Friday, January 30, 2009

Chief Joseph, On Feeling Good

"This sounds so simple, but feeling good is the "secret" to all you wish for. Especially feeling good about yourselves.

"Feeling good is the key to abundance, healthy relationships, healthy bodies, and all else you’ve ever dreamed of having in your lives.

"It’s all a matter of vibration, friends. When you are feeling good you’re vibrating at a high level. You are living in the frequency your higher selves live in all the time. You are literally moving into a higher dimension, an alternate reality -- a reality where all things are possible. Even what you call miracles.

"As we said, it sounds so simple. People have often asked us, "Joseph, it can’t be that easy! Is just feeling good going to help me create the life of my dreams?"

"The answer is "Absolutely yes!" Feeling good is the key to the life of your dreams.

"However, if you pay too much attention to what’s going on in your world today, especially all the "bad" news in your mainstream news media, you’ll get depressed.

"Focus instead on all the "good" news out there. There’s far more of that than the bad. But you have to do a little digging to find it. You won’t see much of it in your mainstream news media.

"The "bottom line" here today, friends, is this:

"Do whatever it takes to make yourselves feel good. Period! Make that the guiding light of your lives."

- Chief Joseph

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