Thursday, September 06, 2007

Power vs. Doubt

Success is power.

It comes from power. Not power over others, or over things. Not intellectual power. The power of feeling. It comes from feeling powerful. Feeling forceful, or simply just capable.

An important factor here is the absence of doubt.

Power and doubt cannot exist at the same time. They are opposites.

Doubt is the absence of empowerment.

Doubt is THE obstacle to success, to creating what you want.

Most of us have ideas. And many of us fantasize about following though on those ideas, implementing them. But what often stops us, ultimately, is doubt. Doubt that you can do it, or that it can really happen.

Doubt is powerlessness.

The good news is, it's an illusion. Your beliefs about what you can or cannot do determine whether or not you doubt. And your doubt is THE obstacle.

Why is a successful person successful?

One reason: they did not doubt their success. They knew success was within reach, and they reached out and grabbed it.

They felt powerful because they did not doubt.

And success naturally followed.

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