Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "Gift" Of Cancer

The following excerpt contains some interesting points to ponder regarding one person's experience with cancer and challenges us to view the idea of cancer from a higher perspective:


“What Is My Cancer Telling Me?”

"When you are feeling Stigmatized, you really believe that you are worthy of reproach, rejection, and isolation by others. You want to be loved, but you believe that there is something wrong with you, or that you have done something that merits this treatment from others.

"But when you are feeling Indignant, you become angry about it. You become stubborn and demanding because others have not loved you in the way that you expected.

"When you are Indignant, you demand the attention of others. You expect attention as tribute for the suffering and isolation that you have had to endure during your life. It’s not that you are feeling particularly loving or affectionate toward others. Instead, you are seeking retribution. It’s a way to punish them (and the world) for not loving you, in the way that you would have liked when you were younger.

"Your cancer is a way for your ego to play the roles of Stigmatized and Indignant at the same time. Here is how it works…

"By using this cancer to feel defective and marginalized by others (a feeling that you have often had), you now have the perfect reason to accept this condition as your reality. Your ego has gone beyond rationalizing its misbeliefs about your identity, and has given you the “gift of cancer” as a way to demonstrate and finally prove to you that you ARE in fact, Stigmatized.

"Your ego has also given you the “gift of cancer” as a way to get the attention and sympathy from others that you have always wanted to feel – and that Indignant demands from the world for having been ignored so long. “How can they neglect you now, when the cause of your misery is so apparent?” This is what your ego is telling you now, when it plays the role of Indignant.

"Your ego is trying to satisfy both of these erroneous beliefs about yourself at the same time. But it is a game.

"Your cancer is a symbol to yourself, and to the world, that you feel stigmatized, but that you also deserve love and attention because of it. It is the perfect way to get it… or is it? Will people finally love and support you because of your illness, or will they further shun you because of the fear they have around the stigma of your cancer?

"And if they get too close to you with their love and support, or by telling you how you ought to deal with this challenging situation, will you push them away indignantly as punishment for your past grievances? Or will you let them be there for you, just as they are?

"This insane solution that your ego has found – to let you believe that you are Stigmatized, Indignant, and loved, all at the same time – may actually be backfiring now. Isn’t it time to expose this game for what it is; drop it, and move on?

"Why not focus, instead, on the Truth? “You are a Child of God, and God also. This IS the Truth About You.” Believe this, and watch your life change."

"My dear, the life that your Creator has envisioned for you is a different one. You are meant to live a life of joy, happiness, and bliss. Even now, the mention of it may seem unreal to you.

"Yes, you are meant to live a life that is free from pain, fear, and suffering.

"Now, how do you claim that life? How do you claim the life that your Creator had in mind for you when you came to Earth?

"Well, dear friend. It is quite simple. And yet, you believe it requires too much from you. Yes, you still believe the voice of the ego that constantly rationalizes your circumstances to you. You believe it, when it tells you that too much is required of you. That you have to look at yourself and figure out too many complicated things.

"But the truth is that nothing is required of you. Nothing, other than letting go.

"So, it all comes down to who is making the decisions here. Who is taking charge of your life? Are you going to let your ego sacrifice your body and your life for the sake of conflicting beliefs about who you are? Or are you going to take charge here? Are you going to take charge of your Inner Life and purge all that is false about you, so that only the Truth remains? Are you willing to let the falseness go, in order to live with the Truth?

"Yes, you can truly let go of the pain, fear, and suffering that your ego has used to keep you imprisoned with false identities for so long.

"But how do you do that?

"First, you should understand that you are destined for a life of joy. It is God's Will for you. Even for you! Yes.

"Then, you are invited to look at the role-playing game that your ego has created for you. Look at these roles. Name them. Expose them. And anytime feeling Indignant or Stigmatized appears to be your only choice... choose again. Reach even deeper, and find out what is there beyond this belief in suffering. When you do, you will find that peace is there. And you will find an ocean of love. Yes, an ocean of great, all encompassing love. This is God's Love. It is God's Love for you, too.

"It is there for you to touch, to feel, and to invite back into your life. Accept it, dear friend. And then, make it happen. Bring that Love into your life, and make it your daily companion. Let it be your guide in life. You deserve it. You deserve it deeply.

"Feel the waves of God’s Love washing over you now, cleansing this cancer from your body and correcting the lies and misperceptions about you that have poisoned your mind.

"Know that as you heal your mind, you will take an important step in treating the physical condition of your cancer. It is not the only step that you will take. But it is essential. It will put you back in charge of your Inner Life. And from this place of Inner Truth, your physical health will have the greatest potential for improvement.

"You are deeply loved, my dearest.

"I Am Saint-Germain."
-Saint-Germain, by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack, Sept. 30, 2009.
You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Joy and Clarity website.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Say "Yes" To Life

"You are here on earth to express the freedom and magic of the spiritual realms you come from. You are here to bring it into form and matter and make it available for experience to both yourself and others. Yes, you are carriers of light, where light stands for freedom, ease and joy. And you have been on earth before, with the same desire and impetus to kindle the light of creation here and spread joy and insight. Allow yourself to feel it again. Know who you are. You need not be or do anything special here, you don’t have to achieve anything except to remember who you are and allow joy to fill you again. That is your job: to get back to your original state of wonder and joy amidst energies which seem to point in a wholly different direction.

"You have been put under pressure. The reality of earth, the way people think, the beliefs of society can weigh heavily on you and soak you in forgetfulness for a while. Remember, you are divinity in the flesh. Light is pouring through you right now, through your hands, through your eyes, feel it. It has never left you, but all of you have been told at some point of your life that this light cannot flow freely into the open. You believe you have to hide it and keep it inside, for fear of being “different”. The constraint to be normal, getting locked into what other people might think of you, that’s probably the worst prison on earth. It’s not being in the body that limits you so. The true limitation comes from allowing in the many heavy, fearful beliefs of society and have them diminish your divine radiance.

"My wish is to show you a way out of there, and the key is: dare to receive joy again in your life, feel that it is your birthright! It is simply who you are. You are the joy of God made manifest. And to be so, you need not have achieved anything, in the worldly sense of the word. You only need to be one with who you are. You need to feel that you are fine as you are here and now. There is nothing you fall short of, there is nothing lacking. Embrace the totality of who you are now, your fears, emotional blockages, and yet, at the same time, the deep sense of wonder and vitality at the bottom of your being. Life itself flows through you and wishes to impart on you its many miraculous gifts. You have undertaken the journey of incarnation in this body, in this society, in this material dimension. That is enough. By that, you already have shown your great courage and faith. Now trust that you are allowed to receive everything you need in your life. Feel the pure joy of being in this moment. Let yourself relax into it.

"Imagine that from now on, there is nothing you “must do” in your life. If you would really grant yourself that freedom, your life would consistently flow smooth and easy. I understand that this runs counter to much that you have been told by your parents, teachers, employers, etcetera. Society imparts on you that you have to work hard and diligently to develop the necessary skills and abilities to cope with reality. It tells you to keep small and focus on what is possible rather than on what you dream and hope for. Not only society tells you this, even a lot of spiritual teachings have a rather stern and disciplinary outlook on how to achieve enlightenment.

"Imagine that you release the very idea of goals and achievements. Imagine saying to yourself: I am as I am, and I am completely okay as I am. What liberation! If you can allow yourself to be this relaxed, things will start to flow in your life, and you will see that exactly the opposite happens from what society tells you to expect. Things will start to happen for you without having to work hard for it. If you can be at one with yourself and accept things as they are, you will invite a flow of peace which will bring miracles into your life. By accepting yourself as you are, you say “yes” to life, to being here on earth, and you allow yourself to receive anything you want simply because you are who you are, an indelible part of God, cherished and loved unconditionally."

-Mary, though Pamela Kribbe, June 2008.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

No More Secrets

"There are huge advancements taking place in the collective vibration. Recently, you reflected your hope in a person who was elected to a very important position. Now you are starting to take your own power back and that is very appropriate. It is no longer appropriate to give your hope to anyone, because that is exactly what humans did with Adolf Hitler. That is exactly what humans have done over and over, and over again. What you are seeing is that all of humanity was becoming excited about the new possibilities. Now after moving two steps forward, you are taking an entire step back. There is confusion, anger, frustration and a lot of negative energies coming up. Although a lot is taking place it is simply a venting process, because much of what you have set into motion is well underway and moving in the direction you are going.

"Please do not get discouraged when you look at all the evidence to the contrary. When everything appears to be the opposite and seems to be getting worse rather than better, it is because there will be no more secrets on planet Earth. This is happening already. It is happening in Iran, in the United States, and it is happening all over this planet. Those are the things to celebrate, because never again will humans follow the leader in the way you have always done before."

The Group, though Steve Rother. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Beacons Of Light website.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let It Be

"There is a natural rhythm to all things, and it does not necessarily have the pace that you think is desirable. The realization of your goals requires energy to be shifted. Energy shifts often take more time than you expect or wish for. In fact, energy shifts are nothing else but you changing.

"When you will have reached your goals, you will not be you anymore. You will have become an expanded version of your current self, filled with more wisdom, more love and more inner power. The time it takes to fulfill your goals is the time it takes to change your consciousness in such a way that your desired reality may enter your actual reality. So if you want to speed up things, focus on you and not so much on reality.

"Often you even need to let go of your goal, in order to be open to receive. This sounds paradoxical. But in fact we are saying only that you need to fully accept your current reality, before you can step forward into a new one. If you do not accept your current reality and you are holding onto your goals in a tense way, you are not moving forward.

"Nothing will leave your reality, unless you love it. Loving it is equal to “setting it free.”

"Unless you truly embrace your current reality and accept it as your creation, it cannot leave you, for you are denying part of yourself. You are saying “no” to the part of you that has created this reality for you. You would like to cut this unwanted part from you and move forward.

"But you cannot create a more loving reality from self-hate. You cannot “will yourself" into a new reality by pushing unwanted parts aside. Will power does not serve you here.

"What you need is to get in touch with your heart. The energies of understanding and acceptance are the true building blocks of a new and more fulfilling reality.

"When you interact with reality from the heart, you let reality be. You do not try to change it; you simply and carefully take note of what is."

----Jeshua, through Pamela Kribbe. You can read more of this and other transcripts at Jeshua.Net.