Monday, January 11, 2010

Like A Prayer Machine

"The fact about prayer is that any time you are in a state of joy and self-love, you are in the state of prayer. You are a living, walking, breathing prayer. That is a reason some people, when they walk in the room, everything suddenly feels better, lighter, more joyful. Because the person carries with her or him that resonance of prayer -- of love and light. The only way they can do this is by having come to terms with themselves, come to accept themselves and love themselves enough that they are able to transmit love all around them. The best thing you can do with your prayer or meditation practice is continue to find the insights you need to understand where you judge yourself, where you let yourself down, where you are critical of yourself and to continually let those things go. Instead choosing all of the different states or ways of being, that facilitate your sense of love, forgiveness for your mistakes, joy in everything that you do. That is a state of prayer and ultimately you are like a prayer machine. Your natural state is to be in that state of prayer. It may feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, you are actually moving back toward your natural state. Let it be easy. Employ a sense of curiosity and forgiveness and patience with yourself; let it be easy. (Jan 2010)"

Akashic Records through by Jen Eramith MA. You can read more of this transcript here.

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