Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monkey Dialogue # 2 - A Wider Existence

One day, down along the beach on the south side of the island, the following conversation took place between a blue and a purple monkey:

Blue Monkey: Why is there so much disharmony on our island?

Purple Monkey: Because monkeys have forgotten who and what they are. They are immersed in a temporary identity, one that is cut off, in a sense, from their larger being.

When a monkey chooses to be born on this island, he carefully molds a temporary identity that he will assume during this lifetime. This identity will be all he remembers himself to be, unless and until he chooses to awaken to his wider existence as a white monkey.

Blue Monkey: Are all monkeys actually white monkeys?

Purple Monkey: Indeed they are. Though it is an amazing fact that most monkeys would deny this. The grip that their temporary identity has on their minds is quite strong. The beliefs they hold which tell them they are blue monkeys and nothing more are quite strong.

Even those who consider themselves to be devout followers of the White Monkey are, for the most part, unaware of their wider existence as a white monkey. They believe they will go on to some sort of heavenly existence as a result of their obedience to the law of the White Monkey and their acceptance of him as their savior, but they are unaware that they themselves are already white monkeys.

Blue Monkey: What do you mean? How are they already white monkeys?

Purple Monkey: Each colored monkey living on any island is actually a white monkey dreaming that he is a colored monkey. He has all the knowledge and wisdom of a white monkey at his disposal, but as long as he believes that he is only a lowly colored monkey and nothing more, that will be his experience. He will block out that wider part of himself. He will not incorporate the wider awareness or powerful abilities that a white monkey possesses. He traps himself by his belief in his temporary identity. And only he can untrap himself.

Blue Monkey: How can he do that?

Purple Monkey: He can begin by acknowledging that he is far more than he appears to be. He will not yet see any evidence of that wider identity, and so he must begin by BELIEVING that he is a white monkey, a perfect child of the Creator. Only then – when he faithfully believes and accepts himself as a white monkey – will he begin to see and feel evidence of it.

Blue Monkey: But how can a blue monkey believe he is actually a white monkey if there is no evidence, no proof of it?

Purple Monkey: That is a question that has challenged our race from the beginning.

A white monkey exists in a state of divinity. It is a divine state of being in which one is aware of one’s connection to the Creator, of one’s ultimate perfection.

Perhaps white monkeys choose to manifest as blue monkeys for the purpose of rediscovering their own divinity.

And perhaps so many monkeys remain asleep because their fears and self-judgments prevent them from even considering the possibility that they are a divine being, unconditionally loved by their Creator. Such an idea is frightening to many monkeys. The temporary identity that they have been exploring may fear for its own existence. It may think that all of its fears are necessary for its own survival.

The truth is, your temporary identity CAN survive while at the same time allowing that larger being to express through you. You can be a colored monkey living on this island while at the same time holding an awareness of your larger existence. You can bring your divinity into this life, into this identity that your perceive yourself to be.

Blue Monkey: How?

Purple Monkey: By acknowledging. By allowing. By accepting and loving yourself as you are. By accepting your challenges and obstacles for the gifts that they truly are – opportunities to bring as much love and acceptance to the present moment as possible.

As one does this, that divine self, that white monkey self, begins to show through, begins to guide you to your highest expression, your most loving choice.

The red melons assist in this widening process. They enable one to see themselves more clearly, to see their choices more clearly. They help one to accept themselves as they are, which allows more of their true selves to come through.

That has been the lesson taught by all of the masters that have visited our island during our long history. They knew that they were truly white monkeys. And they tried to explain to other monkeys that they, too, were white monkeys. And that each monkey has the potential to bring their white monkeys selves into their blue monkey lives.

These masters attempted, each in their own way, to explain the relationship between a blue monkey and a white monkey and the Creator, whom many have called the Great Monkey (and who is not actually a monkey at all).

So now, with the appearance on our island of the red melons and their ability to help us remember who we really are, our race has the opportunity to wake up – not just a few of us, but all who are ready to acknowledge their own divinity, ready to release and move beyond their fears and their self-judgments. As one begins to recognize that he is acceptable just as he is, loveable just as he is, then a door opens within himself. His self-acceptance is the key that unlocks that door. His willingness to accept himself and others, to allow each monkey to be who they choose to be – THIS is the beginning of his transformation.

One need only ask the white monkey within to come forth, and it shall. It is a sacred step – to ask to be shown the truth. To acknowledge that all you believed yourself to be is not necessarily true. That perhaps you are far more than you thought you were.

That is the step that the white monkey within you is waiting for you to take.

And when the day arrives when you are ready to taste your first red melon, know that you are taking your first step home.

Back to who you really are.

Back to who we all are.

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