Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do I FEEL Like Doing?

"If you follow your intuition, taking action only when it feels right, things will get done in much less time than you would expect, and you will be able to do far more than you can imagine."

"You are always directed to your higher good, even in the smallest ways."

"Your Higher Self looks out over the universe, sees what is coming, and constantly broadcasts messages to you to assist you in being in the higher flow. Although the messages may be faint at first, the more you listen to and follow the messages you hear, the more messages you will receive and the clearer they will become.

"The guidance you receive will lead you to more abundance, joy and love. Your higher path will unfold more rapidly, and the timing of your projects will be just right."

"The way to have more time in this new wave of energy is to raise your vibration and handle things from a higher level. YOU DO THIS BY DOING THINGS ONLY WHEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT ENERGY SPACE TO DO THEM. If you aren't in the right mood to do one thing, do something else you are in the mood to do. Trust that if you aren't in the mood to do something, there is something else that is more important to do at that moment."

The above are excerpts from Spritual Growth: Being Your
Higher Self
, By Sanaya Roman, pages 140 & 141.

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