Tuesday, August 05, 2008

To Boldy Go...

"Your new Star Trek television program offers a useful analogy with their "holodeck." Let us pretend that you are the entire ship and ship's crew. The ship is alive in all respects as a manifestation of consciousness in form, and each member of its crew are creative aspects, versions of yourself. The holodeck can represent your natural ability to create a reality. Upon entering this created environment--within the holodeck, the gateway leading to the ship disappears. It is always there, always available, but invisible.

Now, depending upon how involved one is while interacting with events occurring within the created environment, the existence of the gateway may be temporarily forgotten. Yet the door is there, and must be remembered, and willfully called upon to appear in order to return to the greater reality of the ship."

-M.B., channeled by Lilly Fluger


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