Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Finer Things - Tears Of Joy And Sadness

Just as a child tires of an old toy or television program, a spirit eventually reaches for something beyond physical reality and all that it has to offer.

And what is beyond physical reality?

It is impossible to describe the finer things to one who is still immersed in and fascinated by the physical elements of life, just as it is impossible to explain to a child why a parent sometimes gets tears in their eyes as they watch their child play, and grow.

Those tears will not be understood, at least not until that child matures to adulthood, gives birth to a child, and, while watching that child play and grow, sheds tears of her own.

Tears of joy and sadness.

Joy, at the gift that this child has been for you.

Sadness, from the realization that this child is slowly but surely slipping away from you, disappearing into adulthood.

These fleeting moments, so intense to those who feel them, yet nonexistent to those who don't.

These, indeed, are the finer things in life.

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