Tuesday, April 17, 2007

VA Tech Mass Event

I was interested in, but not surprised by, how quickly the media began to question the action, or lack of action, taken by the police and other "authority figures" in Virgina yesterday.

It is quite telling that the blame game began almost before the final shots were fired.

Lord, help us to see what there is to see, learn what there is to learn, forgive what there is to forgive.

And for God's sake, shut those talking heads up, will ya?!

(no, no, let them speak - they are as instrumental as anyone in bringing these things to the surface...)


  1. Death is an ongoing natural process but a crappy reality to create.

    Too many pointing fingers and not enough love and compassion in this world.

    Who is ready to start a community where we can live by being the simple but yet complex Hunters, Gatherers and traders that our previous generations came from?

  2. Unfortunately the shooter brought people into his Death Reality.

    Pondering the steps and choices of life,

  3. I think that such communities (though many without the "hunter" part) are being initiated throughout the planet. You may not hear of them, nor will you likely realize you are in or near one. The only outward sign might be the conspicuous lack of separation, judgment and competitiveness that mark our current mainstream society.

  4. We are getting closer to better examining a way to remove ourselves from the so called "Race" to be viewed as successful in our society.
    Searching for the reassureance that we will be able to survive and do the things that we will truly enjoy while being able to support ourselves in a manner that we find acceptable.

    Time continues on and these visions and foresight are continually, slowly as it might be, being brought into my/our conscious.

  5. It was interesting to hear the Penn State Blue Band play the Virginia Tech fight song prior to the kickoff of the Blue White game in State College this past wekend. The lion Ambassador section which usually wears blue and white shirts that spell out an "S" in the student section had on orange and maroon shirts that spelled "VT". It was very interesting to see 50,000 people if not more wearing the Hokie colors.