Thursday, June 05, 2008

Let's Go Surfing Now

Since I'm riding a creative surge right now, I thought I'd comment briefly on surfing.

I've noticed that when things start moving in a certain direction, regardless of which direction it is, there is a buildup of momentum, a trend. Things might be going smoothly , or they might be going horribly.

Good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, trends do exist. And the worst thing we can do is fight them.

It's a lot like surfing. If you like the wave you're on, ride it and enjoy it. But if you don't like it, do you fight it? Do you try to change it? Good luck. The wave has other plans, and they are much bigger than you and your little surfboard.

Much better to simply drop back and fall into the water, wait for another wave.

But we don't usually do that. We keep riding the unpleasant wave, getting angry at it, telling everybody how much our wave sucks, and we keep right on going.

So how do you learn the discipline required to simply drop back and wait for another wave?

By paying attention. By noticing when you are in a down trend. By recognizing that you have been conentrating on difficulties, on what you don't want. And then CHOOSING (that's the tricky part) to concentrate on something else. Something you like, something you appreciate, something that's actually working in your life.

You see, the problem is never your circumstances. They are simply circumstances. Experiences. They will pass eventually, as all things do. But you must LET them pass. You can't push them away, or force them away. They will go away when you stop concentrating on them so much. Holding your attention upon them exaggerates them in your perception and perpetuates them.

Why? Because by concentrating on them and placing so much importance upon them, you are essentially telling the universe, "This is important - keep giving me more of this!!!"

So in keeping with our surfing analogy, there are many more waves to come. Learn to spot the good ones, and concentrate on them. Let the unpleasant ones pass by - they will lift you and let you fall, and leave you looking forward to the next good ride.

Surfs up, dude!


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