Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some Thoughts on 2010

"Now, what about 2010? We stated earlier that this is a pivotal year, and that is so. There is nothing carved in stone here, but there are some general trends to observe. We state again (we can’t say this too frequently, especially just now) that YOU incarnated in this body at this time in this place for a reason, and that reason has a lot to do with creating and supporting these changes.

"Others are grateful to you. Your entire life isn’t only about serving a higher purpose, of course, but the majority of you reading this incarnated at this time so that you’d be among friends with the same idea. Turn to your right and your left and say hello to your neighbor. The people you pass on the street. The people in line at the cashier at the grocer. The people in the long snaking lines of cars moving slowly across endless highways. These are the people who also chose to be here now. You are effortlessly connected to one another in this way.

Global Changes

"2010 is pivotal because much change will be evident this year. Not the far-reaching long-term things we mentioned earlier, although those will be a part of the overall change, but you can expect the following:

"Lots of people will be losing loved ones this year, people of all ages who are choosing to transition out of life as a way of “opting out” of some of the other changes taking place. Making room for the new. There will be collective grief over this unusual amount of transition, but at the same time there will be joy – the summer bloom turns to dried autumn foliage and then to bare winter earth, returning once again in spring to a new green shoot and a sense of promise. This kind of deep change affects people on so many levels.

"Political instability or a sense of insecurity, and sometimes a seeming lack of direction. This will be evident in many areas including the U.S, Canada, some countries in South America, and Japan, among others. The balance is beginning to discernibly shift away from old powers to other parts of the globe and this will be even more evident this year. Look for increased positive attention on several unexpected political models that show the shape of things to come: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Finland, Guyana, Honduras, Iceland, Laos, Malta, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Uruguay.

"A shift by governments that use stealth and covert activity toward more overt blame. Incidents could be strategically created in an effort to maintain a sense of control over what is feared by those governments to be a losing battle in the eventual shift of power mentioned above. This could result this year or soon in a possible military takeover of a major western government. This would not likely be obvious from the outside, even to the inhabitants of that country, and would likely be presented as a need to protect citizens. We could repeat now that this would be, overall, an interim measure and that further change toward a more gentle way of being will be evident sooner than later.

Personal Transformation

"We realize that some of what we see as potential for 2010 on a global level can seem frightening from your present perspective. There is, however, balance in this process of change. Nothing happens without regard to the overall eventual result on a collective basis – not even the most minute, personal event is overlooked. But real and lasting change occurs from deep inside, which does often result in discomfort for a time. On a personal level for most people this year, change is present in profound and uplifting ways:

"By mid-year, a sense of peace and elation settles over the world, affecting a good many people and allowing most of you to fall into the “flow” of your life. This involves really manifesting what it is you are here doing – in other words, a life purpose or life task. By mid-year, then, a good many of you will feel purposeful and peaceful.

"Meditation practices deepen. More people connect with “old-world” ways: herbal lore, shamanism, flower essences, work with gems and minerals, animal wisdom, etc. More people begin feeling tapped into personal intuition or spiritual guides. This is an excellent time to deepen your practice or to begin one, especially by mid-March or so.

Though more people will be without homes, those who don’t choose to exit this year will find the care they need. Perhaps in your back yard, or from your open hand.

"By year-end, then, most of you will be in a vastly different place on a personal level. To support your inner process, which in turn supports your ability to take in what’s going on in the world around you, we can suggest:

"Find something that matters to you. Whether it’s a particular tree on your walk or a special person or a cause, there is something that really matters to you. Figure out what it is this year and give it love.

"Observe the world around you. Whether it’s cars and concrete or it’s blooming cherry trees or tall pines, there is a beautiful world around you. Treat yourself every day with a few minutes simply observing what you see, without judging the merits of the scene. You’ll find yourself, after time, feeling compassion for that world around you.

"Deepen your practice — or begin one — of connecting to your own higher wisdom. There are many avenues for this, including scrying, channeling, or simply listening for that deep inner voice inside you. Find a teacher to assist you if you feel guided to do so.

"The most helpful thing you can do for your planet is to stay — as best you can — connected to yourself and that which surrounds you.

"It’s a wonderful year ahead, wonderful and tragic and beautiful and human. Make it yours, this year. You are here because you chose to be here."

-Polaris, through Karen Murphy. You can read more of this transcript here.


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