Monday, November 29, 2010

Reaching Outside - That's My Problem...

From Circle Of Light:

"The truth of your identity is radiant as the cosmic sun as you live in the center of the truth of All, the heart of Christ, perfect Love made manifest in consciousness and in joyous feeling. When you live like this, alive in My presence as the fish in the ocean, inseparable, breathing Me in and overflowing through your heart with everything that is the truth of all that is divine as it lives as you, here you can stand in the world, free of the duality, the belief in two things.

"You are free of the constant enticement of the ego mind to move you, beloved ones, off of your center, to make you reach into the world for what you need. In that moment you become duality. In that moment of reaching outside of you for whatever it is, for your abundance, for your power, for your Love… In that moment, the belief in the separation from Me and from the truth of who you are is more valid to you than the fact of your inheritance as the heart of God, as the Moment of Creation, held in consciousness and made manifest as the movement of Love."

(bold added by me - it's what caught my attention)



Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Been A Long, Long Time...

Hey, kids. This here monkey (me) has been gone for a while, indeed.

For those of you who don't know, I've been hard at work (hard at play, actually) creating a music and art studio/lounge in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. It's called Sunstone Studios and Lighthouse Lounge (click here to visit our Facebook page), and it's officially open. And now that it is, I can gradually re-incorporate some of the endeavors I had put on hold.

So I'm back on Blue Monkey Island, and since I'm feeling a bit "rapturous" these days, I thought I'd share a passage I came across recently regarding the "Rapture".

As with all material I post on this blog, you are responsible for your own interpretation of these thoughts and ideas. These are not necessarily my thoughts, though I am posting them becuase I find them stimulating or insightful in one way or another.

So enjoy, and don't be afraid to tell me what you think!

It's good to be back on the island...


The following excerpt is from the Spirit Library website. You can read this transcript anothers here.

"Can you tell us more about the Rapture, as understood by some modern Christians? Will it happen? If so, when will the bodies of believers be in the Rapture?"

"What people have called the rapture in certain religions will not occur as a single, massive event. Instead, it is occurring to each of you individually, one by one. This is part of the process of Enlightenment and it is something that has been happening to people throughout history, but very rarely. One of the reasons that some religions have identified the idea of a singular event for the rapture is that as humans, you have picked up on a fact that rapture, or Enlightenment, is happening on a more widespread basis more often now than it ever was before. It is becoming more available to all of you.

"Here is what happens. What you call a rapture experience for an individual is the thing that occurs when you as an individual remember so completely who you really are. Remember so consciously that you indeed are just energy, just light, just spirit that it is no longer possible for you to retain your energy within your human body and you leave your human body. One of the phrases the Keepers use, or Jen uses as a channel for the Keepers is to say that you twinkle out. It is like if matter and energy are interchangeable, which indeed they are, then it actually takes a great deal of effort for your soul to hold all that energy in physical form. When you really truly remember who you are, not just as an idea, not just as a thought, but as a true remembering, yourselves immediately shift back into light and you are no longer in your body. You no longer exist as a human being.

"Of course when this happens, you will no longer be living the human life that you are living now. It is an oversimplification to say that this will be a single event that occurs to all of you, based on some external authority like God or some other divine being who will decide for you when it happens. It will decide for you how it happens or to whom it happens. Actually this is completely driven by you as an individual soul and is not driven by your conscious mind. Your higher self drives it, which is the true you, who can see everything about your journey, knows exactly what is right for you and exactly when. As a human being, consciously, there is nothing for you to wait for actually. Nothing is going to happen to you. You will, in your own time, when it is perfectly right for you, remember who you truly are and shift into light.

"Until that happens, it does not really serve you to try and it certainly does not serve you to try to determine who will be “raptured” and who will not. For in fact, this really has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with who you are on your individual path on your individual journey. As long as you still have something to gain from living your human life, you will stay here. This is true about the choice your soul is making about whether to be raptured or whether to go through a normal human death. This rapture, or twinkling, is no easier or better than going through death. It is just a very different process. Death gives you a process. It gives you a journey to move from your human self back to your higher self. Twinkling, or the rapture, eliminates that process and simply allows you to simply switch in a single moment.

"From the prospective of the Keepers, or any of the higher beings, there is no good or bad, there is no judgment on whether you are good if you go through a rapture or not. There is just no weight or gravity here. People who think about the idea of the rapture through their religions, part of what happens is those religious institutions lead you to see this process as being a reflection of whether you are being good or bad. Each of you who are working with the idea of the rapture, you assign a great deal of heaviness to the idea of the rapture. For in your heart, you have been led to believe that your goodness, your own divinity, your own worthiness, relies on whether you go through a rapture or not.

"As long as you still have a question about your own goodness, as long as you still feel as if there is something wrong with you, as if you were something other than light or love, as long as you feel that, then you still have a good reason to be here on Planet Earth living a conscious, human life because much of human life is set up for you to forget who you really are -- to forget that you are truly good through and through. Then to go through a long, slow process of healing, otherwise known as remembering who you really are, coming to realize that everything is light. Everything is love. That you are made of light and love and that it is inherently antithetical to who you are to act out of any motivation other than love. As long as you are still working to remember that, you will not go through the rapture. You will stay here working on that. That is what you came here for."

-Akashic Records, through Jen Aramith. You can read more of Jen's transctipts here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simply BE Divine

"We would like to talk this month about self acceptance for all your traits and perceived flaws. Each of you is a spark of Divine Creation. It is impossible for you to be anything short of perfection. But as you enter into a dimension of duality, you forget your perfection in order to experience something wholly different, to experience separation and imperfection. You enjoy the illusion of the game and you have experienced all versions of the game in infinite ways.

"Now the time has come to once again perceive that perfection, to know all flaws and faults are but illusions, all wrong doings are but agreements with friends to don a role for play and exploration. Forgiveness is not something that is to be sought, but rather a shifting of awareness to the divine state of all things.

"This is the time for “self forgiveness” or rather to view your own divine nature and your connection to The Divine (or Source if that is a more comfortable term for you.) These coming days will be filled with changes and new vibrational selections, and as each memory of past or future regrets surface or judgments of self arise, bring your focus back to your divine self, to this moment and your experience of reality. That truly is all that is needed to generate expanded awareness and a complete acceptance. Each re-focusing back to the divine self will allow you to become more of the expanded being that you are. So for those of you who seek to increase your vibration, or ascend as you say, there is nothing to fix or to release or to unblock. Simply BE divine."

-9th Dimensional Pleaidian Collective & The Sirian High Command, through Wendy Kennedy. You can read more transcripts at the Higher Frequencies website.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry in Emotion

"As the spiritual seeker becomes more mature, each experience is another opportunity to work with a surface emotion and to refine or purify that emotion by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling, without judgment, without asking the self to be one who feels only the positive emotions. Each emotion starts out, in the immature entity, as that which is confused and chaotic and has a high degree of static or noise as opposed to signal. Consequently, as a spiritual seeker, each time an emotion arises you are working to feel it without shrinking from it or reaching towards it, the goal being not to do anything with the emotion except to allow it to sink into the consciousness of the present moment.

"As you give respect and honor to surface emotions you allow them the spaciousness to begin to filter down past the first levels of impulsivity and self-judgment. And as you allow yourself the space and the time for this emotion to tell its story to you, you are sinking into the roots of your own consciousness and beginning to be able to feel each emotion as a more distinct, pure and clarified color, shall we say."

Q'uo, through Carla Rueckert, December 26, 2009. You can read more of this transcript here.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Harry Carrey

I'm feeling impulsive today, so much so that I am actually typing something brand new and posting it on this here blog. This is something I haven't done for a few years now, and it feels slightly unfamiliar.

You see, for the past two years I have been posting quotes and passages from other sources. Primarily because I had ceased to feel any sort of inspiration to write. Perhaps I had written myself into a corner, but I most definitely had nothing more to say.

And now I find myself, on this first day of March, in the year 2010, following an unforseen impulse to write something. Anything. Nothing in particular.

Is this the start of a new phase for me? Have I spiraled around to another turn as "Don the writer" ? Perhaps... perhaps...

I sent a letter to Jim Carrey last week. Why? Well, primarily because I've thought all along that he would play the title role in the big screen version of THE DAY HARRY SUED GOD.

I watched the video footage of his little talk at the GATE event recently:

And as a watched him speak, it confirmed my suspicion that he's the man.

I'm enjoying the friendly little battle between my rational (doubting) mind which says: "This is silly, it'll never happen, what a waste of a perfectly good postage stamp, not to mention the envelope, paper, and ink" and my heart, which say "Yes, indeed, this sounds like a wonderful experience, let's do it!"

I now know for sure that I have accomplished and progressed, because my heart is winning this battle (which really isn't a battle, but more of a game of Twister).

Yes, my heart has won, and there is a letter on its way to Jim, or to a mailbag that Jim may never open, and fortunately for me I can honestly say that it matters not whether Jim reads the letter, because he and I are sitting off in the other realms somewhere at this very moment laughing and making fun of one another and reminiscing about that time Don sent Jim that letter, and wasted that postage stamp, and wrote all about it on his blog...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Shall Not Want

"Be aware when you ask for anything that you literally are expressing that you are limited. You are expressing lack. So, what is the opposite of that? It is to find things to be grateful for. More importantly, for all of those things you want give thanks and hold in your heart that you already have them."

The Group, through Steve Rother. You can read more of this transcript and others at the Beacons Of Light website.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And What About NOW?

"For just a moment, before you do anything or think anything at all, just feel the clean and pure substance of this moment, this one right now, right here, pure and innocent, waiting to be filled with your actions and your dreams.

"It awaits you now, this moment, waiting for you to embrace it fully and fill it with your presence, joy and love.

"You are born anew in this moment, right now. Sparkling and shining, innocent and open, clean and pure, filled with promise and beauty. This is who you are."

-Quado, through Carrie Hart
You can read more of this transcript here.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hey, Give The (Half) Brother A Break!

The following is from the Akashic Records, through Jen Eramith MA.
You can read more transcripts from Jen here.


What is Barack Obama's karmic role in leading the U.S. at this time?

Barack Obama's karmic contract is to be a leader for the world, not just a leader for the U.S. His legal contract is to lead the U.S, but his karmic contract is to be a leader for the world. His karmic contract is to be a catalyst for enlightening change in the world. A catalyst is a substance or an object that facilitates change. It does not make the change occur – instead, it initiates and enhances a process and that is precisely what his role is to be. In fact, his contract to be a catalyst for a certain process has already been accomplished. His initial contract was fulfilled during and just after his election campaign. The changes he was meant to facilitate occurred in the hearts and minds of people across the world.

With his initial karmic contract fulfilled, he is now working to support the changes that are only possible if they are created and upheld by the citizens of the world. A catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction, or a person that inspires an event or change to take place. A catalyst can signal a process to begin and it can enhance or speed up a process that is already underway. Barack Obama is doing both. He helped initiate a process and he is also helping to enhance or make more efficient a process that is already under way. The process is human empowerment, which is both a result of and the driving force for healing of the human family.

Barack Obama is not the only catalyst and he is not the only leader involved in this work. There are many other world leaders, both official and non-official, who do this work. The catalyst that he provides is unique. This role can be seen most clearly in what was fulfilled during his election campaign, where most of his karmic contract was fulfilled. The speeches that he gave and the particular way that he ran his campaign catalyzed a process inside millions of people across the world. The messages and actions that took place during his campaign initiated and activated a process within millions of individuals, and a process across many societies, by which human beings are becoming empowered enough to dismantle oppressive forces and create more light and love, effectually making the world a better place. (As you might imagine, this is the dramatically short version.)

In a sense, Barack Obama’s karmic contract was to be a catalyst for hope. Hope only works in the individuals who choose to carry it or act on it. The effects of his catalytic process were most outwardly apparent in the ways that people were activated to vote or to make changes in their communities. But the greatest actual effects occurred within people’s minds and hearts. The massive shift toward hope and empowerment cannot be measured but rest assured, the world is a more peaceful place and more people have moved forward in enlightenment based on the role he has played. Now, the work and the way forward are yours to determine.

Once Barack Obama entered the presidency, his role as a catalyst has been somewhat diminished because people have a tendency to cease their own empowerment when they turn to a powerful leader. This occurs because people, through the dynamics of oppression, have learned to turn their own authority over to their leaders. People in nearly every culture on the planet have learned to wait for their leaders to take decisive action, and in waiting each individual forfeits their own power to affect change.

Citizens in the U.S. have exhibited a tendency to imagine that once Barack Obama was in an official leadership position that he would take care of things. When you wait for your leaders to instruct you, or you sit back and blame others for their missteps, you lose track of your own power, and it becomes easy to lose faith in your own ability to create positive change in the world around you.

Remember that all of you have been oppressed in one way or another. It is not your fault that you have been oppressed, but it is your responsibility to actively choose to reassign your personal authority to yourself, to re-determine and revitalize yourselves to make positive changes in the world around you. This reclaiming of your personal power, and it’s collective potential, ultimately is the process that Barack Obama was meant to catalyze. His calling is to inspire all the citizens in the world into action. He will not make the world a better place through his actions; instead, he inspires all of you to make the world a better place.

As long as each of you is taking responsibility and doing what you can to improve the world within your sphere of influence, then you are using him positively as a catalyst. If people do not use his leadership role to further inspire and empower themselves into action, then the usefulness of his role will expire. It will no longer be useful for him to be in the role of a world leader officially if the role of catalyst is not being fulfilled. It is vitally important that all of you continue to remember that he is not here to make change, he is here to inspire you to make change. That is the role he came here to perform, that is the karmic contract that he signed up for. Most of this has been accomplished on his end of the contract. Of course as a president he has legal and societal contracts to fulfill, but outcome of his karmic contract now depends upon you.

How will the changes happening in Ascension and Enlightenment relate to the next elections in the United States?

The next major elections in the United States occur in November of 2010, 2011, and 2012. The changes that are occurring through Enlightenment and Ascension are creating societal instability. More of you have come to recognize that you want to make positive changes in your lives, and that you actually have the ability to make those changes. This realization comes as you are no longer willing to buy into or put up with societal oppression; either oppression of yourself or of those around you. As you make these shifts inwardly, you create a dramatic shift in the fabric of society.

Ultimately the shift is toward a new, more stable system. But instability is a hallmark of change. You have to unravel the current system in order to make space for the new system to be built. If you think of the two political parties in the U.S. as being on two sides of a pendulum, each election swings the balance of power toward one side or the other. As you move toward a system change, the swinging of the pendulum becomes stronger and more erratic. Eventually, the pendulum will break free, so to speak. It will no longer serve you to have a political system based on duality. In the meantime, you will continue to see the balance of power shift more drastically with each election. No one side will triumph eventually. Instead, in the coming decades, you will revise the entire system.

For the next few years, you will continue to see a bigger, stronger, more rapid and more dramatic swing when the power shifts to the other party. It appears that there is an increase in polarization in U.S. politics, when in fact the thing that is actually changing is that within most of you that polarization is diminishing. Fewer of you are willing to gives yourselves over completely to one side or the other, and therefore you are creating change; you are creating a shift.

The first result of the shift is the increase in the pendulum swing. But then the pendulum, when it comes back to center, will come back to a more stable center, for far more of you are finding residence in what you call a political middle ground. The political middle ground is simply the space where people tend to turn to their own authority, to rely on their own thinking and intuition to make decisions rather than turning to a pre-set paradigm, a particular leader, or habits or behaviors that are dictated by institutions.

You are seeing an unraveling occur. This has been happening for 30 years; it will likely happen for another ten or twenty. What you are likely to see in the next few elections is a further swinging of the pendulum. In the past you may have seen one party stay in power for eight or ten years at a time, you are now going to find that parties tend to stay in power two or three years at a time.

The shifts will increase. They will appear more dramatic and then suddenly, at some point in the next ten years or so, you will find the swings become greatly diminished. It is not a guarantee, but right now that is the outlook for U.S. elections. This dynamic is occurring before stability is occurring across the world in all different government systems, in all different political dynamics. You can apply that dynamic to every other government and political system. All across the world, the change of Enlightenment is occurring and therefore as people are waking up, they are less willing to hold the current institutions of power and oppressive institutions in place. You are going to continue to see more unraveling and more dramatic swings in political power.

In some parts of the world this will continue for another fifty or sixty years. Ultimately your governments and political systems will need to revise themselves according to how much their citizens have empowered themselves as individuals.

And it all begins with each one of you. The choices you make and the power you develop in your own life has a massive impact on the potential for collective Enlightenment. The journey of a thousand miles truly does begin with a single step, and all of you began taking those steps long ago. As each of you moves through Enlightenment, you make a radical difference in the potential outcome for your government and political systems. Your life and your power matters more than you imagine! (January 2010)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Few Words From Uncle Albert

“A human being is part of the whole called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness.

"This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only a few persons nearest to us.

"Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion and to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

-Albert Einstein

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Resistance is Futile!

"The biggest challenge most humans face in their lifetimes is their resistance to what they do not want. And yet resistance only brings more of what you do not want.

"There are two principles -- or laws, if you like -- at work here.

"The first is what many of you call the Law of Attraction. Simply said, the Law of Attraction dictates you will always get more of what you put your focus on. Always. No exceptions.

"If you are focusing on something through your resistance to it, you'll get more of it. And if you're focusing on something through your appreciation of it, you'll get more of it. You get what you focus on. Period.

"The second principle is simply allowing all others to be whatever they choose to be. Whether you agree with it or not. You will find great peace and joy, friends, in simply following your own bliss, and ignoring what others are doing.

"Resist what others are doing and you'll end up frustrated and drained. Allow others what they are doing and concentrate on what you are doing, and you'll end up joyful and energized."

-Chief Joseph, through John Cali. You can read more from John and Chief Joseph at Great Western Publishing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Like A Prayer Machine

"The fact about prayer is that any time you are in a state of joy and self-love, you are in the state of prayer. You are a living, walking, breathing prayer. That is a reason some people, when they walk in the room, everything suddenly feels better, lighter, more joyful. Because the person carries with her or him that resonance of prayer -- of love and light. The only way they can do this is by having come to terms with themselves, come to accept themselves and love themselves enough that they are able to transmit love all around them. The best thing you can do with your prayer or meditation practice is continue to find the insights you need to understand where you judge yourself, where you let yourself down, where you are critical of yourself and to continually let those things go. Instead choosing all of the different states or ways of being, that facilitate your sense of love, forgiveness for your mistakes, joy in everything that you do. That is a state of prayer and ultimately you are like a prayer machine. Your natural state is to be in that state of prayer. It may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, you are actually moving back toward your natural state. Let it be easy. Employ a sense of curiosity and forgiveness and patience with yourself; let it be easy. (Jan 2010)"

Akashic Records through by Jen Eramith MA. You can read more of this transcript here.

The Collapse Of The Third Dimension

"The healing and release work you do for yourself extends to all of humanity and releases the fear polarity that is the dominant aspect of the third dimensional path. As the earth moves through ascension, as it is doing now, the third dimension is collapsing and its energy is being replaced by higher vibrations that do not contain the energetic connections to fear and chaos. While this is happening on the earth level, it is also happening in each of you and as you release your own connections to fear and chaos, you are collapsing your third dimensional reality.

"Each dimensional shift replaces the previous one that held the prevailing energy. For the third, the prevailing energy is fear and ascension replaces that with unconditional love. As the dimension collapses the individual results will be seen in the flow of energy in each reality. Any fear-based manifestation will begin to collapse as the connections to it are removed. Every thought or belief that is released or healed removes a connection and collapses its third dimensional aspect, replacing it with a higher vibration.

"This collapse can appear to be fearful or it can be a joyful experience, depending on your willingness to embrace this powerful transformation. Humanity has little experience of dimensions beyond the third, except for some memory of Home, and they are not able to see as an opportunity to step into their own mastery and divinity. As the third dimension collapses it also release anything that is based in this energy, which includes all structures on the emotional, physical and intellectual planes that are connected to it. This can feel like the 'end of the world' but it is simply the result of the replacement of one dimensional level with another.

"Humanity agreed that this would be their ascension path and it is being accomplished according to the divine plan. The end of the third dimension is the end of fear, the release of the veil that separates humanity from higher planes of being and allows the creation of the spiritual human. This is a time to celebrate, to remember the promise of the ascension path and the release of the limitations that you have accepted as part of life but which are contrary to your truth. Celebrate this as confirmation of your progress and be willing to receive the blessings of the new world paradigm that has been prepared for you and awaits your presence."

Uriel, through Jennifer Hoffman. You can read more of this and other transcripts at Spirit Library.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some Thoughts on 2010

"Now, what about 2010? We stated earlier that this is a pivotal year, and that is so. There is nothing carved in stone here, but there are some general trends to observe. We state again (we can’t say this too frequently, especially just now) that YOU incarnated in this body at this time in this place for a reason, and that reason has a lot to do with creating and supporting these changes.

"Others are grateful to you. Your entire life isn’t only about serving a higher purpose, of course, but the majority of you reading this incarnated at this time so that you’d be among friends with the same idea. Turn to your right and your left and say hello to your neighbor. The people you pass on the street. The people in line at the cashier at the grocer. The people in the long snaking lines of cars moving slowly across endless highways. These are the people who also chose to be here now. You are effortlessly connected to one another in this way.

Global Changes

"2010 is pivotal because much change will be evident this year. Not the far-reaching long-term things we mentioned earlier, although those will be a part of the overall change, but you can expect the following:

"Lots of people will be losing loved ones this year, people of all ages who are choosing to transition out of life as a way of “opting out” of some of the other changes taking place. Making room for the new. There will be collective grief over this unusual amount of transition, but at the same time there will be joy – the summer bloom turns to dried autumn foliage and then to bare winter earth, returning once again in spring to a new green shoot and a sense of promise. This kind of deep change affects people on so many levels.

"Political instability or a sense of insecurity, and sometimes a seeming lack of direction. This will be evident in many areas including the U.S, Canada, some countries in South America, and Japan, among others. The balance is beginning to discernibly shift away from old powers to other parts of the globe and this will be even more evident this year. Look for increased positive attention on several unexpected political models that show the shape of things to come: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Guyana, Honduras, Iceland, Laos, Malta, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.

"A shift by governments that use stealth and covert activity toward more overt blame. Incidents could be strategically created in an effort to maintain a sense of control over what is feared by those governments to be a losing battle in the eventual shift of power mentioned above. This could result this year or soon in a possible military takeover of a major western government. This would not likely be obvious from the outside, even to the inhabitants of that country, and would likely be presented as a need to protect citizens. We could repeat now that this would be, overall, an interim measure and that further change toward a more gentle way of being will be evident sooner than later.

Personal Transformation

"We realize that some of what we see as potential for 2010 on a global level can seem frightening from your present perspective. There is, however, balance in this process of change. Nothing happens without regard to the overall eventual result on a collective basis – not even the most minute, personal event is overlooked. But real and lasting change occurs from deep inside, which does often result in discomfort for a time. On a personal level for most people this year, change is present in profound and uplifting ways:

"By mid-year, a sense of peace and elation settles over the world, affecting a good many people and allowing most of you to fall into the “flow” of your life. This involves really manifesting what it is you are here doing – in other words, a life purpose or life task. By mid-year, then, a good many of you will feel purposeful and peaceful.

"Meditation practices deepen. More people connect with “old-world” ways: herbal lore, shamanism, flower essences, work with gems and minerals, animal wisdom, etc. More people begin feeling tapped into personal intuition or spiritual guides. This is an excellent time to deepen your practice or to begin one, especially by mid-March or so.

Though more people will be without homes, those who don’t choose to exit this year will find the care they need. Perhaps in your back yard, or from your open hand.

"By year-end, then, most of you will be in a vastly different place on a personal level. To support your inner process, which in turn supports your ability to take in what’s going on in the world around you, we can suggest:

"Find something that matters to you. Whether it’s a particular tree on your walk or a special person or a cause, there is something that really matters to you. Figure out what it is this year and give it love.

"Observe the world around you. Whether it’s cars and concrete or it’s blooming cherry trees or tall pines, there is a beautiful world around you. Treat yourself every day with a few minutes simply observing what you see, without judging the merits of the scene. You’ll find yourself, after time, feeling compassion for that world around you.

"Deepen your practice — or begin one — of connecting to your own higher wisdom. There are many avenues for this, including scrying, channeling, or simply listening for that deep inner voice inside you. Find a teacher to assist you if you feel guided to do so.

"The most helpful thing you can do for your planet is to stay — as best you can — connected to yourself and that which surrounds you.

"It’s a wonderful year ahead, wonderful and tragic and beautiful and human. Make it yours, this year. You are here because you chose to be here."

-Polaris, through Karen Murphy. You can read more of this transcript here.