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On The Topic Of Religion

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The following excerpt is from the Lightsmith website,

"There is something that has been misperceived throughout the ages on the topic of religion. And that is that God is outside of you. God is somehow beyond. God is impersonal. That Spirit is not right in your midst. And that your personal experience is not as important or valued as what you had to learn or know about to be part of a certain religion... We would like to focus on that which is the purpose and intent within any spiritual system of thought, and about how those systems have become crystallized over time.

"How did religion form? It formed long before the Christian faith took hold after the presence of Jesus in this earth. There were earlier religions that formed around an individual who had a transcendent experience, an experience of embodiment, an experience inexpressible in words. That experience was not only personally enlightening, but also penetrated their perception of themselves and reality, altering it to such a degree that they could no longer live the way they had lived before in whatever system they grew up in. They then, because they were different, because they emitted a different frequency, a different vibration, and a different pattern, began to set into motion an evolution. The evolution also was in word.

"In the old tradition, the word was passed down verbally through stories, but only by those who also had experienced an embodiment of the transcendent through personal experience. In ancient or tribal traditions, they didn't call their experience with each other religion. Their spirituality was a story with life experiences added within it. The stories included visions, and when visions were retold it was with the emission of the energy of the ones telling the story.

"The Bible is familiar to most of you, although some of you have read other sacred texts. What was largely recorded in the Bible are stories that were originally oral traditions spoken only by those who were prepared by being of that vibration, and therefore qualified to pass it down.

When it became written down and available to many people, it was no longer passed down through human divinity. That then became the second step of crystallizing the energy. It no longer lived in a body, but it had to begin to live through the structure of the words. Those who perceive with a clarity and a willingness to also receive the coded energy that is within the words can be helped to directly receive an embodied experience of the specific energy. But, it is one step removed from receiving it directly through a person emitting the energy.

"What began to happen is that in studying, using the mental capacity, ones began to receive the words, but not the energy as directly. And the teaching began to come through those who were not emitting the energy, but were only passing on the tradition and the words. Then they would alter the words to suit their level of consciousness and vibration. As they altered the words, those words then shifted and changed the energy emitted, because the configurations that were coded in the original stories and visions then became diluted. And that is how religion got formed.

"As soon as it is recorded in a word that is then transmitted through people, the vibration is changed. The purpose and the intent of teaching is to facilitate direct experiences of the transcendent, that which is beyond the personal view of reality, so that you are changed. You are altered chemically, vibrationally, and in your experience of yourself and all of reality, all of creation. That was the purpose and intent of the old teaching tradition that was passed on, and on, and on, from generation to generation.

"Whenever one embodied in Earth with that altered vibrational pattern, such as Jesus, there was a change. An energy was present that brought about a new evolutionary path entered into by all who opened to experience directly, to perceive and experience with that one in their presence. And when they experienced it, then it went out from them to others. Every one became an individuation of that primary Source /Creator. And every one was altered to some degree because of personal vision, experiencing a uniquely personal individual experience of the transcendent. The vibration remains, however, on that evolutionary path as long as ones embody the energy.

"What happened in the Catholic Christian tradition was that there was a massive massacre of those embodiments by the Romans who were afraid of the energies that were beginning to alter and change reality for them. They were already panicking because their own civilization was in a period of decay and disintegration. So, to focus outward on any perceived cause was an excuse that gave them some kind of purpose to continue to exist while disintegrating. So the Christian sect at that time became their focus. Those that remained decided that they had to record the stories because they felt that it was in the interest of survival to do so. By then there was already a penetration of those who had removed themselves from the initial core energy. Those who initially emitted the core energy didn't have to record much, although Paul is one who recorded through letters, and those letters are original. However, much of the writing came afterward and crystallized the original stories that were emitted through personal, vibrational embodiments. Religions continued to grow more and more crystallized as they became mental processes without the original frequency or vibration. Those who carried the original frequencies within them oftentimes were persecuted because they emitted the vibration of change. Do you understand? Do you understanding what is happening to you now?

"What is happening now is that you are stepping outside of what has been largely a crystallized format. In this time, you have had to come back to an embodiment process. Every religion has had a certain amount of crystallization, and those who are now opening to a direct experience of embodying the transcendent beyond this reality state are emitting the frequencies of a new evolutionary pattern. You are the harbingers of change, of changing this form of reality. What could happen is that you might find your desire to record your experience also leading to another religion. In some cases it is already beginning. Whenever something is recorded, even in a "new age" or alternative spirituality, it begins to have a teaching to be passed on or reported by those who have not yet fully embodied the frequencies of the new energies, then they too are creating a new crystallized form that is being passed on just like any other religion has done. You can feel that, for you are not changed.

"If you are in the presence of one who emits the energy, you will feel a transformation. You begin to open to a greater sense of yourself. You begin to experience an expansion of who you are, and your experience of reality begins to change or alter. If you are in the presence of one who is speaking the words but not emitting the frequency, you will not feel so different. Begin to note that. Also begin to note how people experience you. If you are in the presence of others and they are experiencing expansiveness and openness, open to shifting and changing, or open to new information and new ways of seeing, then you are the one who is bringing forth that change, that evolutionary patterning, for you are emitting that energy.

"And that is what is happening now. The embodiments who are of this Light, of Creator merging with creation, are not to create a new religion, but are to embody worldwide and be present. The Presence then ignites further ones to be present. There is no need to record and crystallize teachings for future generations, because your future generations are embodying with the evolutionary pattern intact. They don't need you to record this. They don't need you to pass it on. They need you to be present so that their presence can be fully realized. We will speak of this next week when we speak about children and who they are.

"So, there will not be religion in the future. This is the end of the age of religion. Do you want to cheer or do you want to cry?"


"So that is our introduction about this particular topic. There is much we could say in a variety of areas, since it is a vast topic. That depends on your experience and your preference. Before we leave tonight we would like to assist you in decrystallizing the thought forms that were passed on to you that no longer have that energy to assist your evolution. Perhaps we can assist your own presence to be more vital, confident, and able to pass on the stories of this awakening to others."

You can read more of this and other transcripts at the Lightsmith website:

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