Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Election, New Consciousness, and Reality TV at its Finest!

The following excerpt is from a session with Tobias on November 1st, 2008.
Tobias is discussing the imminent election (which is now complete), and some of the effects afterward. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Crimson Circle website:

"As you all know, it has been an intense, intense several months, but in particularly this last month. It will continue to be intense. And just when things seem to ease up a bit, when the stock comes back a little bit, when the news is quiet for a few days, it’s going to come again. There are going to be times that you wonder why these waves and waves of changes at every level are taking place. Just remember it’s about change occurring. It’s a natural process. It’s only when the humans panic and the humans point fingers, when humans accuse or the humans try to hold onto a very, very old way, which is not appropriate anymore, that the problems start to occur.

"Oh, the changes will still take place, naturally. The evolution of consciousness is well underway, that’s not going to change. There are those who are going to try to hold back, try to resist, and eventually, it will be very, very difficult for them, to the point where many will choose not to stay here on Earth. They’ll hang it up, so to speak, let go. I’m not talking jumping off of bridges or buildings, I’m talking about letting go of that life force energy that flows through the body, because they are difficult and challenging times. But they don’t have to be.

"You’re going to feel yet another change, a very monumental change coming – next week. Now, it’s part in part from these elections that are taking place. I’m not going to say whether it is ... who’s going to win, but I suppose we all already know. (laughter) It is about choosing – voting for and choosing – for a change and allowing it.

"It’s interesting that … again, we observe the energies from our position on Angel’s Peak. We observe how it’s not just the ones who are going to the voting places and moving the lever, but there is a whole … behind every voter we say, are ten or twenty other voters – consciousness from people in other places around the planet who are also participating. This is the first sizeable election of its kind that has had that kind of energy where it ties in more than just the one person who’s voting, but they are also feeling the consciousness of others of a similar vibration around the world. You could say this is the first truly global vote that’s ever taken place. Now they’re only going to count x number of million ballots, but behind every one of those is another ten, fifteen, maybe twenty ballots, cast by the consciousness of others around the world, others who have said, “We want change, we’re ready for change,” or the ones who have said, “We’re not so ready for change. We want to stay in some of the old patterns and ways.”

"So, watch not just on the day or the night of the election, but in the three days following. Watch how things move and change and evolve. Stand behind the short wall even if yours is crumbling down. (laughter) Get a little celestial cement, patch it up a bit stand behind that short wall and observe. Be an energy observer like we are from up here, or over here, wherever we happen to be. Stand back and watch the ebb and the flow, the movement.

"Watch how the energy will start to move at a very, very rapid pace, and then it stops suddenly, just like if you hit the brakes on your car. Well that is just the fear of other humans coming in, saying, “This is going too fast. We need to slow it down.” And then something happens to break that energy free once again, get it moving. But then it tends to be kind of wobbly and shaky, trying to find its place again, trying to go back to old concepts and old programming, but it doesn’t work.

"So when that energy of mass consciousness takes a deep breath, so to speak, it finds its new level. It finds its new balance in a new place. Very similar to what you’ve been going through. Very similar to you putting on the brakes when it’s going too fast. Very similar to you feeling that you’re totally out of balance and when you finally give up and let go, you rebalance yourself at a new place, at a new level.

"You’re going to see a vote of change taking place here this coming week. The results – the results in the three days, particularly the week afterwards – watch how it works. Be a monitor. Be an observer. Come over and join us for a little bit. Get out of the drama and watch what happens. It will be amazing, unprecedented, and in a way very, very beautiful.

"We’re looking forward to it over here. I already have my seat picked out (laughter), we’re gathering the others around, we’re baking cookies and brewing up some new wine so we can watch humanity – the show – for the next few days. Talk about reality TV! (laughter) This is it at its finest."

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Crimson Circle website:

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