Friday, August 15, 2008


"Beloved one, every experience and every expression which you create comes from a vantage point, a belief as to who and what you are. You have in the conscious and subconscious the generational beliefs which have been handed down to you from the parents, from the generations of the grandfather, great-grandfather, great-grandmother, etc. and from the peers and their generational beliefs embodied in the culture in which you have been raised.

Your belief is based upon what is given to you - subliminally many, many times - by the generations, by the parents, and by the peers as to what the common belief is about what life has to be. If your family is one that believes life has to be a struggle, that everything that comes to you has to be a challenge, then from the time you are very small - even before that, in truth; as you are in the mother's womb there is a receptivity of energy - a receptivity which may interpret that life is hard, it is a struggle.

Or, the perception can be that life is joyful, and if the mother is looking forward to having this new one born and there is great anticipation and welcoming of the new one, the new one is going to know and will feel that joy, even in the womb before it is out in the arms.

After it is living its own individuality as a small one, at first it very much picks up on the energy levels of the parents. It is very much aware of what is going on through energy vibrational patterns. This goes with you throughout the lifetime as a subliminal belief, so that you have a preconceived tendency to look at life in a certain way.

Later on, when you begin to understand words, your parents may say to you, "It's a jungle out there. You have to be really, really strong. You have to get there first before the other one gets there. Do unto others first before they get you." Or, vice versa, "It is really a joyful place to live. I have many friends, you have many friends, nature is beautiful. It is wonderful to be out in the field, to run freely, to feel the sunshine upon the head, the shoulders, the body. It is wonderful to breathe of the fresh air.Yes, life is good."

And so the small one grows taller with beliefs which have been given to him/her early on, and then the beliefs are reinforced as the subliminal belief then attracts evidence that the perception is true. And so, ones often will have the challenges in life because they are looking for them, expecting them, because the parents have said, "It's going to be tough; you have to be tough." Or, the parents will say, "You are going to find many friends. You are a most special being. I prayed before you came, and you came to me to be a companion on the Journey, and I am so happy that you came. Let us walk hand in hand and rediscover all of the beauty that this life has to offer."

-Jeshua ben Joseph

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