Monday, November 29, 2010

Reaching Outside - That's My Problem...

From Circle Of Light:

"The truth of your identity is radiant as the cosmic sun as you live in the center of the truth of All, the heart of Christ, perfect Love made manifest in consciousness and in joyous feeling. When you live like this, alive in My presence as the fish in the ocean, inseparable, breathing Me in and overflowing through your heart with everything that is the truth of all that is divine as it lives as you, here you can stand in the world, free of the duality, the belief in two things.

"You are free of the constant enticement of the ego mind to move you, beloved ones, off of your center, to make you reach into the world for what you need. In that moment you become duality. In that moment of reaching outside of you for whatever it is, for your abundance, for your power, for your Love… In that moment, the belief in the separation from Me and from the truth of who you are is more valid to you than the fact of your inheritance as the heart of God, as the Moment of Creation, held in consciousness and made manifest as the movement of Love."

(bold added by me - it's what caught my attention)