Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Forgetting... Forgetting... Forgetting...

It is quite possible (and highly recommended) to perceive the people around you not as humans but as spirits. Spirits who are exploring roles, identities, dramas - all the while forgetting who they really are. Forgetting... forgetting... forgetting...

Now, when you do this - when you perceive them this way - it's not so much that you remember who YOU are and they don't. It's more a matter of simply realizing that these are temporary identities and circumstances we are exploring. And that we are MUCH more than just the human beings we currently are (or perceive ourselves to be).

Ultimately, we are unlimited. Literally. But we have found a way to create the perception that we are limited. That we are bounded. That we are human.

So we can just relax, if we are able to, and have fun - enjoy this latest adventure. We can stop taking the details of our lives quite so seriously and let go a bit. We can trust the flow of life, and bring as much joy to each moment as we possibly can.

Why? Because it feels great to do so!

Try it some time!!!

(seriously, try it.)

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