Monday, March 15, 2010

Poetry in Emotion

"As the spiritual seeker becomes more mature, each experience is another opportunity to work with a surface emotion and to refine or purify that emotion by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling, without judgment, without asking the self to be one who feels only the positive emotions. Each emotion starts out, in the immature entity, as that which is confused and chaotic and has a high degree of static or noise as opposed to signal. Consequently, as a spiritual seeker, each time an emotion arises you are working to feel it without shrinking from it or reaching towards it, the goal being not to do anything with the emotion except to allow it to sink into the consciousness of the present moment.

"As you give respect and honor to surface emotions you allow them the spaciousness to begin to filter down past the first levels of impulsivity and self-judgment. And as you allow yourself the space and the time for this emotion to tell its story to you, you are sinking into the roots of your own consciousness and beginning to be able to feel each emotion as a more distinct, pure and clarified color, shall we say."

Q'uo, through Carla Rueckert, December 26, 2009. You can read more of this transcript here.

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