between your vibration and the vibration of unconditional love. Beyond the “wheres” and “whys” there is love. And truly you do understand what love is. Therefore, seek love. Open yourself to love. Let yourself be loved. And in the end, allow yourself to drop away those things which are not expressing love, not asking for changes but allowing change when it happens.

"My friends, as you go deeper into your natures do not be afraid of what you shall find. All of those artifacts of the human personality are merely the surface flower of that seed which is unconditional love. As you move toward that seed, move fearlessly."

-Q'uo, through Carla Rueckert, May 23rd, 2009.
You can read more of this transcript and others at the L/L Research website.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What Works And What Does Not

"The physical arena is a magnificent learning environment. It is a school within which, through experimentation, we come to understand what causes us to expand and what causes us to contract, what causes us to grow and what causes us to shrivel, what nourishes our souls and what depletes them, what works and what does not."

Gary Zukav, from The Seat Of The Soul.

Into The Mystical River

"True spirituality means adhering to the living truth and is not practiced just one or two hours a week as is done in most religious ceremonies. It is an incessant burning desire to be in constant communion with Spirit. Humanity must move past the shallow waters of orthodox worship into the mystical river of life."

Michael, through Ronna Herman, May 2009