Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Icing On Your Cake

When there are things or experiences that you feel are lacking in your life, it is not possible for you to fully appreciate the present moment.

As you perceive yourself to be lacking something, anything, you can not feel appreciation. You cannot feel abundance.

Abundance is not a result of acquiring the things you want. The experience of abundance is the result of PERCEIVING abundance. If you desire abundance and prosperity and good health and happiness,you must first strive to perceive those things, incorporate them into your perception. Then the experiences will follow.

The theory of Icing On Your Cake states that when you appreciate that which is already a part of your life, and experience joy because of it, then the universe yearns to give you more of it - yearns to give you icing on your cake.

When, instead, your attention is upon the LACK of what you desire, you have no cake upon which the universe can place your icing. There is no cake. You must first have the cake.

This theory implies that in order to experience happiness, you must first have a solid foundation of happiness upon which a new experience can take root. Otherwise, the few seeds of joy that you manage to draw into your experience will never take root but will instead blow away with the first gust of conflict, of UNhappiness. The foundation of happiness must first be in place before new and exciting joy can be drawn to you.

If you want icing, observe the cake of happiness around you. It's there, but you must CHOOSE to look for it, to focus upon it.

And then our loving universe will coat all of your days with a sugary sweet glaze of joy.

Dessert, anyone?

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