Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out Of Chaos Comes New Creation

"It is as if your lifeline is being tugged and pulled in different directions as Spirit tries to get your attention. You can resist and hold back, kicking and screaming; however, you will eventually move forward on the spiral of ascension. There can be no denying that the evolutionary cycle which is now in full swing is creating chaos and is swiftly breaking down the old belief systems and structures. Remember what we have often said, ‘out of chaos comes new creation.’ The Soul-self is nudging and prodding everyone, to one degree or another, in an effort to get each soul’s attention. No one can maintain the status-quo, coasting and drifting and ignoring the call to awaken. You must either grow and ascend in consciousness, or sink deeper into chaos, fear and limitation which only postpones the inevitable. It is your Divine birthright to live in abundance and prosperity; you have just forgotten. Abundance comes in many forms, so seek an abundance of love, joy, good health and vitality, as well as all the things you require to live a full and comfortable life. As you begin to create miracle after miracle, those around you will want to know what you are doing. That is when you are to share the techniques, beliefs and wisdom you have claimed as your own. That is when you will become a true self-master; first you will teach by example and through your actions, and finally through words. You, the StarSeeds, will set the new standards of behavior and others will want to emulate you and adopt your new philosophy of life; therefore, it is of vast importance that you focus on what is right in your world and look for the best in those around you, for that is what you will reinforce. You can change the world around you, one thought at a time."

-Michael, through Ronna Herman, February 2009.

You can read more of this transcript and others on Ronna's website.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Delightful Dance Of Life

The following excerpt is from a session with Q'uo on April 19th, 2009:

"There is nothing necessarily sober or serious or ponderous about spiritual seeking. You may walk the King’s Highway with a merry heart and a song upon your lips. When you are having fun, as shallow as that concept may sound, you are flowing with the dance of life in which every flower and tree, every lion and bear, every turtle, every speck of the ocean, every mote of dust, is involved. The dance of life includes you, not as awkward stumblers, no matter what you may think, but as wonderful, coordinated dancers. Let the rhythm of your days delight you. And see every task and every chore that you perform as a kind of dance. Each sacred concern, no matter how shallow it may seem, has its rhythm, its tempo and its steps.

"As you allow your vision to be one which gives life to everything you see, you shall allow yourself more and more to dance with the water with which you do the dishes or clean the toilet or cleanse a baby. You shall see every plate as that surface which smiles at you when you have washed it and says, “Thank you! I love to be clean.” Share the delight of that dish and give it a smile.

"Let everything within your ken become real to you as one with whom you dance, knowing that there is nothing too humble to be sacred, nothing too high to bow before. For you are a dancer, and so is the highest and so is the lowest of all that you know, of all that you see, all with whom you dance. "

-Q'uo, through Carla Rueckert, April 19th, 2009.
You can read more of this transcript and others at the L/L Research website.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Feed The Beast

The following is an excerpt from a session with Aaron on April 6th, 2009.

"The primary inclination many of you have is, when negative energy arises in you, you condemn yourself for it. “No, there shouldn’t be anger.” How often have you heard yourself say, “I shouldn’t be angry.” Does that come up for you?

"If you were walking barefoot on the carpet here and you stepped on a tack, there would be pain in the foot and a drop of blood. Would you say it shouldn’t hurt? That’s how the body is. Would you say there shouldn’t be blood? That’s the way the body is. But when you stub your emotional toe so to speak, you say it shouldn’t hurt. “I shouldn’t feel angry. I shouldn’t feel jealous. I shouldn’t feel impatient.” And because of your strong aspiration to purify yourselves, you try to scour off that negativity. You grab scouring pads and you scrub and it just makes you bleed.

"We can’t see the windows here but imagine if the window became covered with mud, maybe a heavy rainstorm. So the window is filthy, covered with mud. Would we have to get hammers and tear out the window? No, we wash it off. The nature of the glass is clear. And if it gets covered with mud, there’s no denial that it’s dirty. But the nature of it is clarity.

"So for most of you, and yes, here I’m speaking of part of your intention for the incarnation, is to come to know that clear nature, that innate purity, without any denial of the negativity, without fear of the negativity, and without hatred of the negativity. You come with the intention not to enact that negativity in the world and to keep bringing yourself back to a centered, loving space. You know, as we discussed earlier, that which is aware of anger is not angry. You come to learn to hold space for and to take care of the anger, and to be sure it is not carried out into the world. Anger, greed, fear, jealousy, impatience, doubt, confusion—to find that centered place and rest there, and learn how to live from that space.

"When you stop giving energy to the negativity, you stop feeding it. The more you say, “I won’t be angry,” the more you feed anger. But when you relax and just say, “Ah, so. This anger arose out of conditions. I will hold space for it and take care of it until it dissolves,” then you’re practicing loving kindness. Then you’re practicing the innate clarity."

-Aaron, through Barbara Brodsky on April 6th, 2009.
You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Deep Spring website.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Letting Go

"True freedom is letting go of your past."

-Tobias, through Geoffrey Hoppe, November 3, 2007.
You can read more of this and other transcripts on the Crimson Circle website.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Coming Into Higher Consciousness

The following excerpt is from a session with Aaron on March 25th, 2009:

"Within the self often there are heavy emotions, anger, fear, greed, impatience, and so forth. It’s important not to act out these emotions, and many of you strive to do that, and yet you do not give equal time to the beautiful emotions that are present in you.

"If the windows on the front of the room here were very dirty, would I break them out and install new windows? Of course not. I’d wash them. Their nature is clear and radiant and perfect. So often you relate to yourselves as if there was something broken about the self that needed to be fixed.

"Many of you, especially those who are on a conscious spiritual path, strongly yearn toward what we might call purification of these heavy emotions. But my dear ones, there’s nothing broken, there’s nothing bad. You are human; of course emotions will arise. The problem is not the emotions, the problem is the whole idea, “No, this should not be here, I must fix it,” almost breaking out the window because it’s dirty. Can you see in yourselves the way you sometimes attack the self when anger arises, or fear or greed, instead of simply stopping and noting, “Here is anger. Here is fear. That which is aware of anger is not angry.” You all have the capacity to touch that deep awareness, to rest in that deep awareness and learn to relate to the world with it. This is the coming into higher consciousness.

"The earth is going through enormous changes right now and you will want to change with it or literally be left behind. Just as there is not much place in your world now for the person who threw his trash out of the car window—everybody turns around and says, “What are you doing?” Because people have evolved into a more conscious sense of responsibility toward the earth––in the same way, those of you who threw your inner trash at other people or at yourselves are now in a position where you need to look at these habits and ask yourself, “Where is kindness here? How can I more clearly see and live my interconnection of all beings? How can I live with more love, more kindness, with more awareness?”

"You live with a sense of limitation, many of you. You have sets of beliefs, “This is how the world is,” and as long as you hold to that belief and don’t consider the possibility of something beyond it, you simply keep recreating the world as you know it. If you want a world that’s peaceful, yes, you do have to acknowledge that there are people on the earth who are very angry and afraid, and who would do harm. We’re not talking about hiding the head in the sand, there is a reality. There are angry people who would do harm. But if you then walk around constantly with weapons and shields, locking everybody out, the heart never has a chance really to connect.

"How do we connect to another? How do we open our hearts to others? It takes trust, and sometimes that trust is violated, so one closes up again and says, “See, I knew it wouldn't work.” You do not want to extend trust to someone who you know not to be trustworthy, but don’t let that stop you from extending trust to those who might prove to be trustworthy. If you never open your heart, you’ll never connect with others. You’ll never learn truly to love and to see the world through this united vision of all beings.

"The world you are coming into is changing so quickly; the world you are coming into is going to ask a lot of you. It’s going to ask you to step beyond your prior sense of limits, your belief in who you are and what you think you can do. It’s going to ask you to look at old beliefs and leave them aside."

Aaron, through Barbara Brodsky on March 25th, 2009.
You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Deep Spring website.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now, Why Didn't I See That Before?

I had a very interesting insight this morning:

We deliberately put ourselves in challenging situations in which the ONLY way we will find the solution is to love ourselves.

I arrived at this conclusion by pondering the fact that our negative emotions are a communication letting us know that we are not loving ourselves, that we are out of alignment with our essence. Now, our essence knows and sees all, and there is no problem or challenge for our essence. Our essence loves itself unconditionally. So if we could align with our essence, we could very easily see the solution, solve the problem, and return to a state of joy.

And how does one align with essence?

By loving yourself.

Therefore, loving yourself is often the ONLY way to solve a problem, to overcome a challenge.

What a perfect way to nudge us toward loving ourselves - by making it the only possible way forward...

Michael, on Growth And Time

Here are some timely and perhaps helpful thoughts shared recently by Michael:

"I greet you, my dear friends on earth! As I come to you on this day I can see that many are in a state of confusion, in a state of feeling lost in life, without goals, and filled with worries. But my dearest friends, if you have listened to any of what we have said before, you will realize that this is the result of the process of transformation, and that this is nothing to worry about. You have all been prepared for this phase, and although it may seem to some that the tasks at hand are insurmountable, feeling incapable of continuing with this lifetime, nobody is being asked to give more than he or she is able to. You all accepted your tasks as they are, you even chose them, and were asked if you truly want to accept them, and you did. You do not remember this now, but your soul knows. And now is not the time to give up. Yes, it seems to some that a day should be twice as long to be able to fulfill all given tasks, to not only deal with jobs, family, household chores, shopping needs, finances, but also do lightwork, meditation, yoga and heal oneself. However, dearest friends, it is mostly a matter of prioritizing, organizing, and commitment, that keeps you from fulfilling these tasks. If you look closely, you will find many minutes wasted during your day, that could have been used to make time for your spiritual well-being, your spiritual growth and self-healing. Even more so, if you were to commit yourself to allow some time every day for your spiritual growth, you could find yourself with more strength, with more power, more energy, more joy - and possibly even with more time, although this might not sound logical to you. However, as you have more energy, you will be able to manage your life more easily, and as such, you save more time - and might save so much time, that even though you do more, you have more time left. Realize that you are a being of light, you are soul, you are spirit. For spirit, time is irrelevant. For human beings, it seems to exist, in an illusive way. But as you are spirit, you can work with this illusion, and begin to use it to your advantage. The more you commit yourself to lightwork, meditation, and other techniques and means for spiritual growth, you will find that time becomes more flexible, allowing you to do all that what you really want to do - for your own spiritual growth and inner healing. While this might still sound fantastic to many, if you commit yourself to spiritual growth you will find that this is true. Primarily, it is time to realize that this is a very important time, a very intensive time, with many challenges - but that all these challenges are surmountable; also, that due to this special time, you can make things easier for yourself by focusing on your spiritual growth - which in the end will not cost you time, but give you all the time you really need. While this might sound to some difficult to accept - enjoy the time here in this lifetime, as this gives you a very unique chance to accomplish so many tasks, which normally take more than one lifetime - yet you can pass through this time, you are given all the help you need, a lot of energy is coming to you - so, dearest friends, make use of this opportunity, and make time for your own spiritual growth! Amen."

You can visit the Channeling.Net website here.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter - Time To Rise And Shine

A few words from Jeshua:

"Beloved one, you have known Easter to be a day to celebrate the resurrection of my body from the condition of seeming death, but I say unto you that it celebrates not only my resurrection, but yours as well. It can be your day of resurrection as you allow the limiting thoughts of the world, the limiting image that you would have of yourself, to be crucified, dead and buried, and you allow the holy Child that you are to be resurrected in Its fullness, to come into a dynamic quality of living.

"You are a great ray of Light activating the form known as the body. When you choose resurrection, when you choose to come totally alive, you allow the very Spirit that you are to come up out of the tomb of the heaviness of the thoughts of the world, to activate even the cells of the body in Light, and to share with others the Light that you are and that they are."


"The day known as Easter, the day of resurrection, is your day. Long enough have you languished in the tomb. Long enough have you listened to the voice of the world that would speak unto you of limitation, of loss, of sorrow. I come today to share with you, if you will receive it, that there is no loss. There is no death. Form may change, but there is only forever Life, and you are It.

"Easter is your day of resurrection, for on Easter, and truly every day, Christ, the Lord, is risen. And who is Christ? You, as the Light that you are. Celebrate my resurrection. Celebrate your resurrection. Be of Light heart, for the tomb of the world can hold you no longer."

-Jeshua ben Joseph, in expression through Judith Coates
You can read more of this transcript on the Oakbridge University website.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

- Charles Darwin