Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Economic Renaissance

"Let me give you another potential: Against all odds and thousands of years of history even the spiritual attributes of what you call religion on the planet will start shifting and tempering itself. You don’t have to look very far for you to understand that some of the major players of the planet regarding what you call organized religion are in trouble. It is because what they teach reeks with the old energy ways. It is not applicable to real life, as seen by the young people, and that is why the young people are fleeing from the membership roles of churches. They’re not seeing a life’s reality in any of it. The doctrines do not ring with them as being needed or true. They’re seeing it as old. Look for this, for it is evident even now.

"Organized religions will begin to shift. Some of them will even shift away from the mythology that they have been teaching for thousands of years. Instead, they will begin going to the core issues and finding truth that will attract the young people again. Ideas about God that will make sense to a new generation will be put forward. Organized religion will thrive, but it’s going to thrive with a core that has far more integrity than it has ever had. Many of you didn’t want to hear that, but this is the truth of the potentials. It is also an appropriate potential, for most of the planet will not believe as you do, or read words like this. However, most of the planet seeks God in its own way, and will need to have hope within their own belief that God is current and wise. It is a snapshot within two generations of all of those on the planet regarding their own religions and what they find to be appropriate and non-appropriate. This is going to shift.

"I’ve said this before. Watch what the new pope does. “Kryon, there is no new pope.” Oh, really? It depends on when you read this, and when you do and there is a new pope, watch. For this individual is going to have to make massive change if his system is going to keep their church… and they may. When that man sits in the chair, there is the potential of massive change. There has to be, to keep the systems they have.

"This is what is before you. It has to do with cleaning up the integrity of all things within your society. What have you seen in the last three weeks? How many leaders have been brought down because of things discovered? Have you noticed? Is there something infectious going on with integrity issues? [Smile] The answer is yes. It’s about time, and you know it. Let me tell you, there’s three more leaders who are shaking in their shoes as we speak. You’ll see. It’s time to call them on these things, is it not? And you’re doing it.

"I’ll say this because there are those who need to hear it, listening and reading: Do not fear what is going on in your country, American. At this point in time, with the potentials in place, I guarantee you that these things will pass and there’ll be a time when you look backward and say, “Thank goodness we got through this.” When integrity-based decisions are made that represent your core economic issues, you’re going to grow an economy that makes sense. Right now you are changing the rules, if you haven’t noticed, in all fields. So whereas it seems to get worse and worse, you’re trying to make up your mind what to do from moment to moment in order to save this and save that, it will correct itself if you use integrity. What you are doing is pruning your economy. When it grows back, it will be far stronger than it was.

"The system will work better. Eventually there will be more jobs than ever. It’s going to work! Will you take a moment to remember that this is what we saw? We told you it was coming? We even told you the first institution to fall first, and it did! You could read these things within the Kryon published works and celebrate it. I’ll say it again, I dare you to celebrate your recession! Can you? You’re going to get through it. History is going to treat it as an economic renaissance. There’ll be a name given to it, not yet heard, not yet given, which has the energy of that idea. It is a renaissance of the American economy – a start-over so significant that it’s going to shape the way you do business for the next two generations and create a model of how to do it for others.

"In two generations, the biggest competitor on Earth will have arrived with a huge economy of its own, one that will rival even that of China. No matter what China does, no matter how many people they have, this new economy is going to successfully compete – for China is slow to move and must plough through its own historic consciousness to get there.

"There is an entire continent ready to be healed. It is rife with war and civil strife at the moment and has been since you were born. It is sick at the moment, but it’s not going to stay sick forever. Millions and millions of individuals are involved, and they don’t know it yet. For like almost everything else, it is against all odds.

"What happens when you heal a continent? You'll see, for it’s about to be healed. When it is, those there are going to discover that they can build an economy as good as yours, because you’ve set the standard! They’re going to start by looking at you. We’re speaking of Africa. We’re speaking of the potential of a group of states, eventually, who will emerge called The African Union [or something similar]. It will be a bigger conglomerate even than the United States, made and patterned in the same way, with an economy created in the same way. Millions will be almost instantly involved.

"What you solve here in your recession is what they will observe as the energy they begin with. This is different than other emerging economies. Many of those begin and grow and walk through all the mistakes you made during your growth. But the Africans will not go through the gyrations of the 200 years as you did. They will see America and take from you what you teach them. This “healed continent” is going to want what you have. They’re going to want to have their own affluence and they’re going to want to have their own banking that is free from major greed. They’re going to want to have all of the things that make a society grand and great, and they won’t have any problem funding it. Many stand by to create a new society where there are borrowers for businesses and homes. Once you take millions and millions of people who are no longer in survival mode, they want homes, schools, factories and land. Watch for it. It’s inevitable. It’s going to start happening while you’re still here. Look at what has happened in China despite a non-capitalistic government; now amplify this idea for Africa."

Kryon, through Lee Carroll on December 13th, 2008. You can read more of this transcript and others at the Kryon website.