Saturday, January 23, 2010

Resistance is Futile!

"The biggest challenge most humans face in their lifetimes is their resistance to what they do not want. And yet resistance only brings more of what you do not want.

"There are two principles -- or laws, if you like -- at work here.

"The first is what many of you call the Law of Attraction. Simply said, the Law of Attraction dictates you will always get more of what you put your focus on. Always. No exceptions.

"If you are focusing on something through your resistance to it, you'll get more of it. And if you're focusing on something through your appreciation of it, you'll get more of it. You get what you focus on. Period.

"The second principle is simply allowing all others to be whatever they choose to be. Whether you agree with it or not. You will find great peace and joy, friends, in simply following your own bliss, and ignoring what others are doing.

"Resist what others are doing and you'll end up frustrated and drained. Allow others what they are doing and concentrate on what you are doing, and you'll end up joyful and energized."

-Chief Joseph, through John Cali. You can read more from John and Chief Joseph at Great Western Publishing.

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