Thursday, March 08, 2007

Money & Wealth

What makes money useful and powerful is the agreement we all make regarding its worth. To acquire or possess money and wealth is to take advantage of this agreement.

But more than that, it is a measure of the worth an individual places upon himself or herself.

For example, compare the way a CEO values himself to the way a waitress in a diner values herself. The different levels of worth and importance they place on themselves (as well as their perception of their own abilities) are reflected in their jobs and their paychecks.

Professional athletes reflect this issue quite clearly as well.

Pros grow up being told that they are special, and they arrive at the professional level with the belief that they DESERVE to earn a great deal of money. They place a high degree of importance and worth upon themselves.

Perhaps we should ask ourselves, honestly, how we value ourselves, how we see our own worth.

How much money and wealth are you worthy of?

You can only have as much as you feel you deserve.

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