Monday, April 10, 2006


When people experience discontent in their lives, they can do one of two things: Look without, or look within.

To look without is to look at the symptoms of your discontent, rather than the cause.

So what is it that appears to be causing one’s discontent?

-Don’t like one’s job, or people at work
-Feels like finances are inadequate, scarcity
-Being held back, repressed, oppressed in some way(s)
-Being discriminated against
-Feeling unmotivated, unenthusiastic
-Simply don’t know what to do!

So, where do you place the blame? Whose fault is it that you are experiencing these things?

If life is an illusion, then that illusion is a trance. A trance in which we become spellbound by our outer circumstances and thus overlook the obvious: we create those circumstances, somehow.

There is no other plausible way to explain why each of our lives are SO different from one another. The realities we experience and the perspectives we have of ourselves and others are unique to each of us. But how can that be? The answer that seems to make the most sense, to me at least, is:

We are each causing our circumstances to occur.

That is why those circumstances are so consistent within one person’s life but far different from those of another.

In other words, the circumstances in which we find ourselves have been brought about somehow by our choices and our perspective. We have arrived at the present moment by choosing, as choices were presented, those that led us to NOW, to THIS place and THIS situation.

Therefore, it seems obvious to me that if we are experiencing discontent, it would be a waste of time to blame other people or outside factors for our current situation. The perspective that we have, and the choices we have made, occur on the inside, not the outside.

And thus, as all the wise ones have repeatedly told us: look within.

Look within.

Look within.

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