Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Greetings

A joyous holiday hi-ya to all my fellow monkeys!

It's been a momentous and inspiring year, and what better way to honor and celebrate it than to actively recall and appreciate the many fulfilling experiences we've been gifted over the past year.

Good stuff, all of it, as time makes clear.

I wish each of you a happy, light-filled holiday and new year - and be sure to enjoy the final week of a year that will long be remembered!

With much love and a nutmeg mistletoe embrace,

Donnie Joe


“Here’s a Christmas wish: that people in general look beyond the normal and familiar, and see through new frames and lenses to what possibility surrounds them every moment and everywhere. Simple. Let go of hate and presumptions and all forms of dogma and… doctrine. See what there is that will be filled and filling with wonder. Without wonder, you get the same old same old. Ponder wonder. That’s all.” (12/25/2008)

–Rikkity, from the Spiritual Persistence website:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Year 2008 In Review

The following is an excerpt from a session with Tobias on Dec. 6th, 2008. You can read more of this and other sessions at the Crimson Circle website:

Looking Back Over the Year

So, moving on, just short, few comments here. If you remember at the beginning of this calendar year we said this was going to be a ping-pong year, and it was, indeed. And it was. There were a lot of pings this year.

There was your economy, the finances. Could you have imagined in… oh, I know that Cauldre would have blocked back in January, blocked if we said the Dow Jones is going to go down below 8,000 before the end of the year. He would have panicked. He would have run out and done panicky things and many of the rest of you would have also – dug underground shelters preparing for the end of the Earth. And if we had told you the biggest investment houses in the world would cease to exist – wiped off the face of the Earth by the end of 2008 – you would have surely gone into a panic. You would have tried to build some spaceship and eject yourself off of Earth, because you figured it would have been coming to an end.

If we told you that in one calendar year – one calendar year – oil would be going from $144 a barrel to $40 a barrel – $144 early in the year and down to $40 at the end of the year – you would have called us crazy, or at least you would have called Cauldre crazy. It was a year of ping-pong.

If we had told you, even in January of this year, that a Black man – a young Black man – would be elected the next president of the United States, you’d of accused us of smoking celestial something-or-other. (laughter)

Dear Shaumbra, if we had told you that the world was going to go through these changes in a year, changes in nearly everything you can think of, you would have been so frightened of the year, so panicked of the year, it would have been hard to get through. But look – look at what’s happening. Oh, and it’s happening only because consciousness is remaking itself. Earth and humanity are just remaking themselves right now. But they are not going back. They are not remaking themselves from the old recipes. They’re being remade from the new. That’s why it appears to be challenging.

While it was a year of ping, it was also a year of pong. Do you realize… do you realize – and Cauldre is asking about our accuracy on statistics – there were more new business start-ups this year than ever in history? Now, on one hand businesses are crumbling, falling away – the biggest, the strongest – but yet there are more new business start-ups in terms of corporations, home businesses, whatever type of legal structures you put on it, more than ever.

There are more patents right now being worked on and in the process of being filed on a worldwide basis than ever before. So if the world is coming to an end, why is invention and creativity at an all time high?

There are more good deeds being done by humans right now than we can ever remember in our tracking on these realms. Well, you read about the bad news, you read about the murders and the slayings and the terrorist attacks, but do you realize that there are more humans who are taking this attitude of love and compassion, who are doing loving things for themselves first and doing loving things for humanity. Not to save it, not because they feel sorry for it, because they are absolutely in love with life. They’re not doing it to earn brownie points in heaven. They’re not doing it for their stinking karma. They are doing these things because they love life more than ever.

You can read more of this and other sessions at the Crimson Circle website:

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Christmas Story

The following is the first part of Jeshua's Christmas message for this year, channeled and selected by Judith Coates from among his many Christmas messages. You can read the rest of this and other messages from Jeshua at the Oakbridge University website:

"Beloved One, I would speak with you now about a story well-known in your culture. It is the Christmas Story.

"Within the Essene brotherhood my birth had been foretold and the Essene community knew that Mary's child was to be the messiah. But the Essenes also knew that this was not information that should be commonly shared with the Romans or with Herod, who was the overseerer of the territory. The Romans, and Herod in particular, would not want to see another ruler, as they would see it, a ruler upon this plane. It would be seen as a threat.

"The Essenes knew that my birth needed to be kept quiet. And because there was a network which had been established long ago, there was an Essene in Bethlehem who ran an inn. He was the head of the Essenes in Bethlehem. And to the Romans and to the other Jews, he was nothing more than an innkeeper who was very much focused upon running the inn and supplying ones with food and wine and lodging. And yet, this one was very learned. He had a keen mind and a loving heart and was a true servant of the Heavenly Father.

"So when it was known that my mother, Mary, and father, Joseph, would be making the trek to Bethlehem to be counted, word was sent out in advance unto this one to prepare a place for my mother. And it was not felt that to come unto the inn which was full of all of the ones who were there to be counted, yes, but there to have a good time as well, that this would be a suitable place for Mary to come and for the messiah to be born.

"When they arrived, my father went into the inn and requested a place. Mary was with him at his side and her time had come. The innkeeper said at first that there was no room in the inn - for he wanted to keep up the appearance of being the innkeeper. He knew and Joseph knew and Mary knew that there would be room, but it would not be in the inn.

"Upon further questioning, very quietly the innkeeper said, "There are some caves to the back that I use as stables. You may go and spend the night there, if you so wish." And Joseph knew that this was the place for them.

"Now, these were caves that were quite dry, quite comfortable, and even though they were used as stables for the animals, they were clean. It fulfilled the Scriptures that said that I would be born in a manger, that I wou Id be born in a lowly place - humble, yes, and yet it was not what you would see as uncomfortable. It was quite warm and very comforting, and the animals were there at my birth and they knew themselves to be one with the Light that I am and that all are.

"Mary's time was fulfilled that evening and I was born, welcomed into the world by a midwife and several Essene women who helped with the birth, as well. Joseph was sent to the entrance of the cave to watch and to abide within his heart, for he was being as many men are who are going to be fathers: he was being very nervous and very much wanting to help, to assuage the pain that he felt Mary was enduring - and yet Mary bore it all with equanimity.

"There is an intensity accompanying a birth - as is true not only on the physical level, but upon the level of a birth of a new perception, a change in your way of thinking, a change in the way that you love. Oftentimes changes are born with great intensity. And as you are going through the birth process, there can be much anguish, much feeling of being pushed, perhaps against the will and yet, it is a divine energy that is pushing you into a new birth, a new way of expressing. And it can be painful.

"There was a great light in the heavens: the Star which had been foretold. It was caused by the conjunction of several planets. Astrologers had seen this from afar off: ones who were studying the ancient prophecies and knew this would be a sign of the birth of the messiah at this time. I emphasize "at this time" for, with the birth of each age, there is a birth of a messiah, and this was not the first time that I, as the Christ - not I as Jeshua, but I as the Christ - was born upon this plane.

"Each time the prophecies have spoken of various signs to be seen in the heavens and this was true at my birth, as well. There were signs of the stars, the planets coming into conjunction with each other which made such a light that it was seen by all upon the known world at that time.
This is why the ones known as the Wise Men traveled from afar, for they had seen the movement in the heavens and they knew this to be a sign of the birth of one who was to be a great leader. And so they traveled.

"The star that was seen has meaning on many levels. It was, as the astrologers saw, a conjunction of planets reflecting the light back to the Earth, reflecting the Light that you are to this Earth. Ones have said that it was a great starship that came to witness the birth. And this is true, as well, for there were many of your brothers and sisters expressing in a different realm, dimension, who were here, for they had felt the acceleration of the energy which would bring forth the demonstration upon this plane at that time. They also have their historians, as you would call them, the ones who study the mystical writings. They also have their inner wisdom. And they came to witness this in what you would call your starships, and they were seen by ones who had the eyes to see, and by others they were not seen.

"The light of the star symbolizes the Light not only of my birth, but the Light that you are, the Light that mankind in this age has been willing to accept and to acknowledge as himself/herself. For there are those of you who have always been in oneness in the awareness, in oneness with the Light that you are, and there were many who felt the energy that was brought together by my birth.

"It was not just my birth which was important. It was the coming together of the consciousness, of readiness, of willingness to accept the Light, your divine inheritance of being the Child of the Heavenly Father. There was a readiness upon this plane, an expectancy - as there is now, in this day and time. It is not an expectancy in this day and time of a birth of a messiah as one individual, coming to be the saviour of the world who will change everything in the world - although there are still those who look to another to save them - but there is a growing expectancy of awareness of Who you are, an acceleration of occurences which are bringing it right in front of the face of everyone who is willing to look at it and to say that there must be more to living. "There must be more to life than just what this body would speak to me, of what these eyes would show me and what the ears would tell me. There is a longing in my heart to come Home." And this is felt by many of your brothers and sisters. There is a birthing that is happening upon this plane, again."

Please visit Oakbridge to read the rest of this session:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Importance of Importance

I've been on a bit of an Elias kick lately. Which is quite fine, as Elias has been one of my favorite teachers over the years. It's that 'least distortion' thing, mostly, and I learn a great deal from him/her.

In this session, Elias is discussing importance. As most of us know by know, we create what we concentrate upon. But that can be somewhat ambiguous and hard to wrap your brain around. In this session, Elias uses the word importance, and I find it very clarifying. Whatever is important to us, we will concentrate on, and thus create more of.

In order to move in the direction of creating the reality we desire, we must stop making the undesirable things in our life so important. As we do so, those things gradually fade out of our experience.

Here is part of what Elias has to say about importance:

ELIAS: When you change your perception, you change your physical reality. But when you dislike elements of your reality, you continue to create them.

ANNE: How do you not dislike something when you naturally dislike it?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of changing that into a like; it is a matter of recognizing that you may not like some expression but it is not necessary for that to be important. It is the element of importance that creates the perpetuation of what you do not like. When you remove energy from what you do not like and it is not important, it is not necessary to create it.

MARK R: That means if you try to ignore it and forget it, then it’s the best case you can do.

ELIAS: Not necessarily. It would more be recognizing that you incorporate a dislike and acknowledging that – “yes, this is an expression that I do not like.” You acknowledge that it is present but it is not important, and you can turn your attention to a different direction that can be important in what you DO like.

You can read more of this and other Elias sessions at the Elias Forum website:

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

BE The Love That You Are

The following transcript comes from the Lightsmith website:

"What we would like to call attention to in this time is the partnership of love within the transformation of the collective consciousness. Oftentimes, during the course of their personal process of growth, people want a purpose in which they serve others; they want to help others, they want to heal others. There is a noble intention within this desire. But what is not always understood is that by Being Love, you may be just as, or even more, transformative than when you are in direct participation with others."

"By Being Love, you are in truth animating Love within the collective consciousness in every moment you do so. If you are loving yourself and in that time honoring your own needs, if you are standing true to yourself and speaking a truth which is for you difficult, if you are eating a good meal and through that you are honoring the needs of your body, if you are caring for children in a way that honors their aliveness and is teaching them to source themselves in some wonderfully delightful ways, if you are with friends, or with a partner, or by yourself, wherever you are animating love, love is also more present within the collective. If you believe that you have to do or accomplish something great in order to be of service, if you have to be healed, or if you have to heal others, there is a subtle split within consciousness, a separation. That split can actually keep you from influencing the collective in the direction of transformation, even though your intention is to be in service. In trying to serve, you actually expend much more effort, while being less effective within the larger picture."

"You are part of the collective. In Truth, you ARE the collective consciousness, each of you animating not only individually, but what you have taken on within the whole of consciousness, within the collective. If you separate yourselves and say you have to heal others, and make the other separate from you, there is a way in which you are not animating love either for yourself or for the other."

"We are hoping that this message is not confusing, because the message is very important for those of consciousness to understand, especially those who are opening greater capacities for Love. The more love you can bring into your awareness and experience in any moment, simultaneously being aware that you are part of the whole, the more you are influencing and animating that love within the whole of consciousness, opening greater freedom and a greater sense of wholeness. That is a great gift, and it is also simultaneously very enjoyable for you. So the more you love and experience love of self within the context of relationship, within nature, with animals, with self, while opening the awareness of how you are woven within the whole, the more you choose love, the more you allow yourselves to experience love, the more you animate love and joy and grace and all that is beautiful, the more you are affecting the transformation of the collective. You are very powerful in your conscious Love because of your placement within the collective and your willingness to expand your capacity to BE the Love that you are while within the collective."

"Some of you have come to this awareness and some of you are still seeking to do something as a purpose, to do something as if it is something you have to discover or get filled or be more healed or whatever. Not so. Animate love, animate grace, animate joy, animate beauty, animate friendship, animate wisdom, animate justice. Animate and be, while being aware of yourself as part of the whole of consciousness, and you will see powerful transformation happen in this next time. Much love is actually needed in this next time. Be Love, and enjoy the experience, because it will also heal you, it will heal your body, it will heal your relationships. You might have things come up from the past. Know that love is present. As these things rise to awareness, bring them to learning, resolution, or transformation, however the process needs to unfold. Do not contract around the interpretations that are coming out of the collective consciousness and its fears. Do not take those in and let them contract you away from Love, away from light, away from joy. Then you are less effective. If you contract in fear, pain, guilt, or too much empathy, you experience less Love and animate less within the collective. There is already too much contraction and it is now attempting to release. Yet it needs greater Love to do so with greater ease and speed. That is your purpose, if you wish to call it that. Enjoy it! That is our message."

You can read this and other transcripts at the Lightsmith website:

I Want A Bicycle

In the following excerpt, Elias is discussing energy, and how we are continuously projecting energy. He describes our energy as a shockwave that we send out through our attention to something, particularly that which we believe is important. The energy we project affects all of our creations. So if you are frustrated about something in your reality, that frustration affects all of your creations, even those that appear to be entirely unrelated. Therefore, it is vital to pay attention to what we are expressing, even about the little things.

You can read more of this session at the Elias Forum website:

"You will pay attention to what becomes important to you, regardless of what it is. If there is some expression within your reality that you dislike, you will pay attention to it, for the dislike becomes important. Therefore, you continue to pay attention to it.

"The more energy you offer in a particular direction, the more you create that. Therefore, it is significant to recognize what you are expressing as important. “I am incorporating a headache. I dislike this headache; this is important. It is important, for I wish the headache to dissipate and disappear; therefore, my dislike of the headache is important.” The more the headache continues, the more important that dislike becomes, and you concentrate.

"What is encouraging in all of this doom is that within any moment you can alter that shockwave of energy. You can alter the direction of that shockwave. The manner in which you do that is paying attention and aligning what you are feeling... what you are thinking... and what you are doing.

"One method that you can effectively incorporate is to generate a visualization momentarily. Rather than merely thinking or expressing “I want this,” generate a visualization in which you have that, you are actually engaging it.

“I want a bicycle.” Allow yourself to momentarily generate a brief visualization in which you are actually touching the bicycle, riding the bicycle, engaging it, and in that, you are traveling in some area that you would enjoy riding the bicycle. FEEL yourself upon the bicycle, KNOW that it is yours already. Even if the bicycle does not magically materialize before you within that moment, know that you already possess it. Therefore, it is not to be acquired. In that, continue to pay attention to your process, what you are actually doing. This is significant, for regardless of whether what you are doing seems to be associated with a bicycle or not, all that you do is interconnected.

"Therefore, as you are generating the action of creating a sandwich and you are expressing to yourself frustration for you are not incorporating enough roast beef to be satisfying with your sandwich, that is associated with that bicycle. The imagery may be entirely different, but that energy is expressing an energy to prevent you from materializing that bicycle.

"In the moment that you notice that you have not enough pieces of roast beef for your sandwich, rather than merely expressing that shockwave, notice what you expressed. You can alter that in that moment, and you can express, “This is enough; this is satisfactory.” And allow yourself to enjoy it – not generating the consumption of the sandwich and throughout that consumption expressing, “This sandwich is horrible! I knew there was not enough roast beef and now all I taste is the bread, for there is no flavor in this sandwich for there is not enough roast beef.” That is one of those shockwaves that has created an obstacle and a barrier for your bicycle.

"But if you are allowing yourself to relax, appreciate that you generated the action of creating a sandwich for yourself and expressing in acknowledgment, “This is my sandwich and I shall enjoy its flavors,” regardless that there was not enough roast beef, your shockwave changes, and it influences that manifestation of that bicycle in your process.

"In actuality, the principles of creating your reality are quite simple. As much as you enjoy complicating them, they are actually quite simple. It is merely a matter of genuinely noticing and paying attention to what you are doing."

You can read more of this and other sessions at the Elias Forum website:

Monday, December 01, 2008

You Attract What You Express

The following excerpt is from a session with Elias on October 25th, 2008. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Elias Forum website:

ELIAS: All that you do is interconnected.

Therefore, if you are paying attention to an abundance of pebbles in your garden, or you are paying attention to the abundance of foods that you store in your home, or you are noticing the abundance of friends that you interact with, or the abundance of energy that you incorporate when you are generating an action that you genuinely enjoy – it matters not – that is creating an energy. When you are creating an energy that is focused in a particular direction, that is what you manifest in all of your directions. It spills into other expressions, such as money.

When you are generating a continuous attention and concentration upon lack, as I have expressed many times – I have not enough money, I have not enough time, I have not enough friends, I have not enough energy, I have not enough milk, I have not enough bread – when you are concentrating upon lack, you create that, and you create more and more of it, for that is the energy that you are projecting.

When you are concentrating upon appreciation and upon what you do have and what you are generating and acknowledging that, that creates a very different energy, and energy is key, for it is what MOVES what you create, for it attracts what matches it...

You attract what you express in energy. This is one of the most difficult elements for most individuals to recognize, for you do not see energy. Therefore, you are not always aware of what your energy is doing or how it is being expressed. This is the reason that I have expressed many times, your greatest indicator of what your energy is is to be paying attention to what you are actually doing, not necessarily what you are feeling. At times, what you are feeling may correlate, but feeling is not always an indicator of what your energy is doing and how it is being expressed.

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Elias Forum website:

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Man's Eternal Quest

The following excerpt is from the book Man's Eternal Quest, by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Page 209, paragraph 2:

"Learn to live in this world as a son of God. Death holds terror for man because he has left God out of his life. All painful things frighten us, because we love the world without understanding its mystery and purpose. But when we behold everything as God, we have nothing to fear. We are constantly "born" in life as well as death. The word "death" is a great misnomer, for there is no death; when you are tired of life, you simply take off the overcoat of flesh and go back to the astral world."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm sitting here at my desk thinking about Thanksgiving, and what it really means.

We all know the history and surface meaning of Thanksgiving, but as is typical of me I have to peel away that surface layer and see what's underneath. And when I do, I see something that is very forward-looking rather than backward-looking.

People tend to give thanks for that which they have already received, but what we are saying with our energy when giving thanks has as much to do with the future as the past.

When we express gratitude, our energy is saying, "Yes, life is good. Yes, abundance is part of my experience, my reality." And, perhaps most importantly, "I am open to further gifts and abundance." Basically, gratitude is our way of saying, "Yes, more of this please!"

So as you gather around the dinner table on Thanksgiving and say a prayer of thankfulness, know that the universe is paying attention. Know that more abundance is moving steadily toward you. Know that your gratitude is being heard and responded to. More is on the way.

And THAT is something to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Living In Brilliance

"Heaven? Does it exist? Of course, it does. Not as a geographical place, but that state of being where you know yourself to be One with All That Is and you live in that brilliance. So each time you spend time with another one and you acknowledge their story—because everyone you meet has a story—you lay up treasure in heaven where the moth does not eat it and the rust can not get at it, and they are brilliant jewels; brilliant because it is light, the divine light of you."

-Jeshua ben Joseph, through Judith Coates:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Trance Of Prosperity

The following Kris excerpt is from the Reality By Design radio show on November 13th, 2008.
You can read the rest of this and other transcripts at the Kris Chronicles website:

KRIS: In terms of the economy, you may not notice that you can easily slip into the worries and the fear mongering that is propagated by the media, by the banks, financial institutions of other kinds, your neighbors, your parents, your children and everybody else, as if - if you did not worry about the economy as it is now, it would fall apart. But it may be precisely because you all worry so much that it already is falling apart, and it cannot avoid that situation. How can it avoid literally being flushed down the toilet? We would have used the older English expression but the toilet is sufficient. And why does it do that? Because it has to conform to your attitudes, your expectations what you concentrate upon and so on and so forth. It reflects your attitude, your consciousness, your trance, period. If you collectively shifted that trance state to one of prosperity, then overnight the economy would seem to stabilize and literally fix itself. You cannot fix the economy by pumping in seven hundred million, or billion, or trillion dollars, expecting that it will, by that action, stabilize, if you do not fix the minds of those who are generating the economy in the first place. Do you follow?

RICHARD: Absolutely. The market is really a reflection of the psychology of the people involved with it.

KRIS: Indeed. It cannot be otherwise. So our simple observation to everyone that can hear us now, that can hear us later, or that may never hear our physical voice is to change the channel. Not this channel, of course.


MARK: Don’t touch that dial.

KRIS: As the saying goes, put the remote down and step away from the television. Thus if you change the channel of the trance that you are in, collectively, then the economy will reflect your new perspective. It must abide by your perceptions. It cannot do otherwise. So it is not the government’s fault. It is not the fault of the shysters and the crooks. Everyone plays a part. And it is a reflection of your need to understand yourselves and how you do this. The time is long past to blame others for what you concentrate upon. The media is simply reflecting back to you your own fears on the subject matter. And it is an enabler, as you enable the media. So you are indeed in a triple bind. And you can step out of the hamster wheel simply by stopping what you are doing and begin to concentrate on prosperity.

Prosperity is not a pretty word. It is not a word that belongs to the New Age. It is simply an expression of a different trance. A trance of prosperity means that everything flows freely without restriction, be that health, wealth, happiness or otherwise.

You can read the rest of this and other transcripts at the Kris Chronicles website:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Cutting Edge Of The Present Moment

The following passage from Q'ou was delivered by Carla Rueckert on Sept. 13, 2008.
You can read more of this transcript at the L/L Research website:

"The key to creating of the life a sacred journey is the attitude with which this journey is taken. We would suggest that the invocation of gratitude and thankfulness is a great key in bringing one’s day-to-day life into focus. For no matter whether that which faces one in any particular instance would be thought of by the world as a blessing or as a challenge, yet still, in essence, that which lies before you is the perfect gift for this moment, containing your service and your learning.

"There is a tendency to forget to invoke this gratitude when that which lies before one does not seem to be a blessing. And yet, we would suggest that there is wisdom in waiting those few seconds before you undertake a challenging duty in order that you may open your heart and mind to the realization of the full measure of your gratitude for the opportunity to be alive in the creation of the Father and to face this moment.

"In just this way does the discipline of the personality begin. It does not begin with meditation, although meditation is vital to a spiritual practice. Rather, it begins on the very surface of things, in the very smallest of chores and duties. It begins with the realization of the tremendous fortune that you have in coming to this moment just where you are, with just the people with whom you are and facing just exactly the blessings and challenges that you now face.

"There is an ecstasy which comes when the spirit is ready to be honed in its focus and dull care flies away; when the spirit gathers its feet under it and surges into a full and vertical existence within. The whole energy body begins to sing when this begins to happen. And where before there was a flat and pleasant landscape of things to do and people to see, now you are at the cutting edge of the present moment and anything is possible."

You can read more of this transcript at the L/L Research website:

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Broken Arm, Wise Elders, and The Judging Mind

The following is from a session with Aaron on Nov. 4th, 2008.
You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Deep Spring website:

"I had an experience in a very long ago lifetime, when I was young in spirit. A younger and smaller boy in my village and I got into a fight. He had said rude things about my mother. I suppose this is a reason why young boys often fight. My father had died when I was young so my mother did manly labor, as it might be called, as well as taking care of the children and preparing food. She worked very hard to take care of our family. My father’s brothers helped her, but still she had to be strong and powerful, not soft and feminine as were many of the women in the village. So the boy had said, “She’s strong like a man,” and instead of taking that as a compliment, I took it as an insult and began to fight with him. I did not restrain myself, as would have been wise, so we got into a tussle and I was bigger. I pushed him and he fell in such a way that he broke his arm.

"Our village elders were very wise. They did not punish but tried to use our life situations for teaching. So after the immediate first aide was given, a splint was on the arm and a few days had passed so it was not so painful, they called us both. These elders first talked about what had happened, and then they said that what they felt would be an appropriate use of this situation—not punishment, an appropriate use of this situation—was that since the smaller boy could temporarily not help his mother and father by going out and doing farm work and heavy work, that for those 6 to 10 weeks until the arm was healed, I would go everyday to his home and do the heavy work that he always did. And he in turn would come to my house and help my mother every day. He would do everything that one could do with one arm. He would help her to tend the children, to stir the cooking pots, to carry a bucket of water, to keep the fire burning, to go out and pick berries and nuts and other kinds of food.

"So each of us spent the next 2 months doing this work, and of course we both gained deep insight into each other’s lives. I saw the reason for his statement about my mother; it was really not meant as an insult. Rather, it was a statement of his own concern because his mother was rather weak, frail, and dependent, and needed her children to take care of many things. I saw how that was for him. And he saw how it was for my mother, who had so much responsibility with a number of young children. I was the oldest. So he began to cherish her strength.

"When this time was over, we became best friends and throughout that life we were really closer than brothers, caring for each other. Both of us were far less prone to judgment, to the judging mind’s arising and to acting out the judging mind when it arose."

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Deep Spring website:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Election, New Consciousness, and Reality TV at its Finest!

The following excerpt is from a session with Tobias on November 1st, 2008.
Tobias is discussing the imminent election (which is now complete), and some of the effects afterward. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Crimson Circle website:

"As you all know, it has been an intense, intense several months, but in particularly this last month. It will continue to be intense. And just when things seem to ease up a bit, when the stock comes back a little bit, when the news is quiet for a few days, it’s going to come again. There are going to be times that you wonder why these waves and waves of changes at every level are taking place. Just remember it’s about change occurring. It’s a natural process. It’s only when the humans panic and the humans point fingers, when humans accuse or the humans try to hold onto a very, very old way, which is not appropriate anymore, that the problems start to occur.

"Oh, the changes will still take place, naturally. The evolution of consciousness is well underway, that’s not going to change. There are those who are going to try to hold back, try to resist, and eventually, it will be very, very difficult for them, to the point where many will choose not to stay here on Earth. They’ll hang it up, so to speak, let go. I’m not talking jumping off of bridges or buildings, I’m talking about letting go of that life force energy that flows through the body, because they are difficult and challenging times. But they don’t have to be.

"You’re going to feel yet another change, a very monumental change coming – next week. Now, it’s part in part from these elections that are taking place. I’m not going to say whether it is ... who’s going to win, but I suppose we all already know. (laughter) It is about choosing – voting for and choosing – for a change and allowing it.

"It’s interesting that … again, we observe the energies from our position on Angel’s Peak. We observe how it’s not just the ones who are going to the voting places and moving the lever, but there is a whole … behind every voter we say, are ten or twenty other voters – consciousness from people in other places around the planet who are also participating. This is the first sizeable election of its kind that has had that kind of energy where it ties in more than just the one person who’s voting, but they are also feeling the consciousness of others of a similar vibration around the world. You could say this is the first truly global vote that’s ever taken place. Now they’re only going to count x number of million ballots, but behind every one of those is another ten, fifteen, maybe twenty ballots, cast by the consciousness of others around the world, others who have said, “We want change, we’re ready for change,” or the ones who have said, “We’re not so ready for change. We want to stay in some of the old patterns and ways.”

"So, watch not just on the day or the night of the election, but in the three days following. Watch how things move and change and evolve. Stand behind the short wall even if yours is crumbling down. (laughter) Get a little celestial cement, patch it up a bit stand behind that short wall and observe. Be an energy observer like we are from up here, or over here, wherever we happen to be. Stand back and watch the ebb and the flow, the movement.

"Watch how the energy will start to move at a very, very rapid pace, and then it stops suddenly, just like if you hit the brakes on your car. Well that is just the fear of other humans coming in, saying, “This is going too fast. We need to slow it down.” And then something happens to break that energy free once again, get it moving. But then it tends to be kind of wobbly and shaky, trying to find its place again, trying to go back to old concepts and old programming, but it doesn’t work.

"So when that energy of mass consciousness takes a deep breath, so to speak, it finds its new level. It finds its new balance in a new place. Very similar to what you’ve been going through. Very similar to you putting on the brakes when it’s going too fast. Very similar to you feeling that you’re totally out of balance and when you finally give up and let go, you rebalance yourself at a new place, at a new level.

"You’re going to see a vote of change taking place here this coming week. The results – the results in the three days, particularly the week afterwards – watch how it works. Be a monitor. Be an observer. Come over and join us for a little bit. Get out of the drama and watch what happens. It will be amazing, unprecedented, and in a way very, very beautiful.

"We’re looking forward to it over here. I already have my seat picked out (laughter), we’re gathering the others around, we’re baking cookies and brewing up some new wine so we can watch humanity – the show – for the next few days. Talk about reality TV! (laughter) This is it at its finest."

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Crimson Circle website:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

True Religion

"Live from the place of love, for that is the true religion; not conditional love that says you have to be of my religion, of my family, of my same language, of my country, of my workplace, etc., or even skin color, whatever; but the place of true expansive, unconditional love that accepts everyone, judges no one, and asks of yourself, "How would I like to be treated?"

-Jeshua ben Joseph, from the Oakbridge website:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Elias, on Paying Attention and Locking Doors

In the following excerpt, Elias is discussing how we are continuously expressing beliefs, even in the mundane actions throughout our day. He uses the example of locking our door when we leave our home, and how such an automatic action incorporates a belief in the need for protection. You can read more of this transcript at:

ELIAS: As I have expressed previously, individuals move in the direction of attempting to identify and recognize and evaluate beliefs if they experience some action or some scenario within their focus that is disturbing to them. But the same beliefs that influence the creation of those disturbing experiences are the beliefs that you are expressing in each day in mundane actions over and over, reinforcing them repeatedly. Therefore, in some time periods they become expanded, for it is quite easy for them to be expressed in more expansive manners, for you are very familiar with them and you have been reinforcing them continuously.

As an example, a simple action that an individual incorporates within each of their days: each time the individual departs from their dwelling, the individual locks the door.

MAVIS: Without thinking.

ELIAS: Correct. No thought; it is an automatic action. There is no signal, no emotional communication, no thought. It is an automatic response – a very simple action, locking the door. And in one day, the individual encounters a thief and is disturbed, for now within their reality, they have created an intrusion.

MAVIS: And it becomes significant.

ELIAS: Correct. The action of locking the door every day is an action of reinforcing the individual’s belief concerning protection and the need for protection, therefore concentrating upon that belief without paying attention objectively. That continues to be reinforced, and it becomes stronger and stronger, and eventually the individual generates a manifestation of that fear. This is the manner in which you very easily and very automatically create precisely what you do not want.

MAVIS: Interesting. I’ll take note of that then, Elias.

ELIAS: I am not expressing to you that it is good or bad; I am merely offering an illustration of how automatic actions are within your mundane activities within your day, and how you do not notice and you do not pay attention, and how some of those actions are reinforcing beliefs which may or may not be a preference. But how shall you be aware and know what your preferences are if you are not aware of you?

You can read more of this and other Elias transcripts at:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Old Souls, New Souls, and What This Election is REALLY About

The following excerpt is from a session with Aaron on Sept. 24th, 2008, channeled by Barbara Brodsky.

You can read more of this and other Aaron transcripts at Deep Spring:



"I am really interested in how the wealthy and powerful, who want the wealth and power to be held only by a few, continue to be voted into political office through deception and trickery. Apparently there are many people who are young souls and so don’t see what is absolutely obvious to many of us, the incredible hypocrisy. Yet we also have to live with the consequences. How are the greedy money- and power-hungry able to stay in power energetically when their intention is so fear-based? Why doesn’t the more love-based, enlightened candidate, who wants to take care of each other and the world, to spread out the wealth, why don’t they win?”

Aaron's Answer:

"Well, first of all, they may win. Who knows? You have a presidential election coming up in what, just six weeks? I’m not going to take a stance, promoting one candidate above the other, just to share some thoughts. Some of you read the talk that was printed in the DSC fall newsletter, a talk given last year about the candidates. Tonight’s talk relates to that older one. I want to look at this question in terms of why you are all here in incarnation, of not just national but world karma and what you are here to learn.

"There is a subtly different major learning for older souls than for younger souls. The older soul is here to learn love and to practice greeting negative emotion with love. The younger soul is here for the same reason but far less likely to understand the practice. In the same way that you do not expect a first-grader to do algebra, you don’t expect the new soul to grasp the finer nuances of bringing love to fear.

"So for the newer soul, the giving of love may focus on giving love to immediate family and friends and to the self, whereas for the older soul the offering of love needs to be more unconditional and offered outward to everyone and everywhere. It’s very easy to love your beloved. It’s very difficult to love the person who speaks and acts abusively.

"Laying that aside for a moment, the whole world is in movement, changing consciousness levels. Throughout the history of the world, there have been a series of different levels of consciousness. Long ago, the mythical and magical consciousness prevailed. This is the consciousness that you see in the young child, and we can see that in the cultures that believe that if they just offer the right sacrifices to the carved deity then their prayers will be answered, if they just follow the right rituals and routines, they will profit.

"Mythical consciousness evolved into a more rational consciousness in which everything had to be logical and so faith, and anything that could not be rationally proven, was pushed aside. That rational consciousness was followed by what we call vision logic consciousness. It’s still logical but there’s a broader vision on which it’s based, one that includes possibilities and not just provable facts.

"Vision logic consciousness has been the base consciousness for your present culture—I don’t mean the whole world, I mean this American culture—for a long time. Well, a long time is not a clear statement. For the last 50 or 60 years and going back 100 years; 200 years ago, consciousness was more rational-based, and then the shift. Please do not misunderstand me. Remember when there’s a shift like this there are a small few who are the leaders, others who are perhaps ready to consider the shift, and there are those who dig their heels in and say, “Oh no, I’m not going there.” There are still those in your country, even, or especially political leaders or would-be leaders, who are deep in rational or even mythical consciousness. Only the oldest souls are open to vision-logic consciousness. Now those older souls are moving into what we call non-dual consciousness.

"Non-dual consciousness asks you to move beyond the separation of self and other, to begin to see that everything is an expression of the divine, everything and everyone, and to begin deeply to respect the needs of each being and of the aspiration for happiness and safety in each being. If we look at those who want to maintain the old status quo, want power, to remain in power, want those who are poorer, weak, those who have lacked power, not to gain power out of fear that the others’ gain is his loss, we can see that this is certainly not non-dual consciousness.

"It is in a sense the last vestige of magical consciousness. “I am the power. I shape things. I make the decisions. I own the money. I own the corporations.” It really flies in the face of logic. Perhaps we could call it a reaction to rational consciousness because it’s not even rational.

"If your country and your world were composed only of old souls, you’d have a very different form of government, and a very different kind of financial system, but that’s not where you are. The world is made up of a variety of people—of old souls and new souls, people strongly grounded in fear as well as those strongly grounded in love.

"There are three different parts to this question and I’d like to take them each independently. One part requires some understanding of karma, that karma is both personal and universal or at least is worldwide or countrywide. You have a family karma, you have a cultural karma, you have a national karma, and the whole world shares a karma. I like to look at karma as the planting of a seed; you reap what you sow. If you want sweet fruit you must plant a sweet seed. If you plant a sour apple tree seed, you’re not going to get sweet apples no matter how much you wish it.

"Magical consciousness denies that fact and believes that if it wants sweet fruit it doesn’t matter what it plants. As long as it pushes hard enough, it will reap sweet fruit. And personally it may reap sweet fruit if it’s able to turn its back on the world. Therefore, it convinces itself this works. If I hold power and control and turn my back on suffering, I can be powerful and happy. It’s a powerful myth for those who are neither very new souls nor very old souls but somewhere in the middle and searching for a way to find that their needs are met and that they are happy.

"There is an old story that’s told about William Penn, who was the founder of the state of Pennsylvania. He became a Quaker. Penn was a military soldier at that point. He wore a sword and was accustomed to thinking he would use the sword if he needed to. Quakers do not believe in violence. So he said to his teacher, “When must I take off my sword?” The teacher said, “When you can’t carry it anymore.” When must you let go of this belief that you can create happiness through power, lies, manipulation, and greed? When you can’t carry it anymore.

"Your country is often mapped with red and blue states depicting the Republican and Democrat candidates. If instead of mapping the whole state as one color, if instead it was mapped with an individual speck for each being—blue perchance for the very old soul deeply committed to non-dual practice in their lives, to the deepest respect for every being, and to non-violation of any being, and red as the opposite extreme, for the being most deeply grounded in fear and greed and absorbed in the personal self, the purple specks for those in the middle—this would be a more truthful mapping because you are not voting, especially in this election, as a several million or billion—what is your population? however many it is—as that many Republicans or Democrats. You are really voting as those who are either souls attempting to support this shift in consciousness and create a government that supports love for all beings, or those who are determined to hold the old status quo. Now I am not naming one candidate or party as being of old or new soul persuasion. If you feel that’s so, that’s fine, but I’m not going to say that (laughter). I do not want to influence the election by my own personal views.

"But be aware of this division: those candidates that most deeply support non-dual consciousness, the deepest care for all beings, non-harm to all beings, versus the candidates that are very wrapped up in the self, promoting the self-belief, holding onto their own power and money, and their friends’ power and money. This is not just about the presidential race; it’s about all candidates for office.

"The questioner asks how long we have to continue in this pattern where greed and manipulation win. As with William Penn’s sword, until you’re ready to put it down and you can’t carry it anymore. "


You can read more of this and other Aaron transcripts at Deep Spring:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Farewell To Power

*Don's note: As always, you must decide whether or not the following words and ideas have value to you. If they resonate with you, enjoy! And if they don't, let them go.

The following are excerpts from a session with Adamus Saint-Germain, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe on October 4, 2008.

You can read the rest of this session at the Crimson Circle website:


"Over the next four years in particular you’re going to see some very difficult things, challenging things. You’re going to see an old consciousness on Earth unravel, come apart. And yes, there will be those who panic. There will be those who are in fear, and there will be many, many who resort to stealing, whether it is stealing money, whether it is stealing other people’s energy and consciousness, whether it is stealing their property. You’re going to see a lot of this taking place.

"The next four years are going to be a time for you to be in balance, to bring up within yourself everything that you’ve learned, everything that you’ve gained in wisdom, everything that you already know within yourself. The next four years are going to be a time to stop hiding and stop pretending that you’re a victim, stop pretending that you’re waiting for something else.

"Stop pretending that you have to learn more, you have to go through all of these rituals and ceremonies to become a New Energy human. You are it right here, right now, today. There is not one thing that you are missing other than the true trust in yourself.

"What you’re seeing happening all across the world right now, all around you, is a profound loss of trust – loss of trust in old systems, old organizations, lost of trust in government and it is falling apart. What you have, dear Shaumbra, one of the most important tools is the true trust in yourself. And ultimately, for the rest of the world, it is the same thing. It is about them learning to trust that they have the answers. But right now in these most shifting, in these most collapsing of times, it is time to remember, it is time to bring up the trust in yourself."


"The bottom line, the purpose of my talk, the title of my talk today is the farewell to power, and indeed that is what you are seeing. If you want to know what’s going on, you say, “Saint-Germain, give us the bottom line. What’s happening on Earth right now?” It is the loss of power."


"A few of you had power centers of money. You learned those over lifetime over lifetime, and you had to learn that the power is an illusion. You had to learn to let go of that power and it was difficult and I almost wept a few tears for some of you when you were losing everything material. It was who you thought you were. It was your strength. It was your weapon, and you had to lose it. And then when you tried to regain it again, you had to lose it another time. Thank god for that."


"To the point right now, power is the poison. And you’re going to see it again and again when you read the headlines and you see what’s happening in the world. The very power that people have held onto in the past, starting with the largest and most powerful institutions, is going to be their poison. The more they hold onto it, the more poisonous it will become. The more they try to believe in it, the more venomous it will be. The more they try to use it against another, the more it will strangle them. It will choke them. It will take the life out of them. Power is a consciousness of itself.

"Power has reached a point in its cycle where it cannot be power anymore. It cannot be opposing masculine/feminine or light and dark. It has outgrown itself. It is seeking its freedom from the old consciousness that it has been in and now it is turning on itself. Power is poisoning and killing itself and anyone who holds onto it.

"Strong words, but true words. You’ll see it. You’ll see it next week and the week after, and when you wonder what is going on in this world, is it falling apart? And the answer is absolutely it is. Power is destroying itself and all of those who have abused it, misused it and misunderstood it.

What is Ahead

"Let’s go down through some of the categories. Let’s take a look at potential headlines for that which will come. (Linda says, “Is this the October surprise?” Adamus Saint-Germain chuckles.) First of all, you’ve seen it in the financial sectors, and you’ve only seen the beginning. What you’re going to see here in the coming few months in particular are those who have held the power – not just in this lifetime but in many, who have held it again and again – have reincarnated back into it. They have appointed themselves some sort of dictator of power, and there are a lot of them on Earth right now.

"The ones who have been holding the financial power, you’re going to see them desperately trying to get it, trying to take it back, trying to manipulate it. Stand behind the short wall, take a deep breath, have compassion, because woe to them. Woe to their families, woe to their servants, woe to all who are part of their power games. Stand behind the short wall with compassion, dear friends. Don’t feel sorry for them one bit. You could say in a way, in a twisted way, that they are doing this for humanity as well. They knew it was coming.

"In the 1500s, in the 1700s and late in the 1900s, we had some, what you would call, very multidimensional, very spiritual mystical discussions with these groups who have held the power. We showed them what would come. They did not believe it. It caused them to hold on more desperately to the power, and now it’s here.

"So there is a level at which they knew it was coming. Don’t feel sorry. Also don’t feel sorry because some of them are going to be coming to some of you to find out what the hell just happened in their life. They’re going to be in a nightmare when they come to you. They are going to be in a world of hurt. (Laughter as emergency sirens go by in the background.)

"So, dear Shaumbra, power is poison right now. It’s poison to those who are in government positions, who have had their little games, who have had their little empires, who have thought more about themselves and about their little group that supports them. I’m not talking about necessarily just the elected officials, I’m talking about the bureaucrats. The bureaucrats are going to find themselves out. The bureaucrats are going to find a whole new … a whole new legion of beings that are coming in to actually serve, not to take. The ones who have been holding on to the little thrones of power are going to find themselves in a world of hurt also.

"We’re not making anything happen. You aren’t making anything happen, but the power that they used to drink has now turned poisonous. The very power that they rely on, the very drink that they take in every day is now a poison.

"You’re going to find it continuing to happen in the churches. Thank god for that (laughter) for they have held power of government, power of money, power of sexual energy and power of spirit and consciousness, and when they drink in their power it’s going to explode their bowels. It’s going to destroy from the very inside what they have been abusing for so very long. There’s going to be stories that come out about those who have held the religious power and the trust and the faith of the people and what they’re really like – the demons that they really are."


"Dear, dear Shaumbra, what you are seeing right now is a farewell to power, the loss of power, power as the poison on Earth right now. It is sweeping across every institution of power. You are going to see it in even things like universities and schools, in the police departments, in the militaries, because what used to be the very thing that sustained them is now going to be the thing that collapses them. You’re going to see, in this shift, well, you’re going to see chaos. I won’t sugarcoat that one.

"You’re going to see it all around. Some of you are going to experience it as close as your own families and friends. They’re going to lose things. They’re going to be in pain and suffering – at least the illusion of it. They’re going to wonder where God is, and that’s going to be the most difficult of all the questions. You’re going to see them on their hands and knees praying and praying and praying, getting themselves into a frenzy, because they derive power off of a false god every time they prayed to it. They weren’t praying to God, they were praying for power. And when they pray now, they’re going to be drinking in the poison of Old Energy and it’s going to have to change them."

"Let’s take a deep breath. Take a deep breath.

"As you were standing behind the short wall watching the poison of power make its way across the Earth; as you see the assassination of European leaders in the very near future; as you see major Earth shifts, the earthquakes that have been predicted for a long time – they are going to happen, Shaumbra, before your eyes – understand it is the loss of power.

"This isn’t because people have been evil. Humans – humans are good. Humans have hearts. Humans are filled with love and hope, but a few have tried to take it away and it won’t work anymore. A few are trying to hold back a transition into a new consciousness where power is not needed or wanted. They’re trying to hold on and it will be their undoing.

"You’re going to see riots in the streets, burnings of cities. You’re going to see people getting diseases, sicknesses, that spread far too fast for modern science to catch up with it. You’re going to see some dark days, and it’s not the end of the world.

Time to Be Who You Are

"I’m going to ask each one of you to remember to trust yourself, to understand that you don’t need power, that you don’t need that old energy. I’m going to ask each one of you to stand up and be the messenger that you are. You’ve endured many hard years of your own preparation for exactly the time we are living in. You are the ones who they are going to come to for listening. Listening. They’ll need somebody that will just listen to them – not spewing out rhetoric, not performing any certain type of rituals or crystal healings or any of the rest of that.

"They’re going to need a listener.They’re going to need somebody to help them to breathe because, as Tobias has said before, they’re going to be in a state of shock. They are going to think they are living in an apocalyptic time. It will feel that way for many. But again, mark my words here, I’m not predicting the end of the world, I’m predicting grand changes and I’m predicting the dissolving of power.

"You’re going to have experiences that are going to be a bit frightening where the literal power – your electricity – goes out, not just in one small city, but across an entire country or countries. And you’re going to wonder what is happening because, you see, your world is set up on a literal power grid fed by things like nuclear and coal and other resources. But you have a powered Earth so you’re also going to see collapses of some of the power grids that you have. Oh, they’ll be restored after a period of time, but they will go out in a very unusual and mysterious way in different parts of the world.

"And I want every one of you to stop at that point, and if you blame it on the aliens (laughter), I’m going to have to have a long talk. I’m going to send you back to spiritual kindergarten. (Linda says, “Spiritual kindergarten?!” audience laughs)

"Shaumbra, you’re going to see things that you have never seen before, and it doesn’t have to affect you. It doesn’t have to throw you off. Actually, it really can’t, because you’ve let go of power. You’ve come back to you, the Source, the God within. You’ve gotten yourself off of the grid, so to speak, the grid of Old Energy human consciousness. Remember we had to tear some of you off the grid about three years ago! Let go of that grid of human consciousness, even the grid of spiritual consciousness, because you are your own grid. So while you’re going to see these things around you, they are not going to affect you because you’re not holding onto power like others in the world are right now.

"Speaking of happenings, you’re going to see what many will term visitations – lights in the sky – very unusual patterns, the likes of which have not been seen before. These are not the aliens. These are the new consciousnesses of humanity coming in. They will be perceived as lights in the sky, not just at night, but during the day. They’ll be perceived as very interesting shifts, mostly as light energy, but as other types of energy as well. Some will interpret this through the mind and the eyes as alien beings, but it’s your New Energy, your divinity and the new consciousness of humanity coming in. Don’t go back to the old power ways of giving yourself just to the aliens.

"You are the messengers. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

"Indeed, there will be the consciousness of dimensions, of planets, of other places that are coming in to watch and observe, but they’re not coming in to rescue. They’re not coming in with the answers, because you have it. You will feel the energy of spiritual families. You will feel the energies of the new Earth and the many other new Earths that are starting to form, and the energies of the incoming Crystals and the new ones as they get closer and closer to Earth. They are able to get closer because the veil is thinner. They will get closer also in the times of drama and change, but remember they are not the ones sent here to save you.

"You don’t need a savior. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

"You do not have to worry about things like clothing and food and shelter because those things will be there for you. You don’t have to worry about saving the world. You’ve tried that before in other lifetimes and it backfires. You are a sovereign being here on Earth right now to be a listener, to be a visionary, to be one who helps others breathe and help others see that they don’t need the power anymore either."


To read the rest of this and other sessions, visit the Crimson Circle website:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Television News, and The Prophets Of Wall Street Gloom and Doom

The following excerpt is from a Kris Radio session on Sept. 25th, 2008. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Kris Chronicles website:

MARK: Okay. Hypothetically, let’s just say that I’m falling into the media, I’m suckered in and I’m watching this and I’m absorbed, it’s, I’ve become passionate and pissed off even, and upset and it’s overwhelming me.

KRIS: Indeed. And in a short amount of time you might start seeing in your life what they talked about.

MARK: Yes. So how do I reverse that?

KRIS: First of all, even if you find yourself unable to completely shut off the tube, there is nothing specifically wrong or inherently wrong in looking at the television, listening to the news. How you allow it to influence your perceptions, your moods, your states of mind is another matter entirely. And if you find that impossible then we suggest you minimize exposure. But if you can see it for what it is, a complete public mass demonstration of beliefs in action, of behavior showing what the beliefs are, and influences altering perceptions, a literal and veritable study in human psychology and consciousness above and beyond the regular teachings of schools of psychology where everything is a number, then you can have quite a buffet table laid out before you. And it will also demonstrate where your own beliefs are aligned, giving you additional advantages to knowing more about whom and what you are. And we believe the latter case is preferable than to being swept away by this flood of manipulations.

MARK: So in other words, I should acknowledge that these are a mass display of beliefs on a public scale, and acknowledge that they’re not my beliefs, and accept them as being very valid, and that’s what I accept.

JOHN: Accept the fact . . .

KRIS: Accepting is a good beginning.

JOHN: Accept yourself for having created it and finding meaning in it.

KRIS: And also accept and acknowledge that you have other meanings that you can bring into your consciousness that are much more fulfilling than those prophecies.

MARK: Okay.

KRIS: The prophets of Wall Street gloom and doom are experts in their game. They’ve been doing this for a long time. Usually it is with one individual after another. When you take it to the next level you have an entire nation in the game. And a game it is, as long as you see it that way. Once you believe that this is the ultimate, end-all reality, then you are suckered in. So be steadfast in your own convictions and steer your perceptions somewhere you want, not somewhere you do not want. Who wants to have those markets crash? You can stem the tide, but it takes cooperation. Do you follow?

MARK: Absolutely.

KRIS: You can make a significant difference in your own personal life as well, and begin there.

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Kris Chronicles website:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

On The Topic Of Religion

*Don's note: As always, readers must decide for themselves whether or not this material has value to them. If it does, enjoy! And if it does not, then simply let it go.

The following excerpt is from the Lightsmith website,

"There is something that has been misperceived throughout the ages on the topic of religion. And that is that God is outside of you. God is somehow beyond. God is impersonal. That Spirit is not right in your midst. And that your personal experience is not as important or valued as what you had to learn or know about to be part of a certain religion... We would like to focus on that which is the purpose and intent within any spiritual system of thought, and about how those systems have become crystallized over time.

"How did religion form? It formed long before the Christian faith took hold after the presence of Jesus in this earth. There were earlier religions that formed around an individual who had a transcendent experience, an experience of embodiment, an experience inexpressible in words. That experience was not only personally enlightening, but also penetrated their perception of themselves and reality, altering it to such a degree that they could no longer live the way they had lived before in whatever system they grew up in. They then, because they were different, because they emitted a different frequency, a different vibration, and a different pattern, began to set into motion an evolution. The evolution also was in word.

"In the old tradition, the word was passed down verbally through stories, but only by those who also had experienced an embodiment of the transcendent through personal experience. In ancient or tribal traditions, they didn't call their experience with each other religion. Their spirituality was a story with life experiences added within it. The stories included visions, and when visions were retold it was with the emission of the energy of the ones telling the story.

"The Bible is familiar to most of you, although some of you have read other sacred texts. What was largely recorded in the Bible are stories that were originally oral traditions spoken only by those who were prepared by being of that vibration, and therefore qualified to pass it down.

When it became written down and available to many people, it was no longer passed down through human divinity. That then became the second step of crystallizing the energy. It no longer lived in a body, but it had to begin to live through the structure of the words. Those who perceive with a clarity and a willingness to also receive the coded energy that is within the words can be helped to directly receive an embodied experience of the specific energy. But, it is one step removed from receiving it directly through a person emitting the energy.

"What began to happen is that in studying, using the mental capacity, ones began to receive the words, but not the energy as directly. And the teaching began to come through those who were not emitting the energy, but were only passing on the tradition and the words. Then they would alter the words to suit their level of consciousness and vibration. As they altered the words, those words then shifted and changed the energy emitted, because the configurations that were coded in the original stories and visions then became diluted. And that is how religion got formed.

"As soon as it is recorded in a word that is then transmitted through people, the vibration is changed. The purpose and the intent of teaching is to facilitate direct experiences of the transcendent, that which is beyond the personal view of reality, so that you are changed. You are altered chemically, vibrationally, and in your experience of yourself and all of reality, all of creation. That was the purpose and intent of the old teaching tradition that was passed on, and on, and on, from generation to generation.

"Whenever one embodied in Earth with that altered vibrational pattern, such as Jesus, there was a change. An energy was present that brought about a new evolutionary path entered into by all who opened to experience directly, to perceive and experience with that one in their presence. And when they experienced it, then it went out from them to others. Every one became an individuation of that primary Source /Creator. And every one was altered to some degree because of personal vision, experiencing a uniquely personal individual experience of the transcendent. The vibration remains, however, on that evolutionary path as long as ones embody the energy.

"What happened in the Catholic Christian tradition was that there was a massive massacre of those embodiments by the Romans who were afraid of the energies that were beginning to alter and change reality for them. They were already panicking because their own civilization was in a period of decay and disintegration. So, to focus outward on any perceived cause was an excuse that gave them some kind of purpose to continue to exist while disintegrating. So the Christian sect at that time became their focus. Those that remained decided that they had to record the stories because they felt that it was in the interest of survival to do so. By then there was already a penetration of those who had removed themselves from the initial core energy. Those who initially emitted the core energy didn't have to record much, although Paul is one who recorded through letters, and those letters are original. However, much of the writing came afterward and crystallized the original stories that were emitted through personal, vibrational embodiments. Religions continued to grow more and more crystallized as they became mental processes without the original frequency or vibration. Those who carried the original frequencies within them oftentimes were persecuted because they emitted the vibration of change. Do you understand? Do you understanding what is happening to you now?

"What is happening now is that you are stepping outside of what has been largely a crystallized format. In this time, you have had to come back to an embodiment process. Every religion has had a certain amount of crystallization, and those who are now opening to a direct experience of embodying the transcendent beyond this reality state are emitting the frequencies of a new evolutionary pattern. You are the harbingers of change, of changing this form of reality. What could happen is that you might find your desire to record your experience also leading to another religion. In some cases it is already beginning. Whenever something is recorded, even in a "new age" or alternative spirituality, it begins to have a teaching to be passed on or reported by those who have not yet fully embodied the frequencies of the new energies, then they too are creating a new crystallized form that is being passed on just like any other religion has done. You can feel that, for you are not changed.

"If you are in the presence of one who emits the energy, you will feel a transformation. You begin to open to a greater sense of yourself. You begin to experience an expansion of who you are, and your experience of reality begins to change or alter. If you are in the presence of one who is speaking the words but not emitting the frequency, you will not feel so different. Begin to note that. Also begin to note how people experience you. If you are in the presence of others and they are experiencing expansiveness and openness, open to shifting and changing, or open to new information and new ways of seeing, then you are the one who is bringing forth that change, that evolutionary patterning, for you are emitting that energy.

"And that is what is happening now. The embodiments who are of this Light, of Creator merging with creation, are not to create a new religion, but are to embody worldwide and be present. The Presence then ignites further ones to be present. There is no need to record and crystallize teachings for future generations, because your future generations are embodying with the evolutionary pattern intact. They don't need you to record this. They don't need you to pass it on. They need you to be present so that their presence can be fully realized. We will speak of this next week when we speak about children and who they are.

"So, there will not be religion in the future. This is the end of the age of religion. Do you want to cheer or do you want to cry?"


"So that is our introduction about this particular topic. There is much we could say in a variety of areas, since it is a vast topic. That depends on your experience and your preference. Before we leave tonight we would like to assist you in decrystallizing the thought forms that were passed on to you that no longer have that energy to assist your evolution. Perhaps we can assist your own presence to be more vital, confident, and able to pass on the stories of this awakening to others."

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Lightsmith website:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End Of September

Five thoughts regarding our current financial crisis, on the last day of a tremendous and fascinating month :

1. There is an old Chinese saying: "May you live in interesting times." We most certainly do.

2. Nothing reminds us of what is truly important like a crisis of some sort.

3. Ultimately, you are safe. Fear is just fear. It is not reality. Unless you choose to make it so.

4. Our so-called leaders tend to be more concerned with their own careers, and how their actions and choices will reflect on them, then they are with the best interests of all of us.

And finally,

5. Nothing good ever came from pointing fingers and placing blame. There are two sides to every story, and both sides will always think they're right. But in the end, we're all looking for the same thing. Ultimately, there is only one side.

Are you on it?

Friday, September 26, 2008

O, Great Pumpkin!

Remember Linus and the Great Pumpkin?

Linus was so steadfast in his faith, in his belief in the existence of the Great Pumpkin, that he would go alone to the pumpkin patch, asking for knowledge and understanding. And he did so over and over again, much to the amusement of his so-called friends.

Linus was ridiculed for his apparent foolishness, for believing in something so absurd. How could he continue to talk to someone who never answered?

Sometimes Linus grew discouraged, and his faith in the Great Pumpkin grew weak and was tested. Yet he never gave up.

Many people talk to God the way Linus talked to the Great Pumpkin. And many people grow discouraged and give up when they don't hear God answering.

However, there is something that never made it into the Peanuts comic strip. Something very important.

What did Linus see that the kids around him did not? What kept him believing, despite the absence of proof?

Linus was laughed at.

Linus was ridiculed.

Linus was left alone in the pumpkin patch.

Now, something interesting happens when you spend enough time alone in the pumpkin patch. Something that cannot be conveyed in a comic strip.

Spend enough time in the pumpkin patch and you will eventually see that the Great Pumpkin is not just one pumpkin but ALL of the pumpkins. And all of the wisdom and knowing that has been left there by prior seekers of the Great Pumpkin.

Spend enough time in the pumpkin patch and you will see that the Great Pumpkin is not a pumpkin at all.

Ponder THAT, Charlie Brown.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Definition

Spirituality is not about believing the right things.

It's about widening your beliefs to encompass a larger truth - and doing so over and over and over again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So THAT'S What I've Been Missing...

From Elias Session # 1721, Feb. 24th, 2005:

CAROLINE: For years I’m trying to create something that has to do with my musical talent, and I’m thinking I would be happy if I could do more, if I could work as a singer, being a singer in a band, making a CD and stuff like that. I feel I have the talent. Why am I not creating this as a reality? What is my problem? (Both laugh)

ELIAS: You do incorporate a talent, and I may express to you an acknowledgment that you engage that talent in lovely tones, but you generate obstacles with yourself for you restrict yourself. You acknowledge your ability, but you also compare yourself to other individuals, and in comparing yourself to other individuals or even to an ideal you, you restrict your allowance of yourself to merely express yourself freely.

In this, if you allow yourself to discontinue with this automatic action of comparing yourself, you may begin to allow yourself more of an appreciation, in genuine appreciation, of yourself and your ability – not merely your ability, but of yourself also. That shall alter the energy that you are projecting outwardly and generate much more of an attractiveness of yourself with other individuals.

CAROLINE: Some things you said I will have to translate later, but I guess I understand this comparison thing. I make these comparisons because sometimes I think I have the talent. Sometimes, when I compare myself to others, I think my talent is so low it’s not enough to make this. Is that right?

ELIAS: Yes. In this, if you genuinely allow yourself to appreciate yourself and appreciate your own expression, your own creativity and recognize that it is unique to you, it is unnecessary to be comparing yourself with other individuals or an ideal of what is acceptable and what is better, but rather to be appreciating your own expression and the uniqueness of it, and acknowledging the joy and satisfaction that you experience within yourself in the time frameworks in which you do allow yourself to be freely expressing your own creativity. If you are appreciating of you and what you do, other individuals shall reflect that to you also and shall also be appreciating you and what you do.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Election Complexion

Some thoughts on who to vote for this fall:

If you believe the world is full of potential enemies who mean to do you harm, then you should probably vote for John McCain.

If you believe the world is full of your brothers and sisters, and that we are all ultimately on the same side, then you should probably vote for Barack Obama.

If you believe that a homeless person or a person on welfare is basically lazy and in need of a little kick in the pants, then you should probably vote for John McCain.

If you believe that a homeless person or a person on welfare is temporarily lost and in need of compassion and a helping hand, then you should probably vote for Barack Obama.

If you believe that we need to find more sources of oil so that we can bring the price of gas down and wean ourselves from foreign oil, then you should probably vote for John McCain.

If you believe that we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels without doing irreparable harm to our environment, and that clean alternative energy sources are the only acceptable solution to our energy problems, then you should probably vote for Barack Obama.

If you believe that a woman who chooses to abort her child is immoral and Godless, then you should probably vote for John McCain.

If you believe that a woman who chooses to abort her child is frightened or confused and in dire need of compassion and healing, then you should probably vote for Barack Obama.

This election is helping us to clarify what we believe and what we value. It is also, in many ways, distinguishing the purple monkeys from the blue monkeys.

There is no judgement here on my part. I am looking for understanding. And it is arriving like never before.

By the way, have you tried the red melons? I hear they're wonderful.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Abraham Obama?

Here's some fun food for thought: (if you don't like the taste, leave it be!)

"You know who Barack Obama used to be in a previous incarnation? I’m going to ask you, I’ll give you a few clues here. Sixteenth president of the United States, came from Illinois, was a congressman, fought for one of the greatest causes – not just in America, but on Earth. Put the picture of Abraham Lincoln next to Barack Obama. Look, it’s right there! Just paint a little beard on Barack, change the skin of color of Lincoln – you got it. That’s it. Abraham Lincoln comes back as Barack Obama to help take not only this country, but the world on to a new level.

"Can you imagine the difficulties and challenges that Abraham Lincoln had during his time? The ones who fought him, the ones who threatened him? Oh yes, the scenarios are still somewhat similar – the potential for assassination – but it doesn’t have to be that way, does it? It doesn’t. It doesn’t have to end in that drama or crisis. You see, that’s where the drama and the fear come in. It doesn’t have to be that way. This entity comes back – oh, and it’s not just about Barack or Abraham; it’s about consciousness – this entity comes back in but surrounded by visionaries, surrounded by those who are consciousness workers bringing back the energy to Earth right now, but this time not for a civil war in the United States. This time for global adjustment, a new vision, and there will be those who get angry.

"They’re going to accuse Barack. They’re going to accuse him of conspiring with other countries, of selling out America, of not being patriotic, of being the Anti-Christ and being a Muslim, and everything else. But this one comes back to bring unity, to bring balance. Oh, this one, by the way, very, very spiritual. Abraham/Barack could walk into the room right now – into this room – and sit here and understand and feel comfortable with everything we’re talking about, because there is that quality of Shaumbra with him as well.

"Now I’m not endorsing any candidates. I... (laughter, Tobias chuckles. Linda says “Yeah, right!”) I don’t... Is there another candidate? Who? (more laughter) But this is no coincidence as well, one candidate that has the consciousness support and the network – oh, some talk about his lack of experience, but he brings a network – a network of consciousness workers. But the other candidate, well, it’s so obvious sometimes. Old Energy, literally and figuratively; nice guy, but the dynamics are there.

"Don’t you think that this was arranged in advance to have one candidate surrounded by the energy and love – the New Energy and the new love – and the other candidate playing that role of not being very dynamic or exciting, allowing the focus to be over here? Don’t you think that it’s something that your vision helped to create? (Someone in audience says “wow.”) Wow, is right. Wow, is incredible. It’s not happening in 2012, don’t wait or you’re going to miss the party! It’s happening right now. Don’t get into fear. Don’t get into this imbalance. It’s an amazing thing, and yes, there will be shifts and changes and all the rest of that. Don’t get caught in the drama. Remember why you’re here."

Tobias, channeled by Geoff Hoppe, August 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008


"Beloved one, every experience and every expression which you create comes from a vantage point, a belief as to who and what you are. You have in the conscious and subconscious the generational beliefs which have been handed down to you from the parents, from the generations of the grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, etc. and from the peers and their generational beliefs embodied in the culture in which you have been raised.

Your belief is based upon what is given to you - subliminally many, many times - by the generations, by the parents, and by the peers as to what the common belief is about what life has to be. If your family is one that believes life has to be a struggle, that everything that comes to you has to be a challenge, then from the time you are very small - even before that, in truth; as you are in the mother's womb there is a receptivity of energy - a receptivity which may interpret that life is hard, it is a struggle.

Or, the perception can be that life is joyful, and if the mother is looking forward to having this new one born and there is great anticipation and welcoming of the new one, the new one is going to know and will feel that joy, even in the womb before it is out in the arms.

After it is living its own individuality as a small one, at first it very much picks up on the energy levels of the parents. It is very much aware of what is going on through energy vibrational patterns. This goes with you throughout the lifetime as a subliminal belief, so that you have a preconceived tendency to look at life in a certain way.

Later on, when you begin to understand words, your parents may say to you, "It's a jungle out there. You have to be really, really strong. You have to get there first before the other one gets there. Do unto others first before they get you." Or, vice versa, "It is really a joyful place to live. I have many friends, you have many friends, nature is beautiful. It is wonderful to be out in the field, to run freely, to feel the sunshine upon the head, the shoulders, the body. It is wonderful to breathe of the fresh air.Yes, life is good."

And so the small one grows taller with beliefs which have been given to him/her early on, and then the beliefs are reinforced as the subliminal belief then attracts evidence that the perception is true. And so, ones often will have the challenges in life because they are looking for them, expecting them, because the parents have said, "It's going to be tough; you have to be tough." Or, the parents will say, "You are going to find many friends. You are a most special being. I prayed before you came, and you came to me to be a companion on the Journey, and I am so happy that you came. Let us walk hand in hand and rediscover all of the beauty that this life has to offer."

-Jeshua ben Joseph

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Favorite Seth Quote

"Your spirit joined itself with flesh, and in flesh, to experience a world of incredible richness, to help create a dimension of reality of colors and of form. Your spirit was born in flesh to enrich a marvelous area of sense awareness, to feel energy made into corporeal form. You are here to use, enjoy, and express yourself through the body. You are here to aid in the great expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about the miseries of the human condition, but to change them when you find them not to your liking through the joy, strength and vitality that is within you; to create the spirit as faithfully and as beautifully as you can in flesh."

(The Nature Of Personal Reality, Chap. 2, Session 615)

To Boldy Go...

"Your new Star Trek television program offers a useful analogy with their "holodeck." Let us pretend that you are the entire ship and ship's crew. The ship is alive in all respects as a manifestation of consciousness in form, and each member of its crew are creative aspects, versions of yourself. The holodeck can represent your natural ability to create a reality. Upon entering this created environment--within the holodeck, the gateway leading to the ship disappears. It is always there, always available, but invisible.

Now, depending upon how involved one is while interacting with events occurring within the created environment, the existence of the gateway may be temporarily forgotten. Yet the door is there, and must be remembered, and willfully called upon to appear in order to return to the greater reality of the ship."

-M.B., channeled by Lilly Fluger

Monday, August 04, 2008

Words Of Wisdom

"You are what you consider yourself to be, so consider yourself to be that which you find most desirable, most important to you at this time."


Friday, July 25, 2008

Brand New Moment

If you change the way you perceive yourself, who and what you are will change.

What you are is a fluid creation. You are not a solid, stationary thing. You are an ever-changing expression.

If you can begin to see yourself as an ever-changing expression, then the fluidity that is your true nature will return.

Part of our problem as humans is that we try to lock in what we are, to define and solidify who and what we are. And so our faults and weaknesses and mistakes are set in place and used to define us.

You are a brand new creation in every moment. As you read these words, you are brand new.

Enlightenment is feeling the brand-new-ness of the present moment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

By The Riverside

Here in Pennsylvania, the dog days are upon us. It's hot and humid, and many of us are spending much of our time indoors (assuming we have a/c).

It's a good time to take a walk along the river. Even if you're not in Pennsylvania, and even if you don't have a major river nearby, it's still a good time to walk along the river.

The image of a river has been used for countless ages to symbolize many things - in particular, life and time. Rivers keep flowing, just as time does. And rivers meander, just as life does.

But a river can also symbolize something even more eternal: YOU.

Not the human you, but the you that existed before you were human, the you that you will return to after this life is over, the you that is at this very moment quietly flowing underneath the incessant chatter of your mind.

Once in a while, if not daily, it is very helpful to reconnect with that part of you that is eternal, that keeps on flowing, that changes very little, almost imperceptibly, throughout your many experiences and explorations.

People spend lifetimes trying to bring some of that peaceful flow into their human lives. And what they eventually come to realize, in this life or in some other, is that every event and circumstance they encouter is simply imagery on the banks of that river.

Such imagery is very vivid, and quite mesmerizing. So much so that we often don't see the river that is flowing amongst it. In fact, we tend to think that the answers we seek are to be found among the imagery, among the trees and bushes and creatures and flowers. And while all of those things are quite beautiful and valuable in their own right, they are far more beautiful when seen in the context of the timeless river that supports and nurtures them and makes it all possible.

So on these hot summer days, when we find ourselves retreating from the heat and the sunshine in favor of the cool shade, take a moment to walk along the river. Let the imagery go for a moment, and tune in to that flow from which it all springs.