Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's All This About 2012?

"There is a concept that is being widely accepted among those in your grouping of shared belief system that says that the year 2012 is going to be a momentous year, and you should get your ducks in order right now while you still have time before 2012 gets here.

"And you have been wondering, "What more can I do? How can I get my ducks in order when I don't even know where my ducks are? Or how many I might have?" So you do a lot of the mental gymnastics about the year 2012.

"Now, there is a thread of truth that runs through this prophecy, because the year 2012 is going to be an advantageous year, but it is not going to be the end of everything. It is going to be part of the process that you are already in, and there will be an extended time from the year 2012 for what you call another five decades after that of a "knowing" that is being already built: the remembrance of your own divinity, of your own power, of where you have come from and why you have come.

"It has all been in process, and the year 2012 is going to be an advantageous year, because many who are in this grouping of belief system are going to be expecting it, and that which you expect has power, power to manifest.

"It is not going to be cataclysmic to the point where it is going to be the end of our holy Mother Earth. It is not going to be the end of this reality. It is going to be an evolutionary process that goes forward and will extend for a good period of time as it grows and evolves upon itself.

"You have already set the building blocks in place, and you are going to keep on building. What you will see is a growing awareness within yourself, because you have prayed for this, you have asked for this, you have been preparing for this. There is going to be a growing awareness with the friends and co-workers, and ones who will not even use the same terminology that you use, of their purpose. Many have wondered and are wondering why they are here. They also wonder why they struggle. They wonder, "Am I just here for a short period of time, and is that all there is? Is there just one lifetime?" as is so often put forward in your religious/philosophical threads of thinking: that there is just one lifetime and that there cannot be the reincarnation, the remaking of realities.

"So they are questioning, "How do I make the most of this one lifetime?" To introduce to them an idea that perhaps life is ongoing is a bit of an evolutionary leap for them, and yet they are asking to know this. And you are coming into your own power of remembering that you have been here many, many times and that you have choice always whether to return to this reality or any other reality on holy Mother Earth or to go to another constellation or galaxy to adventure in other forms and other ways.

"As you remember that you have choice, you begin to feel in the heart the expansion of divinity that is you. After the time period that you call 2012, there is going to be yet a progression of challenges for humankind, but there is also going to be a progression of understanding that the challenges are not so much negative as they are gifts.

"It will be a process which will build exponentially upon itself, very much the same as the seed that opens up and comes up through the ground, and then the plant reaches out and will extend a leaf and then another leaf and then another leaf and then a flower and then the fruit.

"You are going to be part of it, because you are adding your energy to it. You are going to understand what is going on at a very deep level, and at the same time you are going to be taking part in what seems to be the world level but from a different perspective.

"You have this human lifetime so that you could be part of an awakening. There is a cycle, an evolutionary cycle from a place that remembers its divinity, knows that it is creating, into the place where it identifies with whatever is being created and identifies with that creation to the place where it is forgotten, temporarily, who is doing the creating, and then there is the process where you are now: of awakening to realizing, "I am the one who is creating," and then the realization that, "If I am creating, I can change whatever I see happening."

"And how do you change that? You change it by changing your perception. You have the power at any moment to change your perception of what is going on. No one else can change your perception except you. You have great power, because you can change it. No one can take that from you. You are the one who holds the power of perception and of belief, and that is why, when you come to the year of 2012, there is going to be a gathering, a celebration if you will, that you are already planning at a deep level.

"The year 2012 is going to be an advantageous year, but it is not going to be the ending of everything. It is going to be part of the ongoing process of the evolution of awakening. The cycle itself is going to extend past that date.

"Every concept that is given to you, every prophecy, every message carries a thread of truth with it. It depends on how you perceive that truth. And I am saying to you, why would you not want to perceive it as good? You have done the suffering already. You have been there, done that. I have been there, done a bit of it, finished with it, completed - as you can be and as you are: complete.

"Dream big dreams. Go for it. Allow the dream in the heart to be big, and then allow the mind to figure out how to do it in the world. Do not worry about all of the small details. The mind is going to take care of that. The mind is going to chew on all of the details like a dog chews on a bone.

"The mind will be very busy as it comes up with the suggestions as to how to do the big dream of the heart.

"Take a moment now. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself, "What is my dream? If I could have, if I could do, if I could be anything that I want to be or do or have, what would it be? What would I do? Who would I be? How would I be? What is my dream?"

"Allow that feeling to stay with you. This evening when you put the head upon the pillow go back to that feeling of, "What do I want in my life? How do I want it to be? How do I want to be in my life? What is my greatest desire?" Then live from that space as if it could be true, because it can.

"You are the one who can make it happen."

Jeshua, through Judith Coates, November 2009.
You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Oakbridge University website.