Thursday, May 29, 2008


What are you passionate about?


I am learning that passion is the one necessary ingredient, often overlooked, that makes life livable. Without it, life is just a bunch of responsibilities.

Having gone through repeated cycles of passion and the lack of it, I can see now that it is the one thing present during the good stretches and the one thing absent during the rough ones.

Depressed? Check your passion. Do you see any within you? Around you? Chances are, you won't find any. And that could be why you're depressed.

We are creators. We create. That's what we do. And passion is the fuel for our creativity. We cannot help but create. It's the one thing we can't stop doing.

All that remains is to decide WHERE you will direct your creative energy. Will you use it to reinforce negative or limited ideas about yourself and your life? Or will you use it to create something you actually WANT to create?

You have a stream of energy moving through you at all times. And you are constantly configuring that energy, based upon where your attention is and the mood you are in.

Successful people are passionate about their interests, and they configure their energy in a very constructive way which results in experiences and circumstances that they want and appreciate.

On the other side of the fence are the unmotivated, often depressed folks (and I have been one of them off and on my whole life) who are not focused on what they want and are not passionate about what they are creating. Instead, we dwell on our inability to have what we want, our inability to be happy, and all the reasons why our life sucks.

It's all about passion. When you are focused upon what interests and excites you, you elicit passion from within yourself. In doing so, you are directing the creative energies at your disposal into experiences and circumstances and opportunities that you want, rather than reinforcing the old circumstances that you don't want.

So it's all about passion.

Find it, and life will be the exciting ride you want it to be.