Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Doing The Dance Of Non-Resistance

"The hardest thing for all of you to understand is that you are creating ALL of your experiences. Your words, energy, actions, and expectations of negative outcomes are mostly the culprit to your frustration. When you become truly aware of this, you can look back upon your recent past, and ask yourself, "what did I say or do last week, that brought this problem about?" You may not remember, but if you do, you often create more negative emotion by getting angry with yourself for creating the undesirable situation.

"Let this anger be the last stage to your dance of resistance. Realize that by resisting the flow of events in your life, you are only complicating, and prolonging your discomfort. However, the act of non-resistance is not passivity. Recognizing the situation with acceptance, and taking responsibility for creating it takes much courage and strength. It is often easier for you to blame others, or to ask for sympathy. These are the other extremes to the act of non-resistance. You blame the other that is causing your discomfort. You push against them, resisting the other Being that is simply reacting to your own fears, words, and actions. They do not go away. The act of asking for sympathy prolongs your difficulty as well, because you are still refusing to take responsibility for creating your undesired circumstance. Words of sympathy temporarily comfort your wounded spirit, but you do not heal. Your pain increases until you are able to stop the dance of resistance. Once you stop this dance, and begin to disengage your negative emotions from the situation, the problem begins to softly drift away.

"This is the way all of the problems of the world cease. Those who realize that they create their own problems can begin to distract themselves with something else, or discontinue resisting, and the problem will naturally go away. The following week or month, you often forget the problems of the recent past all together. If you are not understanding this process, you may find yourself in another dance of resistance, continuing one dance after another. But let your heart and mind join in this understanding, that all that you resist and push away will only come with stronger force. That those things which you want to eliminate will go away by the act of non-resistance. These are our suggestions:

"Recognition - Recognize that the negative emotion that you are experiencing is yours alone, and yours alone to deal with completely.

"Realization - Realize that you had the negative energy within yourself that caused the mirroring within your experience.

"Responsibility - Take responsibility for the words, feelings, actions that brought the undesired situation into your life (even if you can not remember what you have done).

"Release - Release others from the confines of responsibility for what you are experiencing. Release all blame and compulsion to extract sympathy from others.

"Understanding - Understand that you are experiencing the natural occurrences for your highest soul’s growth, that everything is in divine order.

"Acceptance - Accept the events that are occurring in your life as temporary, that everything changes, moves and retreats.

"Accelerate - Move ahead swiftly from your present situation. Do not stay frozen behind the red light of your own fear. Let go and move on to your next experience.

"Create - Visualize the situations that you are wanting in your life. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, feel positive emotion moving back into your life, and expect your desires to come forth naturally into your experience.

"This is the dance of non-resistance. Beautifully take notice of all of the events in your life as natural, flowing experiences that shape your Being. Begin to notice the wonderful things in your environment, the loving souls in your life, the positive experiences that you are having. Realize that your life is what you make it. It can be quite wondrous, if you only stop resisting the natural process of life."

-Ashia, through Janice Mason. You can read more of this transcript and others at the Ascension Network.