Friday, March 07, 2008

Monkey Update - March 2008

This monkey hasn't posted for a while, as he has been hard at work on his latest project.

However, he wanted to touch base with his fellow monkeys and to ask them a question: How are you doing?

Have you noticed that the pace of change has increased? Have you noticed that your strongly held beliefs are being brought to the surface for you to examine?

As this process of experiencing and examining our beliefs continues to accelerate, it will be tempting to think that things are going downhill - individually and collectively.

But what is truly happening is that monkeys are prodding themsevles to choose: Are you okay, or are you not? Are you ready to choose acceptance, or do you still insist upon trying to control and judge and worry?

Ultimately, you are safe. You are a white monkey, exploring what it is like to be a blue monkey, and giving yourself the opportunity to become a purple monkey. The red melons stimulate the willingness to look for that wider perspective, to examine your beliefs and to determine which ones serve you and which ones do not.

The blue monkeys shall fight over the blue melons. They shall fear that they will not have enough. They shall worry. They shall judge one another and shall fight to determine who is right and who is wrong.

The purple monkeys have their own inner peace as their top priority, for they know that such is their natural state and that balance is the only way to enjoy their stay on this island. They also know that they can be most helpful to their fellow monkeys by remembering who they are and by maintaining their balance and inner peace.

So each of us is being asked to choose, moment by moment, whether or not all is well.

Is all well with you? It can be.

But you must decide. You must choose.

Any questions?