Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Toss That Canvas, Leonardo!

"The creation/dis-creation cycle is similar to watching a talented artist create a beautiful canvas. Then, right before the finishing strokes, the artist dissolves into self-criticism and decides the work is inadequate, destroying the canvas and tossing it into the trash. The artist begins another canvas, impulsed to paint another picture based on an overwhelming, sometimes incomprehensible, desire to create...the same creation energy that drives you to your manifestations. Again, at the last moment, the painting is rejected. The artist's work never comes to completion because the artist dissolves into self-judgment. At the very least, if the artist would roll up the canvas and place it in storage for later assessment, it would hold the energy of the creation and its potential for future possibilities. Instead, the artist begins anew, impulsed toward another creation that, once again, he or she destroys moments before its completion in a fit of self-judgment. Fortunately, the artist's urge to create never abates since it is a fundamental force that defines existence. Unfortunately, the artist lives in a frustrated state of unfulfilled expectation because no creation is ever brought to fruition. Some artists continuously repeat this cycle and live in a perpetual state of yearning, some develop addictions to numb their frustration, and some are able to move beyond their negative feelings and create masterpieces. Where are you?

"When you enter a mode of dis-creation based on unfulfilled manifestations, you must immediately stop your negative mind babble, re-directing your thoughts to what you do rather than what you do not desire. You must recognize that your manifestations are in the mode of creation in the non-physical realm even if you have no immediate evidence in the physical realm. You must honor the timing cycle you have entered because it is always in your highest good. You came here to create, not to dis-create. However, the time frame you desire is not necessarily most beneficial to your situation. You may be manifesting a situation that is premature, causing you either difficulty or disappointment if it were to come to fruition based on your agenda. Although it is frustrating to generate manifestation energy without immediate results, it would be imprudent to create a situation in advance of its ideal timing cycle. Your higher self knows this and your guides know this. Trust that you are operating in perfection at all times."

-Geremyia, through Ann Brewer. You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Ascension Network.