Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Trance Is A Trance Is A Trance

KRIS: You are perhaps, all of you, familiar with various trance states in relation to relaxations, meditations, inductions and so on. These are not the only kind of trance states that you engage. We could even say to you that when you are at home being wife or husband, that is one particular trance state. Whilst you might still be at home, you could also be a father or a child. You may be a businessman. You might also be a lover. You may be experiencing one set of conflicts and then at another time a different set of conflicts. Everything that revolves around themes is a particular trance state because you are simply ALWAYS in trance. You are never out of trance. You are never NOT in a trance state. We could say you are never not never in a trance state! (Chuckling among the group) Always in a trance state you are.

BRIAN: Even non-physical, Kris?

KRIS: Indeed. Manipulation of consciousness at that layer is far easier and smoother, but you get a lot of your… how do we say?…. apprenticeship in the physical form because your trance states also involve legions of emotions and feelings and a variety of other tones which add depth and dimension to the trance states.

It is not that once you leave the physical all of these colorful add-ons disappear. They become part of the scenario. So you utilize your physical experiences as a means to gauge your capabilities at the conscious level and when you leave the physical, that which you then termed the unconscious, the subconscious or the neo-conscious mind, becomes the greater conscious mind so that you have far more of your faculties at your beck and call to direct and navigate the ship of your consciousness. You would, we are certain, much prefer to go on a cruise ship with a seasoned captain than you would with a monkey, would you not? You are certain that the seasoned captain will take you to your destination safe and sound whilst the monkey is anybody’s guess!

From a session with Kris on January 25, 2009, channeled by Serge J. Grandbois. You can read more of this and other Kris sessions on the Kris Chronicles website.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chief Joseph, On Feeling Good

"This sounds so simple, but feeling good is the "secret" to all you wish for. Especially feeling good about yourselves.

"Feeling good is the key to abundance, healthy relationships, healthy bodies, and all else you’ve ever dreamed of having in your lives.

"It’s all a matter of vibration, friends. When you are feeling good you’re vibrating at a high level. You are living in the frequency your higher selves live in all the time. You are literally moving into a higher dimension, an alternate reality -- a reality where all things are possible. Even what you call miracles.

"As we said, it sounds so simple. People have often asked us, "Joseph, it can’t be that easy! Is just feeling good going to help me create the life of my dreams?"

"The answer is "Absolutely yes!" Feeling good is the key to the life of your dreams.

"However, if you pay too much attention to what’s going on in your world today, especially all the "bad" news in your mainstream news media, you’ll get depressed.

"Focus instead on all the "good" news out there. There’s far more of that than the bad. But you have to do a little digging to find it. You won’t see much of it in your mainstream news media.

"The "bottom line" here today, friends, is this:

"Do whatever it takes to make yourselves feel good. Period! Make that the guiding light of your lives."

- Chief Joseph

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do I FEEL Like Doing?

"If you follow your intuition, taking action only when it feels right, things will get done in much less time than you would expect, and you will be able to do far more than you can imagine."

"You are always directed to your higher good, even in the smallest ways."

"Your Higher Self looks out over the universe, sees what is coming, and constantly broadcasts messages to you to assist you in being in the higher flow. Although the messages may be faint at first, the more you listen to and follow the messages you hear, the more messages you will receive and the clearer they will become.

"The guidance you receive will lead you to more abundance, joy and love. Your higher path will unfold more rapidly, and the timing of your projects will be just right."

"The way to have more time in this new wave of energy is to raise your vibration and handle things from a higher level. YOU DO THIS BY DOING THINGS ONLY WHEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT ENERGY SPACE TO DO THEM. If you aren't in the right mood to do one thing, do something else you are in the mood to do. Trust that if you aren't in the mood to do something, there is something else that is more important to do at that moment."

The above are excerpts from Spritual Growth: Being Your
Higher Self
, By Sanaya Roman, pages 140 & 141.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Clone Or Not To Clone

The following excerpts are from the Higher Frequencies website:

"We are very happy to have the opportunity to speak with you again. There is much activity and many changes occurring on the planet at this time. We want to acknowledge the work that you are doing and we want you to give yourselves a pat on the back to acknowledge this. At times you can be rather rough on yourselves. You question the validity of your actions and choices you are making and do not even realize the growth that has occurred. In these times when you are rushing through life you do not realize how far you have come in such an amazingly short amount of time.

"Now on to the topic at hand. Cloning. Ah, quite the issue, this one. You could call it a hot topic across the galaxy. There are many species who have dabbled in cloning and always the result is the same. There is a missing element when creating a physical form “outside of the grand design”, if you will. Within a cloned being it is possible for walk-ins to inhabit a body, but the life force energy is always lacking. The physical entity does not operate on the same frequency range as the rest of the planet, so it does not learn the same lessons on a spiritual level. There is the experience of physicality, but not the emotional component that links to mass consciousness. It is an isolated existence.

"Whole planets have had their developmental plan altered when the number of cloned beings outnumbered those who incarnated naturally; thus they created a secondary grid of consciousness linked to the planet. But the emotional aspect of their development did not resonate with that of the planet itself, which in turn caused great distress to the celestial body. Quite interesting really. And it sparks quite a bit of debate amongst the members of the Galactic Federation.

"As creators there must be a level of honor and respect for that which you are creating. If it is lacking and the level of spiritual development is not as mature as the technological prowess of the species, then it is doomed to fail. Cloning is not a new endeavor on this planet. Many of you hold memories of the many ghastly cloning experiments from the time of Atlantis.

"Cloning has a detrimental effect on the natural cycles of a planet including life/death cycles and the food chain. We know this may be a bit hard to fully embrace, but even your plant life has emotional experiences. When you consume food not only are your cells nourished by the molecules within the plant, but you absorb the plant’s emotional state as well. This is also true of animals and your consumption of them. When you ingest an animal that has been traumatized, that experience is absorbed by your emotional body. By “blessing” or giving gratitude for your food, you are sending directed energy to the food which alters its frequencies before consumption. When sent the frequency of love, its frequency will alter to match.

"Unlike a union of chromosomes in a laboratory that has been stimulated by electrical current, the natural union of cells generates an emotional body. All of the information and history of the genetic line from both parents is passed down in this field. As you continue to grow, you absorb information about the world around you and connect to the energetic centers of the Earth. However, when the union of genetic material occurs in a laboratory, that spark is missing. An emotional body does not form until much later. If in vitro fertilization occurs the emotional body is created solely from the mother’s emotional experiences while in the womb. Most of the genetic memory of the father is lost. You may think of it as receiving a bad fax transmission. The poor quality of the information does not allow you to read the message.

"For those of you who have had children through in vitro fertilization, not to worry. Your child will adapt to the energy of those around him. But know his perception of reality will be slightly different. And at this time on Earth, new perceptions allow you to move beyond current limitations. So the timing of this technological ability is perfect – as are all things.

"When cloning occurs, there is no possibility to transfer the emotional body. The copy is so poor that nothing can be read. This in turn leads to the creation of an emotional body that is out of sync with that of the other creatures on the planet. Because of the missing “data” it holds a much different frequency.

"The issue at hand for you now is that of cloned animals being introduced into your food chain. Well, we hate to tell you this but its resonance is not far off from what you are already ingesting. Your genetically modified foods are very similar in vibratory rate. That is to say that the “emotional” body of the food does not resonate with that of other naturally occurring foods on your planet. Unless consciously altered, the frequency of the food you are ingesting is lower than your own requiring your body and emotional field to process the “toxins”. If it is your intention to raise your frequency, we recommend that you avoid these foods, both cloned and genetically modified, altogether.

"We caution you on your quest to create life outside the “natural order”. Cloning is mass consciousness’ ultimate expression of its need to control. Out of fear of the unknown you try to harness the ultimate “power”, life itself. So we challenge you to look in your darkest places and release the fear. For you truly are in complete and total control. But from your limited perception of reality, you cannot see it. It is time to move beyond.

"Mass consciousness is beginning to comprehend the notion that they are in control of their destiny. That is why you are seeing the Law of Attraction being talked of so frequently in many of your books and movies. Again you have duality, finding a way to express itself and returning to balance which is what this dimensional shift requires. The negative expression is cloning. The positive, the comprehension of the Law of Attraction. When you realize that you can create at will, you let go of fear. Nothing is insurmountable. You make course corrections and move closer to your goals learning how to read the “road signs”. You are not a lone traveler. There are many of us here, ready and grateful to have the opportunity to give you directions along the way."

Don's comments:

As always, you must decide whether the preceding words have value to you. They are simply ideas to consider, nothing more. The topic of cloning has always seemed rather odd to me, at least in term of cloning an entire being. Perhaps the creation of particular "parts" (i.e. organs) in a laboratory - in order to aid in healing - presents a completely different set of issues.

The above passage makes an interesting point at the end, that cloning is the "negative" expression that lies opposite the "positive" expression of comprehending the law of attraction. Also, the statement that cloning is a mass expression of the need to control is intriguing to me.

Plenty to ponder here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

They Call Me Stormy Weather: A Look Ahead At 2009

The following are excerpts from the latest gathering of Shaumbra on January 3rd, 2009.

Tobias is sharing some thoughts regarding the upcoming year, and what to expect.


"Let’s talk now about 2009. Ah, humans love predictions at the beginning of the year. The problem is nobody goes back at the end of the year!"

"So now, from our perspective – and we do watch over this very carefully. We feel into the directions of human consciousness and look at the over-trends, the higher trends that are taking place. It’s very difficult to make exact predictions, and you, as humans should know – many of you were readers in past lives, you were gypsies and magicians, and you could feel into some of the energies – but it is very difficult getting specifics. So let’s go to a higher level overview of what we see happening and then work down to some of the details."

"What lies ahead for 2009? Perhaps it’s not exciting or dramatic, but it’s very noteworthy. We’re going to call it the year of weather – both “‘whether’ or not” – but also the physical weather of Earth. The reason is quite simple: Because as consciousness is changing, New Energy is coming in, Old Energy is going out. Old stuck energy in the Earth itself is shifting and leaving."

"There’s a cleansing at the deepest level of Earth right now and that translates into major weather changes on Earth."

"2009 will be the year of storms – storms that do make the headlines and bring up the drama – whether it is earthquakes, whether it is violent storms that have never been measured to this degree before; winds, rain, lightning – odd and unusual lightning storms all across the world that bring up patterns that haven’t been seen before in a lightning storm in the past – these are going to occur all across Earth.

"Some will say that this is a result of global warming. They’re going to blame everything on global warming. They will go into panic and drama. They will go to an extreme, because it’s a fun game that they play.

"Others will blame it on God. “God is angry, God is upset with humans,” they will say. “This is the beginning of the end, the rapture, the end of Earth, and God is expressing his displeasure at humans and therefore sending forth the forces of nature and weather to wake people up.” And at times to take out thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in a single storm, in a single swoop.

"Others will blame it on the Earth herself, saying that – these are the ones of scientific minds – saying that there was forces in Earth and in the solar system that had not been predicted before that are causing these erratic patterns and that perhaps the Earth is going to start crumbling apart.

"None of these are reality, they’re drama. They’re drama. They are intellectual or they’re emotional drama.

"What you have here is because the consciousness of Earth is changing to such a degree that it’s going to affect the weather. The weather comes in response to human consciousness. That doesn’t mean that it always has to be nice and sunny. (some laughter) The weather provides clearing. The weather provides insight and awareness also."

"Weather will make the headlines, particularly – particularly – after the first quarter this year. It’s going to perplex scientists and those who study its patterns, and they’re going to wonder why the shifts in the magnetic poles are changing on a very erratic basis, as well as the intensity or the magnetic pull to Earth. Both the magnetic poles are going to be shifting, and the strength – or the lack of strength – of the gravitational pull on Earth is going to change this year, and it’s going to be erratic. It’s not going to follow a nice symmetrical path. It’s going to change in every part of the Earth, and every biological aspect of the Earth is going to feel it, but most will not understand what is going on.

"Many will go into drama and emotion, not knowing what’s going to happen. They’re going to say it’s a reminder from Earth that Earth is grander than human, that humans have abused the Earth and now it’s time to honor and respect the Earth. In a way, yes – always honor and respect the Earth. But don’t fear it. It’s part of you. The weather is going to provide important shifts in releasing energies that have been held within for eons of time that have been waiting to go."

"The non-dramatic part, the part that won’t make the immediate headlines, is a change in the global climate is going to cause a shortage of food for the next several years at least. Places that have been relied on to grow food will not be able to grow. The reservoirs deep under the Earth’s surface will dry up or become toxic to the plants. Places that have experienced temperate weather are going to start experiencing more severe weather – too cold, too hot – and the plants that once grew upon the surface will not grow as hardy, if at all.

"This will cause a shortage in the food supplies on Earth.This won’t make the headlines right away, not like a stock market crash does or a good war. It is the subtle and quiet news that is taking place. But I want you to be aware. I want all of you to be cognizant of the weather. Go beyond the front page headlines and dig deep into it. I would even like to see a group of Shaumbra represented from different countries to join together as the weather report, helping other Shaumbra understand what’s going on. Not from a place of drama, but from a place of understanding.

"So as the food shortages begin, obviously, this sets off a whole different type of energy. Here you have countries right now and businesses dealing with financial matters and political matters and wars, and they’re preoccupied with that. They’re all preoccupied with business. They’re all preoccupied with saving the economy. And right when they’re trying their hardest to bring things back together, they’re going to get the bad news coming in the door – “We’re running out of food.”

"Chaos or a blessing? Disaster or just a change? Which one do you want to believe? Which one do you want to live in?

"Shaumbra, all this is happening very naturally. Even when groups – whole groups of humans – leave the Earth at one time, there is a choice behind it at some level. Some of these groups have been so connected to their particular culture or their ancestral and cultural karma that they can no longer stay on Earth the way they were. So at some level they’re agreeing for mass exodus."

"Watch the weather. Watch the change that takes place in the production of food. Watch how crisis will brew for some and how chaos and end-of-the-world scenarios and conspiracy and everything else… and dear Shaumbra, we invite you to understand it’s a redistribution. It’s a change, and it’s appropriate."

"Weather patterns will be intense, especially in the second part of this year, going into next year. As we said, it will cause the change in the food patterns. But lo and behold, bright ones and ones of consciousness, ones who understand what’s really happening will tap into the energies of the spiritual beings on Earth such as you. And that’s when the real work and the real inventions and creations and new technologies will come to be.

"There are technologies right now for food production that cannot come out of a laboratory because of lack of funding or lack of interest. There are technologies right now that are so ready to come forward. But they’re not, because these technologies have to do with clean, very cheap fuel, as David said. They are ready to come forward, but there is a lack of funding or interest or sometimes just closed doors. These things are ready to come out. There are technologies right now, dear Shaumbra, that would amaze you in terms of healing that have already been developed. They just need the refinement and the funding behind them. That’s where you come in. That’s where consciousness comes in.

"This is not a time to go into drama, into conspiracy, into end-of-the-world. It’s a time to rise above that, to use your creative energies, your creator energies to help bring these forward. And all you have to do is have hope and have vision and have awareness and understanding, to be bi-present, to be in this moment. Not to leave your body, not to leave this reality to hide somewhere else, not to pretend that it’s not happening, but to understand it’s a new era. It’s a new time. Things do change."

You can read more of this and other sessions with Tobias, Saint Germain and Kuthumi at the Crimson Circle website:

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Your Creation Expresses Itself Through You

"The Master understands that they are a creator. It is a very simple concept, you have heard it before, but now it's time to start putting it to use. The Master understands that they are the creator. You are the point of creation - right here, right now - and when you make a choice you start the creation process happening.

"It doesn't come from anywhere or anyone else. You don't need to have supernatural powers. Creation happens the moment you choose to create and then it begins expressing itself. Your creation expresses itself through you. It lines up all of the energies within you, it draws in energies from outside of you that want to come into your reality, and then it begins unfolding. That is when you begin to experience the magic. That is when you begin to see how true creation opens and flows."

-excerpt from Masters In The New Energy, by Geoffrey Hoppe