Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Waitress And The Cook

You order your meal.

The Waitress brings it to you.

Sometimes the food is wonderful. Sometimes it's horrible.

Do you blame the Waitress if you don't like it? Do you blame the Cook?

Here's how it works: the Cook is taking the contents of your mind - your strongest thoughts and expectations - and mixing them up into an experience - a "creatable" dish. Then the Waitress brings it to you - you experience it. It could be a pay raise. It could be a flat tire. A new relationship. A fist fight.

YOU are the one ordering the food. YOU are the one choosing what to think about, concentrate on. YOU are choosing which thoughts, ideas and expectations to allow into your mind. And therefore you can have some idea as to what that dish is going to look like.

We tend to expect that the next dish to come out will look pretty much like the last one.

But it is a beautiful fact that the menu is indeed endless. There is NOTHING that's not on the menu!

And the Cook is a master chef! If you can imagine it, and support it with affirming thoughts and expectations, the Cook can whip it up! In fact, the Cook takes great pleasure in doing so.

So order what you want. Imagine and expect what you want. KNOW that it's being created. Right now, as you read this, your Cook is busily preparing your next meal. And the next one. And the next.

And soon, before you know it, the Waitress will be bringing it to you.

So choose carefully. Choose wisely.

And enjoy the meal!

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