Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Greetings

A joyous holiday hi-ya to all my fellow monkeys!

It's been a momentous and inspiring year, and what better way to honor and celebrate it than to actively recall and appreciate the many fulfilling experiences we've been gifted over the past year.

Good stuff, all of it, as time makes clear.

I wish each of you a happy, light-filled holiday and new year - and be sure to enjoy the final week of a year that will long be remembered!

With much love and a nutmeg mistletoe embrace,

Donnie Joe


“Here’s a Christmas wish: that people in general look beyond the normal and familiar, and see through new frames and lenses to what possibility surrounds them every moment and everywhere. Simple. Let go of hate and presumptions and all forms of dogma and… doctrine. See what there is that will be filled and filling with wonder. Without wonder, you get the same old same old. Ponder wonder. That’s all.” (12/25/2008)

–Rikkity, from the Spiritual Persistence website:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Year 2008 In Review

The following is an excerpt from a session with Tobias on Dec. 6th, 2008. You can read more of this and other sessions at the Crimson Circle website:

Looking Back Over the Year

So, moving on, just short, few comments here. If you remember at the beginning of this calendar year we said this was going to be a ping-pong year, and it was, indeed. And it was. There were a lot of pings this year.

There was your economy, the finances. Could you have imagined in… oh, I know that Cauldre would have blocked back in January, blocked if we said the Dow Jones is going to go down below 8,000 before the end of the year. He would have panicked. He would have run out and done panicky things and many of the rest of you would have also – dug underground shelters preparing for the end of the Earth. And if we had told you the biggest investment houses in the world would cease to exist – wiped off the face of the Earth by the end of 2008 – you would have surely gone into a panic. You would have tried to build some spaceship and eject yourself off of Earth, because you figured it would have been coming to an end.

If we told you that in one calendar year – one calendar year – oil would be going from $144 a barrel to $40 a barrel – $144 early in the year and down to $40 at the end of the year – you would have called us crazy, or at least you would have called Cauldre crazy. It was a year of ping-pong.

If we had told you, even in January of this year, that a Black man – a young Black man – would be elected the next president of the United States, you’d of accused us of smoking celestial something-or-other. (laughter)

Dear Shaumbra, if we had told you that the world was going to go through these changes in a year, changes in nearly everything you can think of, you would have been so frightened of the year, so panicked of the year, it would have been hard to get through. But look – look at what’s happening. Oh, and it’s happening only because consciousness is remaking itself. Earth and humanity are just remaking themselves right now. But they are not going back. They are not remaking themselves from the old recipes. They’re being remade from the new. That’s why it appears to be challenging.

While it was a year of ping, it was also a year of pong. Do you realize… do you realize – and Cauldre is asking about our accuracy on statistics – there were more new business start-ups this year than ever in history? Now, on one hand businesses are crumbling, falling away – the biggest, the strongest – but yet there are more new business start-ups in terms of corporations, home businesses, whatever type of legal structures you put on it, more than ever.

There are more patents right now being worked on and in the process of being filed on a worldwide basis than ever before. So if the world is coming to an end, why is invention and creativity at an all time high?

There are more good deeds being done by humans right now than we can ever remember in our tracking on these realms. Well, you read about the bad news, you read about the murders and the slayings and the terrorist attacks, but do you realize that there are more humans who are taking this attitude of love and compassion, who are doing loving things for themselves first and doing loving things for humanity. Not to save it, not because they feel sorry for it, because they are absolutely in love with life. They’re not doing it to earn brownie points in heaven. They’re not doing it for their stinking karma. They are doing these things because they love life more than ever.

You can read more of this and other sessions at the Crimson Circle website:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Story

The following is the first part of Jeshua's Christmas message for this year, channeled and selected by Judith Coates from among his many Christmas messages. You can read the rest of this and other messages from Jeshua at the Oakbridge University website:

"Beloved One, I would speak with you now about a story well-known in your culture. It is the Christmas Story.

"Within the Essene brotherhood my birth had been foretold and the Essene community knew that Mary's child was to be the messiah. But the Essenes also knew that this was not information that should be commonly shared with the Romans or with Herod, who was the overseerer of the territory. The Romans, and Herod in particular, would not want to see another ruler, as they would see it, a ruler upon this plane. It would be seen as a threat.

"The Essenes knew that my birth needed to be kept quiet. And because there was a network which had been established long ago, there was an Essene in Bethlehem who ran an inn. He was the head of the Essenes in Bethlehem. And to the Romans and to the other Jews, he was nothing more than an innkeeper who was very much focused upon running the inn and supplying ones with food and wine and lodging. And yet, this one was very learned. He had a keen mind and a loving heart and was a true servant of the Heavenly Father.

"So when it was known that my mother, Mary, and father, Joseph, would be making the trek to Bethlehem to be counted, word was sent out in advance unto this one to prepare a place for my mother. And it was not felt that to come unto the inn which was full of all of the ones who were there to be counted, yes, but there to have a good time as well, that this would be a suitable place for Mary to come and for the messiah to be born.

"When they arrived, my father went into the inn and requested a place. Mary was with him at his side and her time had come. The innkeeper said at first that there was no room in the inn - for he wanted to keep up the appearance of being the innkeeper. He knew and Joseph knew and Mary knew that there would be room, but it would not be in the inn.

"Upon further questioning, very quietly the innkeeper said, "There are some caves to the back that I use as stables. You may go and spend the night there, if you so wish." And Joseph knew that this was the place for them.

"Now, these were caves that were quite dry, quite comfortable, and even though they were used as stables for the animals, they were clean. It fulfilled the Scriptures that said that I would be born in a manger, that I wou Id be born in a lowly place - humble, yes, and yet it was not what you would see as uncomfortable. It was quite warm and very comforting, and the animals were there at my birth and they knew themselves to be one with the Light that I am and that all are.

"Mary's time was fulfilled that evening and I was born, welcomed into the world by a midwife and several Essene women who helped with the birth, as well. Joseph was sent to the entrance of the cave to watch and to abide within his heart, for he was being as many men are who are going to be fathers: he was being very nervous and very much wanting to help, to assuage the pain that he felt Mary was enduring - and yet Mary bore it all with equanimity.

"There is an intensity accompanying a birth - as is true not only on the physical level, but upon the level of a birth of a new perception, a change in your way of thinking, a change in the way that you love. Oftentimes changes are born with great intensity. And as you are going through the birth process, there can be much anguish, much feeling of being pushed, perhaps against the will and yet, it is a divine energy that is pushing you into a new birth, a new way of expressing. And it can be painful.

"There was a great light in the heavens: the Star which had been foretold. It was caused by the conjunction of several planets. Astrologers had seen this from afar off: ones who were studying the ancient prophecies and knew this would be a sign of the birth of the messiah at this time. I emphasize "at this time" for, with the birth of each age, there is a birth of a messiah, and this was not the first time that I, as the Christ - not I as Jeshua, but I as the Christ - was born upon this plane.

"Each time the prophecies have spoken of various signs to be seen in the heavens and this was true at my birth, as well. There were signs of the stars, the planets coming into conjunction with each other which made such a light that it was seen by all upon the known world at that time.
This is why the ones known as the Wise Men traveled from afar, for they had seen the movement in the heavens and they knew this to be a sign of the birth of one who was to be a great leader. And so they traveled.

"The star that was seen has meaning on many levels. It was, as the astrologers saw, a conjunction of planets reflecting the light back to the Earth, reflecting the Light that you are to this Earth. Ones have said that it was a great starship that came to witness the birth. And this is true, as well, for there were many of your brothers and sisters expressing in a different realm, dimension, who were here, for they had felt the acceleration of the energy which would bring forth the demonstration upon this plane at that time. They also have their historians, as you would call them, the ones who study the mystical writings. They also have their inner wisdom. And they came to witness this in what you would call your starships, and they were seen by ones who had the eyes to see, and by others they were not seen.

"The light of the star symbolizes the Light not only of my birth, but the Light that you are, the Light that mankind in this age has been willing to accept and to acknowledge as himself/herself. For there are those of you who have always been in oneness in the awareness, in oneness with the Light that you are, and there were many who felt the energy that was brought together by my birth.

"It was not just my birth which was important. It was the coming together of the consciousness, of readiness, of willingness to accept the Light, your divine inheritance of being the Child of the Heavenly Father. There was a readiness upon this plane, an expectancy - as there is now, in this day and time. It is not an expectancy in this day and time of a birth of a messiah as one individual, coming to be the saviour of the world who will change everything in the world - although there are still those who look to another to save them - but there is a growing expectancy of awareness of Who you are, an acceleration of occurences which are bringing it right in front of the face of everyone who is willing to look at it and to say that there must be more to living. "There must be more to life than just what this body would speak to me, of what these eyes would show me and what the ears would tell me. There is a longing in my heart to come Home." And this is felt by many of your brothers and sisters. There is a birthing that is happening upon this plane, again."

Please visit Oakbridge to read the rest of this session:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Importance of Importance

I've been on a bit of an Elias kick lately. Which is quite fine, as Elias has been one of my favorite teachers over the years. It's that 'least distortion' thing, mostly, and I learn a great deal from him/her.

In this session, Elias is discussing importance. As most of us know by know, we create what we concentrate upon. But that can be somewhat ambiguous and hard to wrap your brain around. In this session, Elias uses the word importance, and I find it very clarifying. Whatever is important to us, we will concentrate on, and thus create more of.

In order to move in the direction of creating the reality we desire, we must stop making the undesirable things in our life so important. As we do so, those things gradually fade out of our experience.

Here is part of what Elias has to say about importance:

ELIAS: When you change your perception, you change your physical reality. But when you dislike elements of your reality, you continue to create them.

ANNE: How do you not dislike something when you naturally dislike it?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing that into a like; it is a matter of recognizing that you may not like some expression but it is not necessary for that to be important. It is the element of importance that creates the perpetuation of what you do not like. When you remove energy from what you do not like and it is not important, it is not necessary to create it.

MARK R: That means if you try to ignore it and forget it, then it’s the best case you can do.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It would more be recognizing that you incorporate a dislike and acknowledging that – “yes, this is an expression that I do not like.” You acknowledge that it is present but it is not important, and you can turn your attention to a different direction that can be important in what you DO like.

You can read more of this and other Elias sessions at the Elias Forum website:

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BE The Love That You Are

The following transcript comes from the Lightsmith website:

"What we would like to call attention to in this time is the partnership of love within the transformation of the collective consciousness. Oftentimes, during the course of their personal process of growth, people want a purpose in which they serve others; they want to help others, they want to heal others. There is a noble intention within this desire. But what is not always understood is that by Being Love, you may be just as, or even more, transformative than when you are in direct participation with others."

"By Being Love, you are in truth animating Love within the collective consciousness in every moment you do so. If you are loving yourself and in that time honoring your own needs, if you are standing true to yourself and speaking a truth which is for you difficult, if you are eating a good meal and through that you are honoring the needs of your body, if you are caring for children in a way that honors their aliveness and is teaching them to source themselves in some wonderfully delightful ways, if you are with friends, or with a partner, or by yourself, wherever you are animating love, love is also more present within the collective. If you believe that you have to do or accomplish something great in order to be of service, if you have to be healed, or if you have to heal others, there is a subtle split within consciousness, a separation. That split can actually keep you from influencing the collective in the direction of transformation, even though your intention is to be in service. In trying to serve, you actually expend much more effort, while being less effective within the larger picture."

"You are part of the collective. In Truth, you ARE the collective consciousness, each of you animating not only individually, but what you have taken on within the whole of consciousness, within the collective. If you separate yourselves and say you have to heal others, and make the other separate from you, there is a way in which you are not animating love either for yourself or for the other."

"We are hoping that this message is not confusing, because the message is very important for those of consciousness to understand, especially those who are opening greater capacities for Love. The more love you can bring into your awareness and experience in any moment, simultaneously being aware that you are part of the whole, the more you are influencing and animating that love within the whole of consciousness, opening greater freedom and a greater sense of wholeness. That is a great gift, and it is also simultaneously very enjoyable for you. So the more you love and experience love of self within the context of relationship, within nature, with animals, with self, while opening the awareness of how you are woven within the whole, the more you choose love, the more you allow yourselves to experience love, the more you animate love and joy and grace and all that is beautiful, the more you are affecting the transformation of the collective. You are very powerful in your conscious Love because of your placement within the collective and your willingness to expand your capacity to BE the Love that you are while within the collective."

"Some of you have come to this awareness and some of you are still seeking to do something as a purpose, to do something as if it is something you have to discover or get filled or be more healed or whatever. Not so. Animate love, animate grace, animate joy, animate beauty, animate friendship, animate wisdom, animate justice. Animate and be, while being aware of yourself as part of the whole of consciousness, and you will see powerful transformation happen in this next time. Much love is actually needed in this next time. Be Love, and enjoy the experience, because it will also heal you, it will heal your body, it will heal your relationships. You might have things come up from the past. Know that love is present. As these things rise to awareness, bring them to learning, resolution, or transformation, however the process needs to unfold. Do not contract around the interpretations that are coming out of the collective consciousness and its fears. Do not take those in and let them contract you away from Love, away from light, away from joy. Then you are less effective. If you contract in fear, pain, guilt, or too much empathy, you experience less Love and animate less within the collective. There is already too much contraction and it is now attempting to release. Yet it needs greater Love to do so with greater ease and speed. That is your purpose, if you wish to call it that. Enjoy it! That is our message."

You can read this and other transcripts at the Lightsmith website:

I Want A Bicycle

In the following excerpt, Elias is discussing energy, and how we are continuously projecting energy. He describes our energy as a shockwave that we send out through our attention to something, particularly that which we believe is important. The energy we project affects all of our creations. So if you are frustrated about something in your reality, that frustration affects all of your creations, even those that appear to be entirely unrelated. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to what we are expressing, even about the little things.

You can read more of this session at the Elias Forum website:

"You will pay attention to what becomes important to you, regardless of what it is. If there is some expression within your reality that you dislike, you will pay attention to it, for the dislike becomes important. Therefore, you continue to pay attention to it.

"The more energy you offer in a particular direction, the more you create that. Therefore, it is significant to recognize what you are expressing as important. “I am incorporating a headache. I dislike this headache; this is important. It is important, for I wish the headache to dissipate and disappear; therefore, my dislike of the headache is important.” The more the headache continues, the more important that dislike becomes, and you concentrate.

"What is encouraging in all of this doom is that within any moment you can alter that shockwave of energy. You can alter the direction of that shockwave. The manner in which you do that is paying attention and aligning what you are feeling... what you are thinking... and what you are doing.

"One method that you can effectively incorporate is to generate a visualization momentarily. Rather than merely thinking or expressing “I want this,” generate a visualization in which you have that, you are actually engaging it.

“I want a bicycle.” Allow yourself to momentarily generate a brief visualization in which you are actually touching the bicycle, riding the bicycle, engaging it, and in that, you are traveling in some area that you would enjoy riding the bicycle. FEEL yourself upon the bicycle, KNOW that it is yours already. Even if the bicycle does not magically materialize before you within that moment, know that you already possess it. Therefore, it is not to be acquired. In that, continue to pay attention to your process, what you are actually doing. This is significant, for regardless of whether what you are doing seems to be associated with a bicycle or not, all that you do is interconnected.

"Therefore, as you are generating the action of creating a sandwich and you are expressing to yourself frustration for you are not incorporating enough roast beef to be satisfying with your sandwich, that is associated with that bicycle. The imagery may be entirely different, but that energy is expressing an energy to prevent you from materializing that bicycle.

"In the moment that you notice that you have not enough pieces of roast beef for your sandwich, rather than merely expressing that shockwave, notice what you expressed. You can alter that in that moment, and you can express, “This is enough; this is satisfactory.” And allow yourself to enjoy it – not generating the consumption of the sandwich and throughout that consumption expressing, “This sandwich is horrible! I knew there was not enough roast beef and now all I taste is the bread, for there is no flavor in this sandwich for there is not enough roast beef.” That is one of those shockwaves that has created an obstacle and a barrier for your bicycle.

"But if you are allowing yourself to relax, appreciate that you generated the action of creating a sandwich for yourself and expressing in acknowledgment, “This is my sandwich and I shall enjoy its flavors,” regardless that there was not enough roast beef, your shockwave changes, and it influences that manifestation of that bicycle in your process.

"In actuality, the principles of creating your reality are quite simple. As much as you enjoy complicating them, they are actually quite simple. It is merely a matter of genuinely noticing and paying attention to what you are doing."

You can read more of this and other sessions at the Elias Forum website:

Monday, December 01, 2008

You Attract What You Express

The following excerpt is from a session with Elias on October 25th, 2008. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Elias Forum website:

ELIAS: All that you do is interconnected.

Therefore, if you are paying attention to an abundance of pebbles in your garden, or you are paying attention to the abundance of foods that you store in your home, or you are noticing the abundance of friends that you interact with, or the abundance of energy that you incorporate when you are generating an action that you genuinely enjoy – it matters not – that is creating an energy. When you are creating an energy that is focused in a particular direction, that is what you manifest in all of your directions. It spills into other expressions, such as money.

When you are generating a continuous attention and concentration upon lack, as I have expressed many times – I have not enough money, I have not enough time, I have not enough friends, I have not enough energy, I have not enough milk, I have not enough bread – when you are concentrating upon lack, you create that, and you create more and more of it, for that is the energy that you are projecting.

When you are concentrating upon appreciation and upon what you do have and what you are generating and acknowledging that, that creates a very different energy, and energy is key, for it is what MOVES what you create, for it attracts what matches it...

You attract what you express in energy. This is one of the most difficult elements for most individuals to recognize, for you do not see energy. Therefore, you are not always aware of what your energy is doing or how it is being expressed. This is the reason that I have expressed many times, your greatest indicator of what your energy is is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing, not necessarily what you are feeling. At times, what you are feeling may correlate, but feeling is not always an indicator of what your energy is doing and how it is being expressed.

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Elias Forum website: