Monday, October 19, 2009

No More Secrets

"There are huge advancements taking place in the collective vibration. Recently, you reflected your hope in a person who was elected to a very important position. Now you are starting to take your own power back and that is very appropriate. It is no longer appropriate to give your hope to anyone, because that is exactly what humans did with Adolf Hitler. That is exactly what humans have done over and over, and over again. What you are seeing is that all of humanity was becoming excited about the new possibilities. Now after moving two steps forward, you are taking an entire step back. There is confusion, anger, frustration and a lot of negative energies coming up. Although a lot is taking place it is simply a venting process, because much of what you have set into motion is well underway and moving in the direction you are going.

"Please do not get discouraged when you look at all the evidence to the contrary. When everything appears to be the opposite and seems to be getting worse rather than better, it is because there will be no more secrets on planet Earth. This is happening already. It is happening in Iran, in the United States, and it is happening all over this planet. Those are the things to celebrate, because never again will humans follow the leader in the way you have always done before."

The Group, though Steve Rother. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Beacons Of Light website.