Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter - Time To Rise And Shine

A few words from Jeshua:

"Beloved one, you have known Easter to be a day to celebrate the resurrection of my body from the condition of seeming death, but I say unto you that it celebrates not only my resurrection, but yours as well. It can be your day of resurrection as you allow the limiting thoughts of the world, the limiting image that you would have of yourself, to be crucified, dead and buried, and you allow the holy Child that you are to be resurrected in Its fullness, to come into a dynamic quality of living.

"You are a great ray of Light activating the form known as the body. When you choose resurrection, when you choose to come totally alive, you allow the very Spirit that you are to come up out of the tomb of the heaviness of the thoughts of the world, to activate even the cells of the body in Light, and to share with others the Light that you are and that they are."


"The day known as Easter, the day of resurrection, is your day. Long enough have you languished in the tomb. Long enough have you listened to the voice of the world that would speak unto you of limitation, of loss, of sorrow. I come today to share with you, if you will receive it, that there is no loss. There is no death. Form may change, but there is only forever Life, and you are It.

"Easter is your day of resurrection, for on Easter, and truly every day, Christ, the Lord, is risen. And who is Christ? You, as the Light that you are. Celebrate my resurrection. Celebrate your resurrection. Be of Light heart, for the tomb of the world can hold you no longer."

-Jeshua ben Joseph, in expression through Judith Coates
You can read more of this transcript on the Oakbridge University website.