Monday, January 11, 2010

The Collapse Of The Third Dimension

"The healing and release work you do for yourself extends to all of humanity and releases the fear polarity that is the dominant aspect of the third dimensional path. As the earth moves through ascension, as it is doing now, the third dimension is collapsing and its energy is being replaced by higher vibrations that do not contain the energetic connections to fear and chaos. While this is happening on the earth level, it is also happening in each of you and as you release your own connections to fear and chaos, you are collapsing your third dimensional reality.

"Each dimensional shift replaces the previous one that held the prevailing energy. For the third, the prevailing energy is fear and ascension replaces that with unconditional love. As the dimension collapses the individual results will be seen in the flow of energy in each reality. Any fear-based manifestation will begin to collapse as the connections to it are removed. Every thought or belief that is released or healed removes a connection and collapses its third dimensional aspect, replacing it with a higher vibration.

"This collapse can appear to be fearful or it can be a joyful experience, depending on your willingness to embrace this powerful transformation. Humanity has little experience of dimensions beyond the third, except for some memory of Home, and they are not able to see as an opportunity to step into their own mastery and divinity. As the third dimension collapses it also release anything that is based in this energy, which includes all structures on the emotional, physical and intellectual planes that are connected to it. This can feel like the 'end of the world' but it is simply the result of the replacement of one dimensional level with another.

"Humanity agreed that this would be their ascension path and it is being accomplished according to the divine plan. The end of the third dimension is the end of fear, the release of the veil that separates humanity from higher planes of being and allows the creation of the spiritual human. This is a time to celebrate, to remember the promise of the ascension path and the release of the limitations that you have accepted as part of life but which are contrary to your truth. Celebrate this as confirmation of your progress and be willing to receive the blessings of the new world paradigm that has been prepared for you and awaits your presence."

Uriel, through Jennifer Hoffman. You can read more of this and other transcripts at Spirit Library.

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