Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Get Behind Me, Ego!

"An effective understanding of ego's value is evidenced in the New Testament story of Jesus being confronted by Satan in the wilderness. Satan symbolizes the limiting factor of personality which is accustomed to taking control through manipulation. Jesus, standing for our Christ Self which is ready to be birthed in our everyday awareness, commands, "Get behind me, Satan!" (Mark 8:33) In other words, take your rightful place in the scheme of things, support what I'm about, get behind all that I'm about. Take your lead, your direction from the Christ Power expressing through me. There's no judgment, no criticism, no condemning to eternal hellfire and damnation. Instead, ego is welcomed. Join in. Get involved in this good thing.

"We soon find that as ego is included and loved it absorbs the refined energies. It is better able to fulfill its role of housing Infinite Awareness in our physical body. It is the role, established by the Creator, when the adventure into the illusion of separate awareness was first conceived."

-From Alec J. Evason's book One Heart Pleasures All Into Manifestation. He can be contacted at alec@sound.net